The issue of those who operate and watch the satellite systems of the world thinking their kids are better than everybody else and they should spend all their time locating people to collect stuff from for such kids does not trouble me as much. What troubles me is the actions of other stupid lesser people who are lazy and feel a Prince should never be allowed to legitimately do anything except he suffers on the cross like Jesus doing it in order to save the world and when I have settled my finances and those idiots whom I have cut off from every means they relieve themselves with such as Pornographic industry, drugs industry and so on because they issue those lies they tell at me all the time while the social gap between me and them is so huge and then think they will either marry into or determine whether or not I do into the Royal family which is a front to what the will of God is (of which by the way there is nothing in his instruction for now which suggests I am to marry into the Royal family), so they have done these things to ruin my finances so that they can do that their fascist insolence of getting angry at anybody who reminds them I am not their mate or anything that works in a way which suggests that.

For now I stimulate myself a lot by trying my hands on getting governments and ministries of defence to take those jobs away from them because I don’t like their kids insulting me on public television whom I will never give back stupid insolent steal from me all the time and mock me while wishing me dead to =extract millions from my property to please stupid father who talk rubbish about success that offends them joys of naivety and then again have been that I have recorded it here year date 15/5/2011 it has become a publicly debatable issue, the matter of what those who are obsessed with moving into other peoples private lives and generally spend all their time debating peoples importance do it for and where their parents or relatives work, so it should not be that much of a problem from where on, for me it is largely an issue that has to do with the fact that people should not feel comfortable with messing with my office and never again should they be. They have never stopped being a threat to my Court in a decade for the purpose of ruining absolutely everything that have to do with my finances, in order to ensure when they are fucking them at work I get to feel it, while talking rubbish all the time about killing me on the streets because I provoke them by trying to cut them off from money for which one of the way of doing so is doing something about their jobs because they attack me with it or the money they get from it, which is just so incredibly insolently and annoyingly ironic.