I once said something about people fighting for their freedoms in other parts of the world while media in the UK gets up to all sorts. The media has shown their anger and displeasure at this as violently and insultingly as possible to express the fact they are more important than I am. I never intended to be patronising in what I said to that effect for my part, I was only expressing my feelings over what I did with my Court going from being the envy of American Politicians to the greatest source of headache I have.

These idiots on the other hand need my Court in their media establishments and threaten to sack them all the time to fleece money off my property and off me every single day, they do it in order to ensure they keep up suspense or use me to secure big interviews and advertisement deals and so on, which then means that they can earn up to 15 pounds per Hour whether or not the News is useful or relevant because they know people always follow my heart and in this case I do not get any thing in return for it so they have power as well.

While they do these it is still difficult for them to live in a reality which makes it very clear that what I have given to my Court which means that they can be better off having their own media establishments than they are working for these goons must be protected at all cost. So they will even go further to tell me they have it covered with other members of their staff which is also brilliant as it were since I am the one being patronising here.

They think they have taken over my life and my world and my empire and therefore gone are the days when media did civil rights and Princes did government-after their useless campaign of taking advantage of heroes who deal with tyrants while looking after the vulnerable but worse still in this case an Arch Prince who has no trouble moving between being legend and being leader at any given point in time when he is in doubt of anything, when and while they can do nothing about the tyrants because they are cowards, their campaign of get rid of the tyrant we get rid of you because we have bad upbringings, together with their community idiots that are always locating things that the so called kids whom they do not control and use in the entertainment industry because they are stupid, that will do things so they can locate a good place to be and have somebody to goad all the time with their evil habits and I am the one being patronising. 

I mean; the conversations I have with media low lifes.