There is the ever present sense these days that young people exist to be taught something or two, the reason being that Politicians do not feel they have enough control or satisfactory control of the population but before then they are more busy with such inventive provocation that cannot be worked out as Prime Ministers leaving their body guards and government entourage and security to chase me around the streets of the UK claiming I steal beauties from their lives and  careers, before then the Politicians will become more preoccupied than they have ever been with getting the contents of my books from the horses lips so they don’t have to buy their copy, before then I will be searched in my personal life for staying up at night in front of my computer by those who don’t want me to make a lot of money with their lives as they place their fame and fortune needs firmly on my public life on the other hand and the list continues endlessly. So I get this feeling that this whole idea that the Politicians need to plan a new generation of people that will be under their control is developed around the sense that there are things I have done which I will need to relinquish to them and I have no idea what has convinced them of that anyway, since we can see that the consequences of these kinds of behaviour need to be somewhere and that they do not teach them so at Church as it were therefore it is not going anywhere near it; it would have made sense to take it out on younger people of course like their wickedness continues to push for, National property spent on helping young people to academic work at my expense, spent on ruining my life and academic work so as to allow young people get ahead in order to ensure I am angry enough for it and their bone head children can be propelled into powerful neo-liberalism while I into extremism with a big mouth but it does not actually make sense to me since I see the issue as a matter of opinion of which I don’t have to listen to that of an idiot if I don’t want to but then it s difficult to locate what they hope to achieve teaching young people about relationships and bullying when their own behaviour means that mentally ill community croons with a need to abuse others in a sexual way and a problem with being prevented from attacking those they view as sitting Ducks, can basically get into a position where they can be finished spending their youths on where teachers penis and anus is etc to cashing into other peoples disillusionment, but I believe I am clear about young people existing to be taught something or two and the view that somebody has to do it as it were. They do say my view of these things are amazing of course because if I do not take what is done to me out on young people rather than set myself out as where it ends which will make me so many times worse off, considering what young people will do to me as well to get ahead then I have condemned myself but of course the reality has always been that if they have a problem with my academic work and my schedule is up I can put career into work and study as I go along and anything that attacks that will set a stage for a human rights problem that needs to be solved and we are not talking about idiots associated with their government office international development nonsense either, so we can find out how they will complain successfully that they are not getting any and turn up here to ruin people’s lives with the sense the only way to reason with them is to populate those their victims club at the International communities. So these fools need to be lowered to a point where they understand most of us know what their names are and that it is not politicians and nothing here will be relinquished to any stupidities that takes an appearance that suggestively looks like them anywhere in hell – now they know and they need to leave me alone and keep off my book sales; it has to go and end up somewhere and they don’t teach it at Church.

Now the only reason this matter has not been handled as an undercurrent during the process of chasing a career is because it was government supported; it was entire popular culture of government, so I had to set aside career and finish with it which I did sometime at the later part of last year 2014: I hear of their stupid women making noise in parliament about my boasting when they know there is nothing I can do about anything and all I can say about that is that I can populate their victims club for them at the International community so they can walk about like buffoons whom people think should normally know better than to become victims of bullying but of course I am also certain they do understand that is not going to happen as they suppose it will anyway. I have lived with it all my life and am in no way suggesting I don’t harm them myself; I mean in less than 18 months of setting foot in the UK again after years of travelling out they had located a foreigner that was too old to be a minor that others took care of and was too young to be free from the perils of ageism and since then this has been where they want to get their new beauties and their house endlessly with an intense desire to see me unemployed and homeless, so that in no time at all their Politicians were already off to South Africa to find my parents who will tell me how to behave there and my stupid evil mother had already made me homeless for them four time in 6 months creating a social crisis for all those that witnessed it – so I have had enough and if they do not wish to have ill feelings because they are afraid of me, they need to keep their insults where it is better appreciated; I understand they say when they look at me they can see I will have sex with anything no matter how old enough to be my grandmother it was but I am sure whatever they think about me can be resolved by a simple process of resolving all the other ageist insults they develop in my direction, otherwise there is no giving up my hold on society and culture so that the older they get will be the more they are happy to part with life because I do and they can complain all over the entertainment industry where they will find the most friends as well not talk nonsense of how people can do with me as they like as I am well known to them and there is nothing I can do – I have two half families and two step mothers because my twisted mother is one of them, there is more than something I can do, I have lived with these scum all my life and they can avoid ill feelings by keeping off my book sales and then that way their insults will not be a regular feature around here. The publicity that their popular culture idiots maintain on this matter suits me very well in retrospect and that is much the same as their homosexuals and various other fools; I do see them sneak into Church to develop a basis for seeking more trouble of course but I am assuming the big idea is that I don’t have a copy of the Bible of my own as it were, yet again we all know where these nonsense are taught and where the results must end up. Being chased around to be raised all over again so they can feel confident is clear indications my parents had done the best they could for me and I have to for my Children too; it is a false sense of security that there is nothing I can do to them and that they know me that well but it’s nothing surprising either.

They speak of this great old case of raising me all over again in their image in order to secure confidence for themselves and superiority for their stupid children paying off which makes no sense whatsoever; since the only thing I have not yet said about it is that if they want some of me in their lives they had better turned up to sit under tutelage which I am in any case very unlikely to give to them because it is filially destructive; not that it’s the way it turns out in the end but that is just an obnoxious manner to proceed with as well. When it comes to the case of those who get to control me and tell me what to do however the story is somewhat different i.e. you see them pretend they are hell raisers and that I will get into trouble going up against them all the time and to that effect feel like getting on media to talk my temperaments and bully follow every single one of my movement to avoid the effects which I may or may not be making and then they stop and conclude their reports when I am breathless on account the next upcoming news will be about violence and sexual abuse and so on and I always wonder if they cannot talk their own temperaments and groom themselves in that way instead as it were; it has never really been an issue, I simply need to imagine myself as the Royal whore and what price people would pay for making use of my services and then it will be clear that not enough of these scum have died yet as it were. So that they do get to ask on one hand what I am loyal to on seeing they are loyal to other peoples earnings and their neo-liberalism and then on the other what is to be done with the issue of Politicians with respect to sexual abuse, before I go into that of which is the ending of this story of people who control me and so on being that these fools have been prevented by others from travelling to the UK for instance and they do understand that London is such a place as you can easily walk past an Ambassador without even knowing it on the streets but their power will always be based on those who have glories they can abuse in a sexual context – so that any normal person can see that if they are afraid of me, they might want to keep their insults away because it makes me perpetually angry, they however decide people like me should be stuck somewhere on the right hand side where we are not seen and called strange names so that the world might revolve around them and it is that old story of course of how much money is enough money for a celebrity to show they have been detached from me, not that I don’t have my limits when it comes to how much they can extract from me and my public work as it were, everybody does have one of those but it is only a question and for them the question outright remains as simple as the fact being I am Royalty and they are nobody, they can make me if they want and tell me where I am supposed to be considering they are hard of hearing: hence the progress report is that Industries have spent money on these popular culture idiots and made them rich as a result but having been they have done so with products targeted at abusing me the assumption has been that these industries intend not to lose that money by getting it out of me and this is where we have a problem because they will not in hell as it were, so we are stuck in this place where their popular culture idiots are currently the richest among them so far, looking to what will unfold of which indications are that these popular culture idiots have started targeting me with a sense of their superiority and for it that money will have to disappear too.

So to the former story of which the reality is that I am not in any way a victim of sexual abuse, for their part the case is that they turn up with those stories of abuse to lay hand on and split up among themselves my literary empire in order to get rich and famous, to which I believe when I tell them it is not important if they were sexually abused or not whenever they threaten me they think it does not make sense to people – for me it is only a case of the fact I am not eating properly or sleeping properly, so when they keep an eye on me as intensely as they do with a need to corrupt everything right up to my temperaments and extricate power doing so that will mean people don’t mess with them and they can take whatever they like from anybody and anywhere, they are able to notice these kinds of things and set out to ensure it is a permanent feature of my life, which is how they build their distant need to see me feel like getting to the toilet all the time but in terms of the Politicians however they are the ones who create the environment and state of affairs for paedophiles to do their filthy work with i.e. we must get rich with your work and possessions before you do enforced as social policy on those it cannot be using the highest possible levels of government and media and it’s the same with wanting to be better off than others on their possession in a condition where they are superior and to top it up their greatest power is the ability to churn peoples tummy and imagine their fingers up peoples bum while their community croons pick up on it and chase peoples anus and penis and seek beauty sleep from peoples personal lives and offices only to turn up in public to complain as well which will then have had it all covered up – so that a child on one hand thinks he can go up against a paedophile and win and the paedophile thinks he is a child but it is the Politicians and their women that create the environment for abuse that the paedophile will be have been successful in carrying out whether or not the child and the paedophile think in much the same way and one thinks the other had no right to sodomise them even though they might be free to sodomise others instead. So this is generally how these self harming idiots entangle themselves in other people’s lives and expect them to back down due to media and Politics so that they might feel comfortable and it is nice to see they can go on and on and on as well because what would have been a real crisis would have been a condition where they did it for some years, took up all my time and wrecked everything and then when I wrote a book they stopped and my books had no credibility: they do say the big problem is that I am still the most uncivilised goon in the whole world but years before now when I was doing everything straight and directly, they were asking strange questions, my temperaments were for the deployment of those that are more important and of course I was walking around their cities like I am their boss when I am not and by the end of it all either way of which I may have become homosexual or just prevented from finding a wife and having children all together the outcome will be a backdoor genocide of those they feel should not exist - it could only have continued until I developed in intolerance for their own as well and right now they have a problem because they simply cannot stop threatening me and never listen to anything anybody says to them - what they have in their repertoire being obviously how the authorities prevent them from picking on those they view as sitting Ducks: they do say I am only complaining about a tiny fraction of the problems they have to tackle all the time but that is because they feel others will understand why they are insulted abused and told by those to whom it does not concern that their leadership is not applicable, if they show people the problems they have got and it never makes sense since they need the same people to solve those problems for them as well at the same time but this would be the half of it as the more relevant half is that they are neo-liberalists and that means when they have problems it is more important than you life because you have means of solving it and need to get to business right away and for this reason they are superior to you - I wouldn't know, all I know is that I can go anywhere I like without anybody restricting my movements because I am Royalty and they are nobody and if they feel they have no plans to stop annoying me every second in order to classify me as one of those people they push into a corner to form society while they get famous and do whatever they like, then they need to make me. They do like to say it was all about people selling things of course which is quite true; after all its about whether people want their share of my Literary empire or not - in the middle east its a matter of people being selfish and evil and wanting somebody to blame for their problems, in South America and Asia its about somebody turning up to carve out celebrity millions from their Country when they are the local celebrities, in the UK it is easily about fat boy standing on a public bridge way as part of his idea of looking forward to something on a trivial evening, making a statement about that idiot that likes to pretend he knows rich people; what I woke up to this morning speaking of their wonderment over what my agenda is, was a case of all these women I have that help me resolve issues and the crimes they will commit against me to a point whereby I understand there is nothing I can do about anything, and so they needed the understanding I will handle their culture and society again and their community croons will grow old to feel they need to give up on life like they complain about all the time again, considering I already have a history on everything else and the relentlessness of these community croons are usually their biggest source of confidence.