These are not some vulnerable people seeking help somewhere, these are the most gluttonous and insidious scum that you will ever come across. Apparently they have got cars as well. I mean how do they quantify it anyway; the process of getting inspired by somebody else's work to make money while making sure they cannot make money from their own work because equality is being established, which is not the problem because the problem really is that it is not enough? Hence they take it from the heart, want all of it, the persons body and the persons existence all together and all etc. When I tell them to stay off my personal life they will not until I have to do something about it tying them down somewhere to scandalise their society and when I tell them to stay off my finances they will not until I tie them down at those gangs and scandalise them for a living. Its like when those other idiots of theirs on the left and media and fame industry talk rubbish about the need to protect Children not give out lectures-which happens because whenever society works normally they will use their powers to split us into the guys that do genocide on the right and the guys that are called upon to do justice on the left, while their gang is the one that is in the middle that is fucking both sides and it never has a reason because everybody else is completely incapable of hate. After which they are talking it from the heart because it is not enough when they take from the fringes and so on, so I can write it in somewhere public and get off to be genocide supporter anyway in order to protect vulnerable people by being capable and in a position to make a fair judgement of every and all cases and issues.

Cant they see what the problem is?

I for my part want to be the real world real life professional that makes a living from power, so they can confuse me all they like if they want for example especially those media idiots that talk about threats from back stage media goons in order to use me violently because I ruin their culture; 'ruin their culture' they say apparently, whereas I am the one undergoing 10 years of unemployment for being the Christian that converts people. They had a right to have their opinions like everybody else, never to touch me or my property. As I said I want to be the real world real; life professional that makes a living from power and do not care if this is lower class stuff.

The back stage media goons on the other hand barged into my finances with the help of Politicians that do not want to loose their jobs and be forced to do Pop star as well like they have enabled them to do to me; I for my part want to be the real world real life professional that makes a living from power and being humiliated by them over money issues as they play around with the derivatives of my copyrighted work and therefore my finances will never end in their insolent way.

The story is always that of the guy that sells securities to protect businesses from the media and advert scum and protects vulnerable people being attacked by community scum but this is entirely secondary, it started from a problem with the Christian that converts people.

And they always do it because they are envious of the kind of success I have which is just meant to help them escape the law. I mean who spends tax payers money on such things then go off to somewhere to expect the person forgets it is what they did, while they get somewhere to have lots of power? I never buy the envy thing, it is just the sign that they never leave people alone when it comes to that fight between good and evil they barge into peoples lives to conduct.

Anybody would feel the way I do being tied down for a decade until they pushed me into the gang that is called upon to deliver justice while they remain in the middle to fuck the one that does genocide and fuck me as well in order to control me. I am always being called upon for something violent or another and they work on television means I am completely incapable of hate. Let them fight.

The popular idea is that I do what I do which I tell when I have in order to please media people that I fancy so much and am a fan of according to media people; in actual fact I think they ought to deal with matters that need to be for the purpose of making sure they are safe when they show their face on peoples National Television first, not make silly assumptions about what I do and why I tell about what I do. Naturally they think they have won over their attacks on my books and income but in actual fact I am just so busy doing things to them no body has ever done before so that I can do my own thing because I don't want to do what somebody has done to them before.