They do say people hate me because of the things I have done to consolidate an ability to oppress people but I have never actually set out to consolidate a position that will facilitate an ability to oppress people in my whole life; we see these fools at it all the time, the croons bear down on me sexually because I am not allowed piety in a modern country as a rule they have made and set out to enforce with all sort of civil rights lies and filth to go with; so that it’s when more serious things have happened since, such as me dropping out of University all together and still having to deal with people who are old enough to be my grandmother fooling around with my concerns and breathing heavy over me that it starts to get serious. It’s not the only one; there are others about their need to discipline me for instance; they say it is meant to facilitate a process where their daughters walk around feeling special enough as compared to me, to be confident that there is nothing preventing them from being counted among celebrities – of which again more serious things have happened like dropping out of University and having a difficult time at the jobs market for it too – even so because the problem with that stupid civil rights is always that everybody that shares a skin colour with them is likely to be a less powerful relative and they do like to speak of me preparing for war when I have moved all my fighting since they want me to, over to the left where the goons that are supposed to profit from it will wind me up making one stupid move of their own as well – otherwise I have warned them about moving into my right hand as it were, while they have decided that was their own while my left hand was the one that belonged to be as disobediently as possible – they have an ego obviously and so have I been told on many occasions that I have a problem with my temper, told on several occasions that I am sadist; we all know that the only way to tolerate their onslaught and their stupidities that you eventually detach from some important engagement you are paying attention to, only for them to start another issue about how you are vulnerable to the same things that they are and drag mud all over your personal life to make their own better at the other end as they possibly can, is to ensure that they are complaining intensely enough to bring about a balance of the state of mind, everybody knows that, so I am at a loss as per why these types of questions come up all the time anyway: at this point the reality on the ground is still that when a racist says he does not want you even thinking about his right hand side, it means he does not want to play with you – when these idiots say such a thing it means half your business empire is in there and there will be immeasurable trouble if they catch you anywhere near it, so you are left wondering which one was the bigger public problem. There is a link as we all know, between community croons taking up all that violent lasciviousness following the effects their wickedness have on your personal space i.e. the wickedness that was always the reason these things happen whereby it will say it uses it to get by while everybody knows that the reasons you have asked what it is doing is soon going to take a turn for the worse and you will be fighting for your life in a neighbourhood, the same wickedness that behaves towards science people who believe in evidence and facts being one of accusations of selfishness and sexual abuse but towards religious people like myself it becomes a need to build connections with Politicians and bring itself into mainstream living to ensure it is getting attention when it has its hands on public finance pot and intends to be corrupt with it – where in my case it had to face the science people and religious people in the past but has now got me and my need to detach it from mainstream living to contend with too; we all know there is a link between it and what every fool a rock star character that wants to be rich and famous with people’s lives get up to and that is why they are so conscious of passing insults that help them protect their personal space because they know they are teaching people a lot of nonsense about making a mess of others to make people dirty enough to lose jobs. All I am saying at this stage is that I have not been oppressing them and anything I do which feels that was has never been something I had set out to do. It’s really stupid and likes to get to this point where it can continue to do things with me when I have expressly said I do not appreciate it showing outcomes and consequences and now it thinks that it has got financial advantage those fun gimmicks have begun to give way to threats and it’s all together a fabulous use of my time as it were; nobody really knows why it cannot spend its time fooling around until it has to catch its breath with its own children and wreck lives in their own family, why it feels like disciplining me and telling me how to exist all the time – since it used to happen before I took the society and community relations from them which is where the oppression story is coming from, I cannot really say it is revenge for making their wickedness less effective even though there is element of that involved too. but I am not oppressing them or doing anything that is making progress towards war like they claim, what is happening is that they are fighting for their lives for persecuting me over my moral beliefs. They always speak of how I stirrup the social and public problems in a way that affects those who cannot cope very well with it but we all know it’s a big world out there and they can get involved with my concerns when they want to buy a Book and clear my Public image space for most other times, it might not seem like the best way to run a Book sales business but so do they need to supply answers as per whether their disobedient need to allow stupid girls and women feel comfortable on other people’s finances happens because the victims are scared of them, I mean if you hurt it, that would never have shown that you think women should not be allowed to feel comfortable on peoples finances at random anyway, it’s just the way the sad fuckers that appears to have an ability to suck the life out of everything they come into contact with get to do it – so that I might be told I blow hot and cold on the matter whereas it mostly all goes back to the same Pot where you win if you are happy and women make you happy the best, thus when you win you happen to share some as well and is therefore the best way to do it; not some scum who selects a girlfriend that is the same size mostly and takes so much care to preserve his fucking DNA extracting money from your property and talking rubbish at you as though it happens because you are scared of him – so far it cannot cope with the problems and that is its main point of anger. An example is obviously when they say the relationship they wanted to build with me is out and over as a result of my attitude and it is so incredibly annoying when we all know that it started off as a case of getting what their female colleagues were getting because I shared a Court with them and it got to that stage where I warned them they will complain about the effects of their involvement in future and I will not be responsible for their plight and they intimated me to the fact if I asked their wives I would have found out they always got what they wanted, it has since taken many forms of insolent abuse, now I want it to shut its mouth and shut down those stupid comments as I am trying to sell some Books at this Business Empire and it would rather say things like this on regular intervals garnished with all sorts of nonsense about how many times people have saved me from them; it is nauseating and hungry and hurtful thinking about financial issues and I am sure idiots who get a lot of fun from handling peoples business empire to get rich first before the owners are allowed like these scum are very well aware of that too and we are not talking about that other half of theirs comprising of stupid feminists chasing their lesbian lovers if I create an atmosphere of a Man’s suffering yet, the scum apparently do not fancy the wars so much but will do it anyway; it all makes sense of my plans to start some way of ripping their means to fame and fortune permanently when that need to keep getting involved with me eventually gives into a future where they get to tell me I did good when I wrote the Books anyway.