It’s like when they tell me about my difficulties which breaks peoples hearts and then makes my condition worse because it saddens me that such things happen.

It is something about how exactly difficult it is to fulfill duties of a statesman while living as a no body. It is actually impossibly difficult and feels like dying on a daily basis.

I am not suggesting it is a good thing as such but it seems the bigger question is one of the oldest. Is it possible for the world to become a less violent place by the choices people make for the sake of those who suffer from it the most? The simple answer is no.

Its like when they tell me to market my books of which I had to provide leadership for the economic recovery and hence my prime motive was to ensure conditions exist for recovery to go from 1% to 1.1% to 1.2% etc in a stable form no matter how small until we are out of the recession in real terms. But when I write books about this and try to get people to read them they tell me to market the books first for which there is no point if I have to baby people or bully people to buy the books, to have provided the leadership or to have expected recovery to start happening at some point.

None of it is victimless.