It is not true that I enjoy my games man ship as they do put it, it’s just a simple reality that it has gone from accusation of infidelity to sexual bullying which has now permeated the Internet and the same principle around the way people jerk the headlines specifically to affect me, that they spy on me and Jerk my web pages each time I handle them, after building up an atmosphere around me that the local communities that will help them bully me on my bed chamber has paid off – now it seems they cannot tell that it does not necessarily indicate I can be beaten up by them but having built this atmosphere up on media have something on which to attach their insolent ego; so the problem is that they have no wish to stay away from me, get off my face and concentrate on their own problems. I am a very proud British Man and it does not for one occasion bother me when people feel that my preference over the US is misinformed; they always know better but I mean as far as I am concerned, with my temper and some of the issues they complain about, it is rather my opinion they continue to raise the matter because they have not yet had enough problems especially coming from and created by me. So I can understand why I seem to stir Nationalist passions when it appears that the Union exists to serve my purpose and breaking it up will be one less thing I get to have; it does not matter in anyway - these are things I do not respond to but if I allow it to run its course because Politicians can spend tax payer funds to force me to on account they want to move into my personal life, there may be far greater consequences; what has no changed however is that they all continue to deploy my possessions to do things I do not appreciate and for now I have not yet begun to tell the women to shut the friendships down as I am not asking them a question and therefore do not need their point of view and the men do not yet hate my guts because I think their corruptions of involvement is more about something concerning their stupid personal lives they want to inform me about. It’s the simple principle that when people think they can barge into other people’s lives and live there in a condition where they feel they do not need to hold back anything, they had better been fucking tough enough and not rely on talking nonsense all over the media to get by about which there will be consequences anyway – they need to get off my face and spend time with their own stupid problems. It’s like a good old case of making enough excuses for a lifetime whenever I am bullied violently by big boy and big idiots journalists and TV scum but eventually being that it is the explanation needed for the reasons they feel as deep as their insults go that they can handle me in that way which poses the problem, especially when they get off to talk so much nonsense that they know will wind me up as well. I mean they can always rely on the fact people simply always refuse to pay attention to the fact that their civil rights nonsense is all games played by very useless people who feel like messing around with absolutely anything, the disconcertion bit being the part where you simply cannot believe family men would spend all their time even while they are working for others doing so and that it happens every single second and so that the end product of it is more concerned with a cliché that has to do with what they have seen and how they want to boast about it by creating as much problems to spend it as they possibly can in order to create a self boosting boast that can stand up in any company of persons in the world, they always say it is about the way they want to feel about their Country and we know that it’s all a matter of what you know you wish to tolerate but people go along with their wishes all the time because they believe they are all much the same, then complain about civil rights: small consolation being that their homosexuality does not apply to our mainstream lives anymore - we can chose where and get to get involved with it these days. I am aware it might be assumed I may want to speak of the Coming Scottish referendum at this juncture but I will not because we are not a Union in a separate situation on account there has been devolution.