It is now being suggested that I have learned my lesson from my main painful experiences which does not make any sense what lesson I have learned anyway; it was never an exercise in learning lessons, it was an exercise in getting a collection of goons who feed on others with a career criminal civil rights activity to become a collection of goon who are paying taxes; further provocation will only mean I take up another task that involves what will become of them when somebody else has been paying the taxes they should have paid, no such thing as learning lessons from painful experiences people think they can inflict on me because of a decision I made to live wildly for a period of time.

So there is the other story where it is said that I am now in a pitiful situation which I am not; what is really happening is a matter of changes in the Country and people adjusting at the Monarchy, so what the Public is finding out is that everybody has a role that is almost set in stone, almost in the sense that HM is the only one with a role that involves deciding how the Politicians in which we all engage with each other works, so it does not mean if HM got involved with another person’s role she would take over as such – so it is possible for there to be many persons defending their position from The Queen herself in these sorts of circumstances and not a condition in which people should make it an apt behaviour to get around winding people up at the Monarchy as it stands presently. My case is just the one where they think I am a toy but really hate it when I had become the architect of something people really hate and then got away with it all without suffering a scratch. What I am doing with respect to this so called shameful process of getting a job is the business of running the Estate, looking after duties I have towards the Monarch and anything I may be required to do and making sure Armed Forces personnel that are Loyal to me are provided for, so apparently I had calculated it deliberately to such an outcome as means I may be able to get a job; allowing me to ensure people can deploy my Royal Order to fight their personal battles if they wanted to see what will happen if they did, since I may just be busy with a mundane task as such a point – allows me to ensure Armed Forces personnel are looked after and that they can rely on the sense of discipline associated with my Office and Estate and also ensures I get myself some money in the process, meaning its impossible to locate exactly which part of it people find humiliating or disgraceful anyway.

It feeds into this case of a crowd emerging to demand a new referendum on Brexit while on the other hand the British Prime Minister is being paid to engage in Bilateral conversations with regional governments, then get off to Brussels to Negotiate Brexit on the basis of the interests of a collection of Industry people she travelled around the world with to sign trade deals, who are not paying her Bills or have given her a Job like the British Government is and the electorate had, on account she is preparing a future in which her Family will be rich and influential. So for the new referendum Brexiteers is the question of whether the pervious referendum did not do the job of addressing the Political problems that they wish to address with a new one and whether they should be having a referendum on the Prime Ministers actions instead, for the Prime Ministers, as I mentioned before, she is not working for Industry people in the first place, so it does appear that this business of getting into Government Office to plan how your family will be wealthy for the future, then make out it’s a matter of social equality with respect to the Monarchy as well, while people like me are not being funded by the tax payer is really calling for some serious action that will make Politicians straight in this Country as the deadline for Brexit is fast approaching and three negotiated deals on this nonsense have been rejected by the European Union so far.

 It is becoming increasingly obvious that Politicians have gradually gotten used to heaping work load on the Monarchy by chasing these vanities at the expense of the tax payer because they think it will be fixed anyway and we are ending up with this disposition where The Queen does not want to do their jobs and the system does not want to end up with a Monarch that hates Her duties and there is likely to be a clash very soon indeed as well; they have rather become far more interested in what I say whereas what I have really said is that there seems to arise this need for some action to be taken to put Politicians straight in this Country because they have come to think they are in a position to get into Government Office, collect tax payer funds and sit around doing something else with the time that has been funded, like the current Prime Minister is in Brussels, meaning it has grown into an international behaviour. It does not mean that I had vindicated the Labour Party anyway; those are still at it – the business of never letting little social problems be and then wanting to get out of a mess by making a mess of other peoples tummy; in my case it specifically is a matter concerning women mumbling in the communities like they usually do and me being targeted and dragged out of University to sit around responding to the stupidities of men who have found a Man that will deal with women, looking different so I might be bullied for being different the longer I continue in such a condition; so they have been solving problems since then, hating my guts for the endless cycle of it and then hating the Books I write from the effects to run the Book sale business at the Estate; they always speak of not understanding what this case with women and the behaviour of men like me is all about since in their view its usually a matter of letting lewd and criminally disobedient women do whatever they wanted at other peoples expense but we can clearly see simple questions emerge, questions such as if the economy was the issue behind people picking on women, if they sold everything they had in one day they would end up with waste and inefficiency and inflation and would never be rich but somebody cannot lay down a career for the purpose of raising a family and then pick it up a later date on account these goons have existed and nobody can tell exactly why they are always insulting people.

Their friends in Brussels speak of something in the form of the need to teach me lessons for my part all together; it would never make sense anyway since there is nothing a bunch of Federated scum can do about me especially if they understand I am not a fan of their career criminal civil right movements and am very well aware they are the type that develop these career crime activities for themselves because their Mums put them up to it and have showed up here because they think the UK is kinder to the needs of women for that – not withstanding which they are here and we have to ensure they got jobs while they are provided for in terms of the law anyway. I hear I am aware of such things and it would be of great assistance to people at the EU but I wouldn’t know anyway, the EU is meant to have been the domain of the most insulting Politicians in the world, with whom you may have a conversation about the consultative processes of Law making and end up with an enemy who has gone home to research the extent of your powers bearing in mind you think that you may tell them what to do if you wanted to; the reason apparently being that they are in the service of goons who have no clue what they are doing except the processes of ripping up people’s lives with conveniences that may be derived from narcissism in order to make comfortable those who will part with unusually large sums of money for a product. For my part the blabbing about teaching me lessons does not have prospects of ending well anyway and we see that they can never stop hurting themselves since I am not actually half their size like they have professed or suggested; it usually comes to a head when I had set out m Books and perhaps myself out as a Brand influencer and it turns out that those years of tearing up my academic work in order to build up my personality as an atmosphere their children may access to make progress, will give rise to a sense their future was embodied in an ability to stand up on a pulpit where they get to address successful industry people and it will make me feel as though I am about to explode as well, since it tends to ensure that everything I do is toxic while the problem sampling aspects of their stupidities will give rise to how female me should be used to create conveniences for those who will part with money over products they were selling, blabbing of how the wealth in Europe was created alongside their Middle East goons but do not fancy those who fancy it as well all together.