I am not some royal that has been detached from the system and dragged successfully into a vendetta of dealing with problems associated with black people in anyway. I ma just making sure that white men cannot escape things that have to do with gangs and crime so that even if they are new reporters; famous with salaries that are bigger than that of government ministers, they still get no respect. I do not think this is something which is subject to review or changes, it is just me making sure I am in control of how I spend my own property and earnings.

As for the none whites; those will be a collection of idiots who stumbled on money at some point and have not got anything in their lifestyle to show for the money they have, so always feel I should be doing something about women or racism so they can have certain kinds of sex and when finished so they can reach my level in life while having more money.

So you go to the job centre at 4:30pm and come home with the baggage of an idiot who throws a derogative remark at you because he has a side of culture that has to do with destruction and squander and if you vent your feelings he will like to take it to the highest authority in order to ensure your benefits are affected. Which I want them to anyway so it might reach the highest authority there is.

They seem to sit down somewhere at their crime and alternative lifestyle rubbish deciding on what is happening as part of the day which has to do with my earnings on which they can dispatch their idiots to get money from and be God father and of course there are others they dispatch on the civil service as well and the problem they have always had with me is that I am a Christian, should be murdered because I practice self limitation and it is never ever enough no matter how much, unless they are limiting somebody that is better than them and allowed to by the Politicians. Now it has come to this because of Politicians idiots that spend tax payers money on them and expect respect at the other end.

They love those games the media is what I am vulnerable to but last I checked the reasons they end up on media is because they are somebody else’s family business low life and so soon it will be Me v them and I am sure they have things strategically placed on this planet to stop me too as it were.

I am just not doing civil rights on this one; I am sticking to my guns, being a Christian who has the right to walk down the streets without having to show that Club life or gentlemen’s club life and such rubbish of various kind is good depending on people’s taste. It is not a good thing whether or not they want it. There is a real need to stop them from vandalising my intellectual property especially my temperamental Colours.