There is really no such things as claimed that I get help from the government through unemployment support and now there is a chance the government might force work on me as well to help me earn a living and that it will prevent a process where those that are beyond my league can actually start their fight they are doing currently and then get to win it too. The truth and reality is a bit different i.e. when I walk into the job centre or any employment programme the overwhelming duty that those who work in it owe me all the time is to find out what I would look like at popular culture and then share with others to create fame and fortune and so the idea that I am there to look for work gets lost in translation and the only way out is perhaps taking an employer’s time out to tell them to listen to me which will never happen. So the real question for the most part is how long it takes people on average to deal with these things they do and the last time I checked was when I was at University (which studies I dropped out of because of them by the way) and it took about two and a half years if I worked on it from 5am to 8.30am before I go out and 5.30pm to ideally 9.00pm before bed time, hence when they do it every day they know exactly what kind of provocation that is supposed to be. Now the realities is that since I am below their league I have been dealing with it on a daily basis and on average reducing it all down onto weeks, so what they have done is get on National media to do and stir up community croons they promise fame to attack me in order to ensure I am paying attention to it as well – again the media idiots know what kind of provocation that is too. So there is no such thing as government helping me with unemployment benefits and now planning to force work on me to provide me with happy days and ensure they lose a fight but the way they are going they will have their wish at some point as well. I mean the option I had was to carry on and see it pays off at the end and the reality was of course that I am a Royal Prince and should not live like that but I rather enjoy the task of setting out clearly that money only comes by means of some form of paid employment or another, hence it is perfectly fine and the next time the government is helping me out so people beyond my league do not win a fight they will blow it up big time too, thus this serves as a warning.

They like those claims I get into a bother because I use peoples female journalists and wives to do my career but in actual fact the reality is that they have continued to play that very destructive and expensive game with my Court because they think they have an ego – in out in out in out and all the while a very useful person I would have had in a Court of working women that are fans of a Prince who may do something in terms of fame culture as a tribute continues to suffer heavy setbacks and my book sales along with it too, while they have their ego on account they appear on my television and cannot possibly leave people alone in their lives bearing in mind it started years ago from claims I am stealing their style and trying to cash into it and soon developed once they had put me through hell to settle facts on that, into the need for some trophy victory that involves a process where I am so desperate I want to make a living with civil rights but never get to on account it is a culture they control and the reasons for that was to set out they are beyond my league and then we get those stories all the time of a small man that thinks he controls women and yet there are men out there with the time on their hands that can be tested by idiots like these so we can get some of those stories we normally do as it were. The idea then there are no consequences and that they can share my working court with anybody they want is not based on fact; they know that I do the anal sex routine with them all the time and that it troubles their marriage so they can share my working court with everybody for a job and keep it at the same time – its the old story of wanting civil rights but attacking moral people while expecting people to be moral enough to stand with them and fight for the civil rights, hence they want it and destroy it and will have it by their ego and stupid husbands who think challenging me is the safer option out of the means to control their stupid television wives instead and as well keep their media out of my company for those of them that have the silly media jobs as well. So there are always consequences and they are lying when they say there are none; I mean for each time they do these things, somebody I want in my Court so I can get to work will be kept out and the expense so they can be beyond my league is incredible too. In context therefore of government support so they do not start a fight and win, if the government fails I will settle on the belief that popular culture has no right to exist and for the most part I always get what I want too and I am not referring to the pros and cons mannerisms I have employed all along of building it up for them so I can have my revenge at a set date and time whether or not they had decided to stop in their own time like they normally think they can start anything and then do all the time – this is something else I am referring to, the need to be free of them permanently and it will be very contrary to that foolish nonsense about how my entire life is now developed around money and we are not talking about being made fun of by members of the Royal Family I have offended either.

They do mention the Trayvon Martin case in the US and do mention how it has to do with me as well of course and I suppose I have something to say about it too for my part i.e. this George Zimmerman person had a job and what he did was done in line of duty was it not? What about the job he did then, was that paying off, did we have physical results, why is it assumed that when an outcome is an eventuality of his job the laws in all the states in the Country must be attacked by the White House? Was it a new law, was the law an old law, in what circumstances was the law legislated, in what conditions can the law be invoked etc, etc. This is one part of the story. The other has to do with the person of the victim i.e. if I were to go into a neighbourhood that contained a group of families that live with the sensibility that money comes from work and employment, self created or given and hence raise their children in the context of how they live, this community was then fenced off and protected by a group called Neighbourhood Watch and one of their persons was responsible for looking after the gate, on my first day in that community it was okay by my rules and then the second and then the third but by the fourth time I was warned by the Guard about my attitude, would I have liked to continue that attitude and provoke him therefore? Then there is the question of the person of the accused i.e. I have a job to look after a neighbourhood where other people have jobs for money and I know their children are therefore very vulnerable, when I face a teenager with such an attitude as jeopardises my position and makes my work untenable, what do I do, do I report him to my employers so they can remove me and bring in another, do I take things into my hands and harm this teenager and end up in Court, do I plan what to do to harm him such as to get rid of evidence before I end up in Court for doing so? It depends on the kind of person I am of course and perhaps other matters like my temper which is also relevant to my job by the way and of course all these three separate positions becoming one I chose to adopt are possibilities with equal chances of producing an outcome. I am getting involved with this matter for my part because I want to move it on, the reasons I need to is because it is matter like these and these kinds of outcomes that set the stage for the rest of us to act to prevent them from happening i.e. Mr Colleague of mine who has no sense that money comes from working for it and comes from the same community where people behave in such ways as well and therefore believes I have o right to get to work every day without having to deal with the evils of his society where people think those who do jobs for money are stupid and should be relied on to bring in the goods, this is born out of an understanding that all these things are what gangs and criminals do – when they know you have money in the safe, they will hit you and hit it until they break it open and take that money, especially if incited to by media and politicians i.e. like myself they know that pop stardom is the easiest way to steal my income and get out of trouble with the law at the same time and in the same way do I understand there is no real means of reasoning with them and need to take a stand over my book sales which is what I am doing so far, then when I am finished with colleagues I will think about the social networking one (again as it were). So in the end the reality is that of an evil, evil, vile society of financial conspirators who think that their eyes will not tolerate any kind of success on my part and I am game too – nothing like racism. Their stupid eyes will have to, no doubt about that; their communities existed before I came along to exist without paying tribute to it and I bet their stupid children did as well anyway.