So they say I steal lifestyle from white people and try to live off it and are also certain if I deny it there are black people that will take over all I own because they have got that much control of it. The reality of course is rather that of the matter of what a human being must suffer in order for idiots like these to bend his or her life into a condition where he has to fight them for a living and then it will be a violence they will win and then when they win it will be over? So we are there at this point but whenever they blast off this kind of talk without thinking as usual this is the question that becomes an important point of call. Then we can move onto the other part where they knew I lived off my head and therefore if their games were designed to experiment on the powers of their secret societies to make me mad, how and what kind of revenge I ought to devise for what they have cooked up here as well. So it is a reality that these are all very big, pompous, arrogant, full of themselves, financially comfortable menaces and so when you deal with the poorer ones you should never think that you are to deal with them and or handle them in the same way, so they can round you up like an animal and play games of either which side you go you will lose with a big mouth all the time. It is never really clear since we all know that they make such claims as people living off the lifestyle of white people which they stole without thinking before hand, why they would suppose that I would be affected by the same sensibility that people are meant to be distracted by their money and how well off it makes them in any case but as I said the problem still remains not just the issue of how many of the damages they have done here which have been paid for but also what I have to suffer in order for my life to be bent into a condition where these kinds of accusations can have meaning? No idea then if they can beat up everything, why they always turn up on television all the time to change realities about what I have done to them and to that the issue also applies with respect to how it is not the responsibility of media operatives and for the active part they play in it which is beyond a mere neutral stance, I know what is as well. I do not think these matters are complicated ones either; for the most part its about how I became generous enough to say we are on the same par since they have to respect laws government makes and I have to serve the Government in a bid to get rid of them, so because of that every other insult and abuse was possible; everything from how either goading or bullying I will never move, to things that happens to my income because I refuse to sleep with the Queen, right down to a rich wife that is waiting for me somewhere and needs me poor for the relationship and it goes on like that endlessly a supposed iron clad excuse for all kinds of crimes around here and save the excuses and complains, the only thing that get attention too. Now there is that talk of what it is exactly I am scared of about Politics exactly as a question; of which the answer is that of the insatiable need for Politicians to be arbiters in a condition where I am having an altercation with insolent and really stupid individuals that see themselves as tiny tyrants and therefore want what I have because it is assumed their foolishness and search for power will always form the basis of what is ideal or what not to do in government but the part that brings the problem is that they then become so stupid that these idiots deceive them all the time and have their eyes fixed on anything I own, which means their argument makes sense and causes Politicians to act in a certain way even when they know it is wrong to do so and more so all the time, so that eventually when you give them any benefits of doubt it is gone with those stupid insults that come through later; I am not saying it is a problem I am only giving facts about what is likely to happen to your mind when you are a Christian and Politicians think that you are carcass and they are animals in this way, hence when it really comes down to it, the idiots all together look for trouble all the time. Now it does not necessarily mean I am not a threat either - the reality is that of the fact that they and their media idiots will not stop destroying things they do not want to work with and which therefore excludes them, like religion for example and so the way they live is about getting involved with anything in which they have been excluded or not invited and the reason for that is so that they can destroy it whenever they are not allowed to do anything they wish. The American ones just want a fight all the time i.e. they will use it to do things they want to do anyway even when they have not been invited or when they have been excluded outright and hence raise that question all the time of whether they think I am their wives just because they have no respect for those and money will buy everything, especially when they carefully chose them and do not have to care about other human beings while thinking they can handle anything that belongs to another human being as well at the same time which of course is their route to financial success, riches and children that are superior and do not have to worry about being provided for. Hence the story remains the same for my part i.e. they need to get off my books and get off the Industries or this will simply become more and more enhanced as work at the Office and not a process of fighting them which of course I have not yet done to a full extent and of course try to tell their stupid children, wives and media idiots to keep their insults to themselves too so I do not invent things I can get used to doing to them on a daily basis as well. Its about the little but powerful people realising that although they have turned up here to invent things around me they can get used to doing to me and then make out they want to live like that which I cannot stop, which then make me considerably inferior with respect to my Royal Office, the effect has not actually been operable as such and the part where they attack the Church really does strike a cord because they have got their own layers upon layers of secret societies where they learn all sorts of nonsense they turn out to apply on me no matter how much I do not like it; ranging anything from societies that teach them arts of power domination and wealth grab to Political parties and even secret circles in the same Political parties that were already bad enough and so it is easy to see they will not be tolerated and need to get lost.