I do get told I am dropping the ball on the social cohesion and stability issues which I am not; the Liberals especially the Americans want to stifle my finances until the process of riding on the good will of the racists and conservatives I think I am getting along with runs out and I need to ensure that when it does the answer for all my problems will be to fight the Liberals, especially along the lines of the number of people that have been bullied and attacked until they turned to racism around me since we met. They always say some Jews did the same thing during Nazi Germany but forget that when it comes to such things they would be the one burning the bodies and keeping their fellow ethnic minorities in line for the Nazis, they will be the ones collaborating as it we all know that its evil and that the idea people like me will be accepted into some form of service for it when things had gone completely wrong is a dream that will never come true, it will show itself as the evil that it is and will collaborate with scum that is just as evil, this is really how it works. The rest of the time they say I am selfish and people do not like selfish people but will never show up here to buy books instead of treat what I do with a sense of alternative sensibility, while the whites claim it is their culture to rule over black people like some upper lower class shit that never stops messing with how people want to get about in the world until it is full of hot air – as for the selfish bit in itself I have done what I can to protect my property only with my pocket money and made a Public show of it, so when people spend money to get educated others cannot just make use of it because they have access to industry and if it is not enough I wonder what will be. Now we hear I am getting too close to the Royal Family of course which is something new but in any case is one of those matters about which I am about to find out if they usually practice financial narcissism as part of their livelihood and very existence on family members and friends who have financial difficulties to deal with as well and then whatever it is they do with family and friends who have financial difficulties will be the way that the rest of us will live when we copy it well enough as well, considering the financial narcissism appears in their view to be my portion in this world as it were. They have already begun to blab about how I need spend time with my mates and I suppose it is apt after 12 years of pure misery of course naturally, if they are the ones telling me it should be fine; I was rather thinking those stupidities of celebrities selling stream music they sing of my life on my public image cheaply to get rich quick, then buy companies that will employ me so they can boost their confidence from a life where I served them was going to lead to an outcome that will make me popular over this nonsense all together and so am I aware that I will then have to get close to the Royal Family the way I am as far as they were concerned, which is nothing new since if this Estate is toxic one more time, we will be finding out who had the bad neighbourhood reputation and the criminal record where they were getting famous all together as it were. I do get asked if I take the relationship with work Court Members seriously which of course I do but it is an example of how it has never really been determined the exact point at which my problem with these goons began but we all know its about money and they have already claimed I am the one bullying them out of their already existent fame with intent to take it for myself; although it is normal to understand I have to contend with such things because Court Members will have children and I will have a Public image. We hear the same things when they claim I know nothing about women while I do not really think that taking my clothes off in front of my friends is okay let alone strangers, hence no probability I would have gotten along well with suffragettes and you should see what will become of it if I said Women should not wear trousers in Church, then see what will happen when their bottom hurts because of their dress code, it is not the one where they rip up my whole life to secure conveniences and then it will get to look like Church activity all together;making sense of the fact that if they have it easy then there is something wrong with us all as a society thereof and the fact they cling to me to secure conveniences for difficult public conditions they have created, like when I need to spend time with my mates so I never get to find out and copy how they treat friends and family who have financial complications to deal with, get my personal space recovered from their insanity.