So they say my method of handling matters does not bring about any progress whereas what the Politicians do with all of their time is set out I am unable to bend people’s minds into uncomfortable positions in order to ensure they go from giving custom to somebody else to giving it to me and it is absolute nonsense of course because it creates more problems than it solves while their goons tell me people have come to forge a habit of telling me what to do which ensures others cannot settle on whom they are buying Books from and I am unable to sell the Book shop lifestyle and hence cannot make a living from the Books, because I am gullible but the reality is usually that they say so one moment and the next are moaning and lamenting their culture and society but even so doing nothing to stop that other abuse of getting involved with my personal space and making my Christian temperaments out to be something I have because I sleep with Peoples wives – so it might be a good time to explain why they do it anyway.

As for the story of me making out Brexit is a good thing and Europe is a bad thing; I have done no such thing; the way business is done in Europe is that the talented who are talented at solving problems, solve them until they are overwhelmed and a veneer comes forth from their efforts and then a lifestyle and trading premise that exists as a result and it is not how the British work – the way the British work is to give up on problems they cannot solve as a fundamentalism that should not be explored and those who explore them are looking for trouble knowing that the goons who work them are likely to do something stupid and get locked away in prison. So that the fact Germans and biggest manufacturers in Europe is not luck and the fact the UK has the most prosperous financial system is not luck either. Some do say we can have it all but first of all which the rest of the world needs to know their assets will be safe with us when they decide to work with US on National security matters and those who want to live in German and French Security can always decide to do so and not bother the entire Nation for it all together as well – the other side of the story being that the same were the youths of the era in which Firms like Ford Autos set up large Plants in the UK even before Detroit was built and they couldn’t even do anything about the demise of British Leyland and now think they can handle both the German problem and the British one as well, if the goons in Europe that are responsible for the fact that what is missing from the lives of those who can solve the problems is respect, want it so.

I do not think it is an issue; if you take a look at most European Politicians, there is an absolute air of confidence around them that they are untouchable – untouchable because Industry and Government are run by exactly the same group of people, as a result of which there isn’t a part of Market that the Politicians do not know absolutely everything about. Then I will get told I am all hung up on it because I am a coward – has no basis on reality of course since the truth is that there are only two types and one has stashes of cash to do what it wants to do with, while the other has bag logs of talent – hence whichever side you fit into, there is always a part of Market that you know nothing about otherwise what is happening is that there is something wrong with the system and the civil service is not independent of the Politicians. As for the part where they are fond of throwing down gauntlets and pushing off a bet as to how things will turn out when I talk with others about their case and recent damage they have done especially with the aid of pornographers that are saving their necks because they are not behaving properly in government buildings; it is an old story whereby I will get into trouble all the time and they will have the other side of them that they claim is really bad and evil turned over and fried up very well too – so that when they say something about their hate for the British and their ladies first society which makes it impossible for them to control their wives since all are their wives all together as it were, it will really make sense.