I have been informed that although I make the cut as one of the most annoying people in the world, I never seem to make publicity for it as well. This I find very unbecoming since I am not the one calling people cultural names unbecoming in order to find ways of being beautiful rich and famous by it. I am just describing people that annoy me and yet I am annoying already.

The point was never to end up being annoying, it was about the fact all my life I have been a man and the first 18 years of it was spent doing things with men and so they need to leave women out of it and buy books when they want to get in touch with an author not find alternatives ways of doing so.

For the businesses they know now that it is the same way they travel around the world to look after their empires I do the things I do to look after mine and there is no such thing as a big mouth about legal advise that will one day pay off having any sway around here, I can only have what is mine. The celebrity versions on the other hand need to work out how to steal it before they make so much noise about so many other things that they do like they do all the time and of course I will never get hurt by any of them just because they have a big mouth.

How is it really possible in any case that they do these things for the sake of freedom? For now I am annoying next I will soon become scary as well. I know already its that process of trying me down to help really stupid women have sex with or abuse me in a sexual way which then makes them such great men they satisfy the society of men and society of women and are therefore all round balanced and impossibly glorious men, which has then also progressed to using me to solve their problems and then using me to solve other peoples problems too in order to be generous. I mean the point where no body can understand what I say and why I say it while they tell people that I feel I can get off and earn a living by doing peoples things for them referring to the little they have on me which means they have reasons to tell people they are me and I am the one pretending to be them trying to do their stuff for them when they want to do it for themselves when they want. They must think the black ones hate my guts for nothing bearing in mind those always have the same access then stir racism and push one of their own in there, so when those get hurt they start making noise about how they will hurt me as well at some point when that continues with a big mouth. They always want the world and its exists in somebody else’s life for the taking as it were and none of it is coincidental, accidental or incidental and therefore in no way whatsoever my fault.

I need the men to do what they are supposed to do and I intend to make them as well because I have had enough. As I said, when people want to get involved with an author they buy his books not find alternative ways to do it and more so discredit his work and ask him when he will loose his morals and show disrespect for other peoples right to earn a living rhetorically. They can break the morals if they want; as I said, for now I am annoying and next I will be scary all together as well. This is not their own lives and the only three things I am aware of around here is the possibility I may have in-laws, the fact anybody who makes claims of liking me stands between taking advantage of me to hurt me and not doing so to hurt themselves which is why I always take the responsibility when people claim to like me, finally my enemies-this is the category they fit themselves into because they are men and when they talk too much rubbish I will have other enemies instead.


I am perfectly aware of all the things which have happened around the world with my work. The access people have had to them through the process of trust of having them printed which means my Publishers cannot really account for who is printing my work, in any case of which even if they could is not important. What is important is all that middle east revolutions and lots of squander from the pocket of the guy whose pocket never dries, of which their insults and violence I have always heard from as a child, with small insolent countries in Africa and their insolent money freak busy bodies, who also always have ideas about what belongs to them ceaselessly all of the time. It is nothing alarming to me as such, since it is obvious it is about Politicians who help idiots to spend the ethics of other peoples profession as well as their capital while they are working hard to make a business work, because they look more ridiculous when it happens and so idiots can have fun and be superior to people by so doing and have children who live in the worst place in the world that children could possibly live in to spend anything people do to recover with international sympathy theft and of course wait at the other end with their own stories about how it happened to them to play father figure with just about anybody with, then talk more rubbish about the importance of Politics whenever there is a crisis or the fact there is one becomes an asset. I always say it is not such a problem for me because if I am remembering correctly slavery is not exactly something that those it has been worked on ever get to forget (with their big small insolent African countries Mouth that will end them up somewhere really badly very soon, together with their media idiots too).

For now their UK Politicians and their thieving seniority Celebrities complain here in the UK all the time when they do these things to me, whereas I always see it as a declaration of a lack of co-operation from them, hence never can make sense of why they complain of co-operation when they do it to me anyway; squander my profession on their political idiots and their thing for the pockets of people or indeed spend tax payers money on them to help them keep up with my capital and talk rubbish all over media where they also think I am supposed to deal with problems associated with working on media for them.

By far the biggest problem these days however is a process where they gain access to my books and read about areas where I say something about working with celebrities who have dabbled into my work. Then it becomes a case of stories about somebody who has claimed to work with or know celebrities, followed on with connections they have in the entertainment industry where they can make themselves a lot of money with their inane desire always to be in a position of trust and betray peoples trust whenever they are there so they can also find it funny; then it moves onto the attacks and the insults because they think I am in such a place and they have so much power over me the can do and undo talking rubbish and threatening me on Public media all the time. saying I was willing to work with a celebrity on something does not mean my book and my market place is about working with a Celebrity but soon they will rather think the Court case is theirs for the winning as well-about which I think that will come into their lives when they least expect it.


I personally have no idea why their Politicians always come up with that stuff about co-operation from me all the time. First of all they have these connections with the worst cultures in the world that they can drag into my life and then force me to provide them with a privileged existence on the left when it has destroyed everything but with everything I do they want to provide government. Then there is the other problem they think is funny all together: they have these cultural connections with people who have access to and spend my capital and any products I put out on the market to make a living with on themselves. It is a problem I can never ever control, it is indiscriminate, it loves to target me and it is never enough, then they want co-operation from me while it is going on and their media idiots stand by to take advantage of me when I defend myself as if there is anything they can do if they don’t get the co-operation. While this is going on and I find it impossible to make a living as equally as it is to control how much they do it or whether or not they do, it is impossible for me to get a job at the job centre as well. Then after they have wrecked my life and found it funny which means they are in a great privileged place and put me at a loss as to why they want my co-operation then, the next thing they do is cheapen appreciation and use it to insult me and then when I am so messed up and angry I cannot think properly to come up with what I need to continue to try and make a living with they have won a great victory and it is all together really funny and ridiculous the way I did things over there etc. They expect me not to do anything about it so they can run a government, whereas as I can remember and gather from them all the time slavery is something people do get to forget as it were.  So I ought to do absolutely nothing about it and they don’t have to think of their actions first before they carry them out every single day to destroy peoples lives for a decade so far and then think it is funny, because they want co-operation.

Of course people tell me now I mention it I will most likely go soft on them, which has no means of happening either. The fact most people never consider is that Politicians and their media idiots are very evil set of people. There is no moral thought going on in there whatsoever and their greatest excuses must therefore always run along the lines of their Political principles. Every single moral that finds its way into their filthy dirty heads must be physically destroyed and publicly rebelled against with an attack on anybody that is responsible for making it return all the time as well and I mean anybody with a big mouth.

They always claim to have morals but it is an old story. “I don’t believe in God because there is no physical prove of the existence of God but when I do things my morals will shine through.” They cannot leave other people alone as it were. They steal people’s notoriety, steal people’s fame, now they are stealing peoples morals and the way others are affected by it, they steal everything and of course when done want co-operation which the idiots never think about before they do the attack they carry out without reason. 

Same old story; "we do not believe in God because there is no physical evidence that God exists but when we do things our morals will shine through: you will see this via our political principles"-which they have not got.