The great case we hear still all the time is tale of the powers that be supporting drives for freedom and democracy, we here in the UK are said to have a class society that means the rich can only get richer, whereas the reality has continued to be that whatever the claim, over 90% of wars on the planet are directly fought over greed, hence always important that a government supports the successful; but then again it can always get more perverse and more corrupted – for instance like the removal of a Royal figure head which means while they might put their hands to other things they can do, the whole process of protecting the successful will now be done for entirely private gain and explained away as the fruits of capitalism; so it is not clear when and why people cannot learn that the wars and deaths and destruction makes the problem they had previously, so many, many , many times worse. Now in terms of the story of how I am still unable to keep off other peoples wives; the story is still the same as ever – the only reason we are here is because of despicable men and a need to let me live my life in public without finances for a whole, then get tied up somewhere in which they become important in my stead, so it’s the same old idiots beyond 40 doing their powerful disobedience thing and perhaps it is when they do shut it that the reality of grooming me for violence will becoming rewarding anyway. I never expected to publish my Books in a condition where Americans are not messing with it, it is a country full of foolish black people with Satanism and modern religion in a Country where nice guys finish last runs in their blood like dynasty but when you are centuries beyond peoples level of social intellect and their need for involvement with you becomes a weapon of violence, then if you have allowed grow big enough for tales about how you sleep with peoples wives or cannot keep of peoples wives, tales of their sense that they are a mob and have a justice to deliver  going beyond its limits, a story of fingering your bum which means you are a breeder but covered with lies about sleeping with peoples wives , it adds up and if I see pieces of my Books turn up on their stupid media when they have not [paid for their copy they will feel me too for every single time that happens, it is not the fact they know where it is that bothers me in anyway. So there is no problem at all, I am more important than they are and they can leave some respect with that if they wanted, I am a Christian so I don’t think about it but it does not mean they can do whatever they liked without consequences, this was not a game for fate where they could pay the correct price in the first place, they know they deserve all they get as well; you have to move down from important people to people who have achieved much, then down to people who have been through hell to have what they do which leaves them a tendency to commit crimes, then down to inventive people telling stories all the time that means they want somebody to bleed you to make them happy fuck them all, then you can reach these idiots – I don’t see that I created any clause which implied they could get involved with the Books wherever it is I published them. My books could have been less confrontational if the party where it meant practicing devil worship in places like Africa and travelling off to the UK to create communities supported by Politicians to foster a need to make a public scandal of my personal life and lodge self in it for me as a memory in order to serve me with those evils when I don’t want it was such a hot bed of freedom and capitalism. The point is that people have always done God worshipping and devil worshipping for as far back history as we can remember – I don’t need the proceeds of these devil worship when I am looking for work, I don’t need it when somebody has provoked me on the streets, I don’t need it to come to my aid in anyway and for any reason whatsoever but it is the Politicians of all people that decide the story has to be that they will put it into me through an enema and that can only happen with a big mouth that stupid Labour party as it were; so a very simple self resolving issue blows up.-much like that story of Politicians enforcing some interference my relationships cause to women gossiping in order to develop nepotism and power that is vital for their health and well being.  Of course there is no basis on fact or reality attached to those claims – the reality is that we are having a problem here in the first place because these idiots are still getting involved with me as a culture and as a society and as a people and in each case where they do the car drivers and the bus drivers and every crap that walks down the streets want to threaten and abuse me in the process, we are here to deal with that problem because these activities are hard to ignore when Politicians and Journalists are soliciting them against a man whose pure personal life they wanted to corrupt has not yet been made available – this means that the process where they complain on one hand while on the other all my time has been taken up by the three main areas of their existence is in full swing and these three main areas are; find somebody you can attack and push into a cause that will kill them if you want their place in the world to be yours or become a shared heritage on account you have thoughts about yourself, followed by total destruction of finances and property of the chosen person and lies told in politics to maintain the process and then the conclusion being the explanation that you were actually a respectable person but most people like to think you are poor – when asked about the damage you have done, then you can claim you got kicked and simply had to kick somebody else as well. I have had enough of them; the whites are not wrecking my academic work and talking nonsense about dominating me before I can do my academic work about which we all know getting a job will become negotiable after but it is the blacks that now want a piece of me directly as well. This story of setting a truce with them is never founded on anything that looks like truth – the reality is that everything they do is incredibly stupid and has no meaning or purpose whatsoever but when I actually say so is when they deploy those lies and need to shisper over me and backbite to good use, spending my public life on themselves to look good – so it is hard to see why people who are so abusive and so provocative would actually tell tales about others shutting down their exist route. I have never settled a truce with them its just reality that I am more important than they are and there is nothing wrong with getting respect from them – they on the other hand say my body language itself is arrogant; regarding which first of all insulting and abusing people whose possessions you like to make excuses to spend with their insult and attitude does not leave them with a good temperament that brews a respectful body language for you but if I did put myself into a respectful body language state it is when the bullying with get worse to a point where there is one me in their lives and the other me that is of a completely different appearance when I see myself on the Mirror – so generally its that big mouth wagging again. These matters have never been a problem – first of all we Royals know what people who are just like us don’t and that is why we are always wary of everything that remotely looks like terrorism; it does not matter if any of it is revolution or freedom or democracy , they always come forth with the same fruit, it is the Americans that like to claim its rights and now it clearly isn’t anymore since its all gone hay wire and blown up everywhere.  Secondly however they are still getting involved with me the pure personal life they want to corrupt to make their stupidities look good and the media and leading that from the front – I want them to leave me alone or continue to face the consequences of not doing so as I am sure everybody can see that is the biggest problem that we have got here , hence the answer to the question of whether I block of peoples exist route is quite simple; the left has been fundamentally shut down because they need to get off my life and clear my space- this is why I have done it; even the girls we see turn up all the time to spend my public life and threaten me with how big their fathers or boyfriends are, would suggest like they do, something of what would happen if the Office of a Minister was laid out like an Estate Agents shop, so people can turn up here to get access to some pure personal life they need to corrupt in order to look good - for these girls and women it will never be clear if they are rich pretending to be poor or poor pretending to be rich but we know the handbags and the makeup are expensive as such anyway; even this is not are rude as Labour Party Leadership and its media fools with a process where I am at my job and somebody will bring some witchcraft to help me do it because they are soliciting for it or they simply enjoy getting on public places to send one involved with their stupidities made with whatever it is they say they took from my anus down my way with that big mouth and that stupid party will never be free of me until it keeps its distance, very likely I will destroy it before that stops as well (this shows everywhere including when people complain that the manipulation of LIBOR for instance, is that which they are being made scapegoats for but everybody else that lives in the real world knows it is as though your customers are manipulated by you into knowing they need to pay some 50p more for every £2 spent which would imply government inability to enforce trade description to a fault; yet again LIBOR has only been recently introduced as most things were developed to work with the pace of the Country except these guys can set somebody out to be an American, like myself for instance and the abuses will never end by which they then create the atmosphere that fosters a means to do whatever they like and it is in the same family that the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords is not longer the Highest Court of Appeal in the Land as the Supreme Court is and we are all awaiting the results of that too. They do say I have no aspirations and only understand servitude but of course the reality is very different; they are stupid people and I have always calculated a certain loss I will suffer in my whole life as a result of their needs but they have come to really love wrecking academic work and finances and my party piece, using popular culture to peddle my public life and faith as it is clearly how they were born and how they were raised and what they grew up to be as it were - so they can continue and nothing will come of it the powerful disobedience that is the answer for everything.). They do say it would be appreciated if I cleared out my acrimony with the US President in the same say but there is nothing to clear up except mentioning the test nature of somebody getting off to place a no sale embargo on my Books by some wave of his silly hand not because he wants to achieve any of his own as such but because he wants to mess up my mind to make his stupid black youth and their friends feel they have suddenly become clever people - so its been 8 years of his no sale embargo and when they need my assistance they will never leave until they took home how that feels too every single time. They all do it; at Industries and Media and Politics, which is what has created this sense I have spread myself too thinly in this their so called fight which I do not see as one such myself anyway - however they have explained it away as me brokering them a truce all together as well. Any body would become as temperamental as I am if somebody else had a habit of just getting off to put up word in Asia and Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa and the US to stall their Book sales and get up a fucking media with the American flag draped behind him so he can ask to be made to look more important (while he has his fun a typical issue can be Child abuse for example; I can say the people who know a lot about it are beauty pageant managers or retired Gymnasts that are now working with children as mentors but finish work with that and publish a Book and a goon will get elected and stall the sales for 8 years to unpick it everyday and talk nonsense with his popularity fools about a need to be more important - so its rather difficult to figure what he is doing in the White House anyway and if his people copy this statement it will provoke me and they know it like I have mentioned above - they want to stop this I hear, then guaranteed the way to is to leave me alone). It is not true I have difficulty working with Americans, they live in this world where they rule women and we British are the opposite; so there is always that tendency to see them get off and manage the lives of women alongside their own and their career which makes you wonder where they got time for it all but being superman is not necessarily a crime, except its the reason they want short cuts all the time and have become obsessed with targeting me in order to get it and have been threatening me too all together - its never really been a problem, same old case of the daddies and people like me being alone because of the actions of the Daddies on the right who do society and the Daddies on the left who do media and popular culture to whom kids should lay down all they own, if they want to have a simpler existence and it is the reason we are where we are now, due to a need I have to ensure they don't spend my Royal Estate or spend it any further as it were (they do say they already have spent some and it is an example of how amusing they find this whole process where I have shut down the left and they are still here and I will end up running their silly lives for them too, leading to a process where there has been a certain level of involvement that implies shoulder robbing and an acquired superiority on their part, like the story of the film Industry where the Films were made on a job I did brokerging Equity I owned and before I got paid, it is now made on what they want and wish to have as a society - its not true that I go soft on them and love being taken advantage of, what is true however is that I do not make government work stand out when I do it up till now.).