The homosexuality and homosexual marriages thing it seems will never be seen existing outside my affairs anyway, so it is fair to assume it has become a fight too anyway. The reality being of course that the Bible is very clear about what the sin of homosexual is like and states clearly it is not just a matter of unnatural sex they perform with each other but also wicked activities carried out against other people which they do not only perform but approve of those who perform as well – hence when I mention their plans to get married in church must be that they want some of that hurt and pain they have caused for many years back in their lives where it is supposed to be. I do not think it is a major crisis by itself it simply needs to be made clear that there were those who were a good place to practice their homosexual activities and associated wickedness in the 1980s and there were others still in the 1990s and others still in the last decade it’s just that I have been viewed as an attractive place for it and so those who are not paying with their self respect and their jobs and their dignity for all those insults need to keep their media and foul tongues firmly where it belongs otherwise stop assuming everybody thinks they are not aware of what they are doing. I am aware they usually speak of my lack of respect for women but of course we all know the women thing is supposed to have been what it is all about; i.e. the leader of the group is single as created by Politicians and media and social abuses from their idiots with crime and popular culture fame and fortune and now he is trying to do things that he cannot do which include marrying women that would be able to handle and look after the leader of the group, instead of seeking out his size and level. The issue that is at the heart of the fight in itself of course is the claim I am the place that people want to practice their homosexual activities because I am always trying my hands on things I cannot do and getting praise for it; which they wish to enforce by handling my bank balance and business and job and have been doing so for decades now to create this sense I get after things I cannot do like a predator that cannot catch his hunt, a proud person for whom the reason to be is out of his reach and when you consider I am a Royal Prince you wonder why they feel they are and ought to be famous while I am still alive as well – this is really what strategically placed and regular questions on media and politics about what I either think about their culture or society or civil rights is all about and the part where there are those who will take it up and blow it over the top for me should I mention it just really kicks off the fight indeed because the Bible is very clear about what the sin of homosexuality is and it is therefore never explained by them why they need to do it on my life or support those that do anyway. It goes right back to conservative back benchers and stories told of how people lose control of the party when back benchers have voted for dysfunctional labour policies for years in this Country in order to send a message to people like me who think they can change their country about what they can do, blame it on me and then punish me for it with a big mouth and so they all need to stay off my books bearing in mind these so called years I have been taken advantage of, bulled and then bullied into a fight for somebody’s interest should be seen as something that really does not exist since I have been taking an inventory and I do not believe I will run out of supporters when I finally am pushed into deciding people need to move their business and stock market and banks and public menace activities away from my royal property and my books and my public work.


I mean it is regularly put out that I am an Icon of Hope but the question of course is what they mean; reality or fundamentally? Since there is no need to be fundamental about a process where I have spent years building a system to provide for my people which others like to provoke me my damaging on account they feel they are the only ones that deserve to have a job and yet in either case of which their jobs existed to harm others is the reality of the fact what they do with it and think they should has not got any link with my income and with any of my property. So everybody deserves a job and I am neither borrowing, stealing or getting such help from anybody while there are some who believe that such help should be used to oppress me and my people as well and these provocation has continued for the best part of a decade everyday so far; I mean the structures I built to provide my people with jobs and livelihoods was built years and years ago but this game continues to creep up on everything - where they will damage my finances and then my bank balance and then have stories to tell on media which means they build an entire life and future and Industry for themselves on that and then assume I have gotten used to it when I have not just because they have which is good for them anyway; hence what I mean when people say I am an Icon of Hope, fundamentally or reality based. These fools like make out that what the world is waiting for while I make noise and get all the respect is a process where their money used to bring about economic recovery but what they do with that money is calculate how much money they will make then do the amazing part of inserting variables and constants that belong to me to create a certain result that they will like which is money that belongs to them and set out to apply that on a daily basis to make a living earning millions of currency that they invariably extract from my property as it were and nobody knows why on earth they would think such money to belong to them anyway, still sometimes I decide to make them understand I can always break up their businesses and cities and extract my property if I wanted to but the problem is that we have an economic crisis and there are not a lot of job to go around and that it will be nice if they stop damaging my own livelihood and business and more so for the fun and power of it but guess what they will do with that stupid money of theirs each time I inform them of that? I mean it can never be explained how it could have been possible in any circumstance that a process of running a business with equities in it turned out to be a liability - these are not business men or anything like that, these are organised thieves. Then we hear them make that noise about how all The Equities of Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Ltd are a function of customers and customer bases and people but theirs is actually real finance and real money based equities with that big mouth and they cannot be caught dead putting the business into those finance equities to run it either, so I can have my own financial crisis as well, or shut their filthy insolent mouths especially when they are black or African and realise the only way to get things done between me and them is my way because they are mad - there is something wrong with them and those stupid advertisement and those stupid media and those stupid Politics. So I am not an Icon of hope with respect to fundamentalism or wisdom; it’s just the reality that if I asked members of the Royal Family for financial help such help would have run into thousands of Pounds and so I left such an advantage and or any chance of exploring it and sealed such a gap with security for my people and went off to work for money, so that popular culture idiots can do their popular culture where people are interested and not on my income whenever they do it. The rest just do what they do best and like to make noise I am stuck somewhere or am in a pickle and in a lot of trouble here and there and so on when the reality is that I do not want to hear or be involved with any nonsense concerning them because they never buy my books - I mean when it comes to popular culture and music CDs they buy those very well enough alright but when it comes to fighting they turn up on my place and my income and deploy that stupid media for all kinds of nonsense around here - I really do not want to know. The warnings were put to them the day before 20 May 2013 and you can imagine what I felt for having to discuss homosexuality on a Sunday and yes the warnings were clear about blowing it off at me some other time, which they have done all morning today and will certainly get some of mine for it as well.