The issue of racism is what I find impossible to link with me as something that has anything to do with me. Of course somebody somewhere wants to kill me because of my skin colour but so what? People want to kill people all the time. the issue with it is that the blacks are always more beautiful than I am and therefore deserve all I own while I don’t bearing in mind of which I fell out of the sky and then fell on it to own it as well and then there are he ugly versions of them who always appreciate me because the way I share my beauty and have none left for me makes them feel confident about themselves. The whites do exactly the same things so I have no idea why they are always milking the racism issue around me anyway.

The thing with these guys is that there are these virtual streets and boys in them that are really tough. These ones are supposed to be the media racism street and the distance they travel to disturb and attack others is unimaginable. They say that doing so is power, I fail to see what power there is because the truth is that when they come round for a fight I will always see them and fight them like the losers they are who don’t like people to laugh at them over it, which is what racism is all about.

Their girls I cannot make out too why they are so crazy about making up ideas I fancy them and they are rather out of my league. They are not out of my league they are just not my type and neither am I their type. I mean the way they put it will have been the tall round faced guy trying to get about with square jawed women and this is not what I am trying to do in anyway whatsoever. Yes they are linked to men that are really tough but so what? Are they linked to the ones that can draw breath in any circumstance yet? You know when the blood and gore settles in and somebody is still in charge of whether we draw breath and try another day for example. These days they don’t tell me I am a cunt anymore because they know I will certainly soften them up for the fascism.

It’s the big issue there are to it, not a matter of putting myself in any danger. The issue of the things the parents of these fools get up to, so when they think they are the tough boys of a certain area then I will never go by my affairs without being disturbed and bullied and so preparing for that fight that has no respect for people or balances in society I go after those titles or positions of importance etc that their parents have which tickles them so much and so now they understand what direction their media racisms are leading them exactly.

For the pop stars those always make out I need their help but I don’t; all they do with my time is waste my time and earnings and then set me up for society idiots that want somebody to abuse sexually, then go off to sing about anything that comes out of it to be famous and that is why they want control of it now and will never get it because I need to have control of it and they don’t and its purpose these days will be famous cultures that are run by people they help to find new beauties by hurting me each time they try to be famous. Its like the things people do because they make out I am boring. I am not boring; I am a morality Prince not a Law one and so there are activities here of unimaginable proportions, I mean people can see clearly I have very little time for myself. Add the above mentioned to the fact that whites ignore the bad elements in their society because it is the only way to ensure they don’t have to see them all the time and so do blacks but the problem is that the devil is black but if he is white no body will be surprised, I have to ensure these things are kept away from normal life while I have a life of my own which also rather contradicts the idea that I am trying to crave out a normal life for myself because people prefer to ensure the American Government for example gets involved because I do business with an American Citizen after which they pretend Americans like them since they clearly would like that sort of thing-the leaders who go along with it of which I clunk as well and then pat them up and tell them it is perfectly okay and they believe me always. So it is teaming with activity here it just isn’t the kind that people see.

As for court intrigue and where I stand, the truth there is to it is that I have replaced those knick knack paddy wag old men that play games all the time. it was their duty to ensure these fame freaks do not get out of hand but what they do instead is unleash them on the rest of us which means they are settled their generation and are wrecking mine and hence there was the need to get rid of them and do the job myself. As for the Prince of Wales abdicating because the Duke of Cambridge is the preferred choice, that is not a topic for conversation, what happens is what people will believe.

As for the idea I am fickle but get lots of love anyway, I am not fickle. The truth is that considering all the other facts and the fact the only way I get on with my own life is to manage my time very tightly without distraction from privacy abusing idiots which is a luxury Politicians have refused to afford me when I provide for myself, I must manage these things and put them away to be normal and so it is the gap between my world and theirs and they need to respect the fact anybody who gets across it to be friendly with me has the right to carry on their lives without fear of abuse from them. So they don’t have to complain all the time I mess with peoples societies when first of all they arrange it and second I know that the rule is get in join and stay not come and go as you please. They are doing very well as it were. However, I am not fickle and that is all they need to know about it.

They always think that the way things will work around here is that being incredibly tough they will realise they need to hit people like me really, really hard to solve the problem but it is not how it will work at all, the way it will has more to do with things like when they become obsessed with abusing my women they know that when I start to fight them I will not stop or take prisoners like they show me no quarters all the time that it has become part of my mentality, so they who are fight or battle hardened will win the fight because they on the other hand will begin to reach a point where the blood and gore sets into the system of things to determine their brutality but the result will be that when the blood and gore sets in I will ensure we draw breath and start fro scratch etc.

Those their boys on the other hand always make out the things they do to control gangs around them are now completely out of control because of me about which I will get into trouble as it were. First when they are finished setting me up for idiots that want somebody to sexually abuse and make into a bird while they take over roots in the land as if this is their own life when I don’t want such things to happen to me. Secondly about which I travelled half the world and did mine and they did me as well because they are socialists. I do wonder if it is hurting badly enough yet.

That I say what I say because I am a Coward is something people say perhaps because they want me to discuss the fact I have state protection and will not be allowed to endanger myself for any reason. In any case of which that is not it at all for it is rather clear they need to fight their own as created for them so, not check up on me and more so all the time. It’s the old story about how I try to lead people who are way out of my league and I cannot quite make out why they say so anyway. They are fed up already with the bullying on media, I mean I do all the talking these days so I win again. Clearly I like to fuck fully developed career so I have no idea what they mean by way out of my league-its my property not theirs for goodness sake. It is the intellectual properties of my empire that is in the trust of the businesses that employ them and give them fame, of which the trustees are doing their best to help me with financial difficulties I have on any occasion they can, not theirs.

Its got nothing to do with a problem in the form of the fact I want to get around with and have sex with women that are more successful than I am and older than I am and beyond my league etc. with respect to that of which the first issue is that I am looking after my Court not having sex with anybody and then there is the real issue which has more to do with the fact that I discovered the gap between what people do when they are moral and what people do for money, the choice was to sell equities and securities or become a professor and lecture people for a living on the importance of certain things. First step was of course to study Law and Economics in the University of Greenwich but my personal life and the things I wrote surrounding my career exposed the best course in the world that their stupid children should be studying, I dropped out, moved on and went off to broke my equities and securities for a living to look after myself with a conventional legal career and they are back again already and no body knows what they want this time around. with respect to being moral of which they will make out I am facing competition there which is utter rubbish; I have seen the face of God before many times in fact and they have not, in fact they don’t even know if God exists-what on earth would make them think they are more moral than I am and which part of it God approves anyway. It is the same old story, always idiots with an opinion at all times making sure people have conflicts and then some cannot get over it so they might do civil rights and now cannot stop getting on stupid back stage media to get permission from Politicians to bully me by telling me what to do for fun and then for money.

Their Politicians who like to pick up things from my office and get off dealing with diplomatic work that Americans and their African and far east friends should be spending their time on because not doing so means no body will be able to get on around here bearing in mind it is never enough (all those know is how to blow up Iraq without dealing with any of the issues around the region and theirs was a country without a welfare state where they know kids respond in a certain to a difficult life as a result of a deceased parent. After that they are crushing the Taliban with maximum civilian casualties, while doing nothing about what happens in the region so more people join the Taliban and have access to weapons as well when they do, hence they spend most of their time complaining about soldier casualties when those could always have been deployed properly instead. perhaps if they thought of the Taliban as human beings they would have been able to see that combat situation was to be left to the soldiers that were involved in it and the civilians that took up arms such situations of which are never ever equal , I couldn’t care less anyway). Like stupid Political goons.

They claim I cannot do my academic work unless I am pampered. In actual fact my office is on the left where I serve the Queen and Armed forces and they think they have a fighting force which belongs to me because they have their insolent media, about which telling me what to do about racism does them so much good as it were all the time. I am simply balancing this work with making sure I do my academic work well and they do nothing with their jobs but put something else in my head that has nothing to do with my academic work while I am trying to study. Even now they are still telling me what to do anyway. However with respect to the pampering without which I can do nothing, they do need to put their backs into it.

Looking into these matters for myself are not in anyway one of my prime worries, as per things I may stay up at night for. The fact of the matter here is the lies these individuals tell and the way it fits with reality; when their job involves getting around with rich people, sitting on the beaches with them and then getting to acquire some of their money whether they like it or not, using my livelihood as the means to do so is very provoking. Naturally a time will approach as it continues to get worse, when somebody will rip up entire communities of people to establish a company, where somebody will have a business but some people are just marked out for unemployment and so on, so they can wail about wealth distribution and so on. My prime concern is for example the fact if you are married to a media idiot and therefore decide you don’t want to get along with supporting his laziness, while he claims people are sleeping with you, then you will do the Ironing every day, while he sleeps around with young girls that get to do it for him, so I suppose it is not okay for those you work for to loose their companies to the recession; it is in my interest to see to that.