The issue with the American side of these things is simply the fact that when it comes to corruptions of involvement for messing up peoples lives property and organisations, no body has ever hit them as hard as I already have and so I understand that they have good reasons to loath me as well. However the problem these days is the same old issue on the basis of which Afghanistan was invaded i.e. Americans want new fundamentalisms of a spiritual nature that they can use to get rich and raise a new democracy and so if there is none they will savage and destroy my livelihood to make it up and it will not fly. I mean it cannot be cleared up to them enough times what will happen when they successfully create the idea that the Crown could be something that creates sense of mystery by which people get trophy power to get rich or indeed the effect it would have on the establishment if they were able to use my work for these riches they want and democracies with it but they are Americans Naturally and they never listen until I do their own as well. Their president says he knows what makes me tick and I have no idea why he would think that when he has never once justified his actions or decisions to the American people on a moral basis save it has something to do with money which clearly he believes that when it ends up in the treasury it belongs to no body. Obama comes from the school of the black guy who gets to have a young person abused for him to win an election with and I can only say that he is brilliant when it comes to the endorsement of the prognosis of paedophilia as well as support for its fundamentalisms but it does not necessarily mean I will take such crap from him either. I mean it must then apply that these notions are created by black women that travel from Africa and the US to the UK to sit around abusing me; for them either by my hands or something else the media here beats up all the time. Most of these things happen because I put up a regret face over most of my actions when I really do not regret them; there is nothing regrettable about grabbing American foreign Policy and political policy and writing books on it that are created equities and securities that I will sell as they are anyway but they will not leave alone my royal estate until that actually gets to happen and so I should imagine they understand when it all hinges on peace and security there will be no regret to gain access and pillage means with because I will never look back from it. So far what I have done it still a difficult thing to get out of i.e. Africans expect to work their relationship with Europe where we have our own corruptions of course about which Americans wish to play out the fact they are the nucleus of capitalism and therefore have no sense that money comes from work and then when they finish that they perhaps use me if they must to secure the one with the US but nothing has changed yet. They even tell me I talk but know nothing about real fighting when all they really know is their president his filthy electoral campaigns on my books and the fifth amendment which is a factor of the fact that they are fundamentally immoral and as a result of which their unfortunate disposition is that they always expect others to serve them. there are no British hands working against me either; I am not like them, I do not choose what my country is or must become before I serve it then complain about racism and blame others and I want them off my books and earnings. The idea I am supposed to make some kind of peace offering to the US president for British involvement in slavery and trading of black people is utter nonsense; even now they are fundamentally immoral and I have no idea if that is what they expect me to make a peace offering for knowing perfectly it is the same thing as slavery and slave trade, so I am actually very glad it happened, to bring some order into the world – make them understand. We are not talking about how I seek privileges of older people who then want me to give it up; that has more with how it seems they are fed up with seeing me everyday knowing it is insulting to do so and abusive for the purposes they get up to it and I am not too bothered about their actions either, the more exclusive you make your products the more Americans will be sidelined because of their society and the way it works, it is that audacity to touch my products that is the real problem. The Europeans with their skin heads and Germanic stuff do not bother anybody, I have already made an example of that modernity but I have not satisfied myself yet and so all I can say is that implore them not to get out of my property and personal life .

So there is always that idea I sabotage my own security and so on but in actual fact there is no fight to be had; only people fighting over me on one side to hurt me and the other to protect me, I know it is the sweet part of it but not for me, I cannot and the idea I am a coward is rubbish too, I mean the main issue here is that I would not ask people to do things for me I could not do myself because of the standards of the Bible; so if there is any fighting to be done it is to be mine and so when evil people think being moral did not give enough to the world can come round and take it all. Then talk rubbish about how I provoke them and talk but it will end badly when in actual fact my entire life hinges on how they feel which any political idiot gets to use to threaten me and they take advantage of to abuse me and move up in the world feeling privileged. They live in another planet and others do not have any feelings at all, unless I do their own as well.

The claim that I will get into trouble and that the biggest source of it will be the fact I play around with other peoples wives is one of the most important issues contrary to claims it scares me, I mean how else do I get involved with Popular culture celebrities and all the others so they can spend my earnings for me on a daily basis and abuse me on media as well to maintain their source of income doing things with a process of thinking about me and playing such a fact out in public when I don’t want it? It is simply a case where people get off on their media to claim others have slept with their wives in order to get gangs to do things for them quicker when they want to grab peoples property; I mean this is what adultery is for them and I will share the part of those their married lives that they suppose makes them such a pain. It is generally up to others to decide if they want to drive their matrimony through a process of something I can reward myself with but that is their choice and not mine, I am not supposed to get off some day and tell other people I got too tired of doing so. Adultery for other people to them is just a passing word and they can blow it anybody they wish to get gangs on their side and get gangs to do things for them quicker like the stupid arrogant public mind hugging idiots that they are and they say I am the problem that the media has got, I do wish I was and it is a work in progress but I have time for other things as well. Their wives do not know if they love me or love their family these days anymore and yet they go strong still on that stupid television and it is never over unless and until I say so; let them fight. That stupid western insult about how my life is ruined and people accuse me of sleeping with their wives to get gangs on their side because they are superior to me; how much of it do you get to tolerate exactly?


Of course the tourism economies complain that I am the biggest problem they have. In actual fact they have been providing sanctuary for financial and drugs criminals, in fact they regularly check us out because it is a big business for them as well and then there is the provocative part where they play one at Communism and map out every aspect of my life to screw about with everyday in every aspect of professional activity – all the way to the tabloids; they make it out I am some great warrior and they can read me and that it is why they do those things for their superiority, so let them read that as well. So there is also the matter of the things I do which set me up for certain media to take advantage of which is actually not true; I set myself up yes but for them it is an either way question of where it stops and what next. I mean media with no ethics and no professionalism that they make connections with local communities to secure people whose lives they burn to make their news more controversial and therefore more rated and it works in the same way too with respect to my leadership and responsibilities, where it is clear there are issues around people who think other peoples lives should hinge on how they feel; the children do pop stars on that basis and the women do sex and the men do money and power. These days they say they will kill me but it is how it starts before they expect me to be set up somewhere so they can kill me as well because I have no limits – for now it is that big mouth and how they will kill me but every aspect of my life still hinges on that stupid carnality of theirs I want to rip out of them and drag them to church for it as well. So in the end they want independent adjudicators on the matter but the facts are rather simply that they like those insults that are therefore abuses because they are no body in my direction on account it is lucrative and does the money and fame thing, so it is when we have a religious instead of a capitalist regime in the west, that I would have been doing the money as well, as it stands I am doing nothing to them in my view because I am not yet doing the money.