They make out I am one of those people who assume absolute power and do not want to give it up. I cannot make out what absolute power there would have been for me to assume in a condition where people leave alone my earnings so I can tolerate the difficult aspects of my job which involves providing them with leadership; these are the sort of things America supports to make par with tyrants all over the place and cause the deaths of even more vulnerable people that they can then stop me from selling my books to since no body wants those. How do they make this sort of thing happen escept through ruining my life my finances and my academic work. It is the same old story of take out peoples children with good unpbringing mess them up and claim that they having lived in an upbringing where they are weak on account their parents are not capable of violence due to the fact they are Christians they are now the ones people target with struggles against absolute power. Who the hell do they think they are?

Thereafter of which you hear them say its about the power to kill; which with respect to me when I punish people for doing the wrong thing I transcend the spiritual enough to restore them if they given restitution or were innocent and so if I sell this I can have enough mercenaries bent only on killing them some of which I will not be able to control. For the other ones who talk about killing people directly for their part, its like they can give to the frugal that wants them to fight gangs so that somebody else can claim their fame and be rich with it for the purpose of hurting them, which is why they give so much ammunition to scum that hold people down in conditions where they will be angry enough to react in order to have a future with it.

What I am saying is that I don’t want them having their violent evil famous and important people who don’t buy my books arguments and conversations over my book sales; they need to have it else where but apparently they do not seem to get it at all because they are much to busy following up insults involving Politicians seeking to call the shots at the Office of  high Diplomat that no body knows how they intend to operate; except of course through the insults of telling me when they insult and abuse me I should do nothing about it. The entire US government wants to be racist because they have found a scapegoat Prince that is large enough; with what? I am armed in every way they could possibly imagine they are not and if they were to arm themselves I will not wait for them to become nimble with it more so by copying me.

Like the ones in the UK who tell me I am supposed to do what I do in certain ways so that it might be credible; which is not something that bothers me as it were-it applies that whenever I talk about circular and religious society especially where it involves the Armed forces the poorer ones turn up to have certain kinds of sex and the richer ones turn up to talk rubbish at me and all of them are always better off financially in context of tax payers money. With circular society wanting to be nice to people to sell things to them and be rich without having anything to do with religion and religious society trying to force everybody to live on benefit so the socialist scum they make friends with can get rid of royalty by pushing them into their group of society, after which when they cannot have certain kinds of sex they collect that stuff for rich people using that old insolence of telling people how to live their lives while their kids spend peoples income make popular music and pass around even more insults.

I know they all think of me as the person they can cause lots of suffering and then collect like some kind of trophy and I have also adopted the cut off the head of the snake before it gets out of hand policy as well; when they sit in American Houses of Government to make out I am being laid over and Sodomised as they make government Policy they need to back it up so I don’t get forced to do a bad thing and they don’t get confused about media idiots making so much out of a process of a statesman with a cash flow crisis which breeds racism that he will deal with because he is black so he can take them at their word and make it all famous so their Politicians can run a country in a place where people steal other peoples ideas and ruin their mental health so they can be the only ones that have it; In my view of which means most of these things will end very well.


What absolute power would there be to assume if I am buying I phones and play stations at the time when their kids are buying them with my own money? If the world revolves around them let it do so indeed; they want a fight the Christian is not the weak link let them win it and then maybe they will themselves assume the absolute power that other people can hold them to account for. As for me I know their evils do not hold sway over me anymore and I will tell them how I am able to handle my state duties so proficiently somewhere in hell; they will reach my level somewhere in hell too.

Of course they all deserve the same treatment; the bad things they do is what they will be famous for so the more successful they are the more people know about them and the more I sell books it is an incredibly efficient machine and those of them that are black anyway will never get attention from me because those of them that are white are not black and have no business with the black ones when they are also racist. The rule is the more evil things they do the more I record it and the more successful and famous they are the more books I sell but since their Politicians have also gotten involved and spent tax payers money on them for it rather than let them see it is futile and call it off, then we must move to the next level of when they touch me and collect all they own for the rich.

They are lower classes always having problems that cannot be solved, with which they help their Politicians to have academic conversations insult me get dealt with on social networking media so they can talk rubbish all over Public media and of course they always ignore these problems to the point where it is criminal-the issue now is that they have reached a point of insolently one way or another forcing me to deal with it so that i will have the problems and they will have my life; there would be no need for absolute power if this was not happening; they will never reach my level and I will tell them how I do it somewhere in hell and they will ensure they have copied how I do my job and done it as well before I had earned anything from it somewhere in hell, they will stuff my life full of their problems and be the ones to be beautiful and famous from the way I deal with it because I will be allowed no other outlet or my freedom or indeed just settle for my suffering if that is not happening until they feel good successfully somewhere in hell and so will they be able to sit somewhere and choose self improvements from doing things to ensure I am worse off somewhere in hell. I am just really tired of it all at this point it does not mean they have won anything and never will of course so the idea I am tired and weak and when they scandalise that they feel powerful is a lower victory I am prepared to accept.

I mean until people bend my career into conditions where others can extract earnings from it through competition they will never rest, until they have bent it into condition where fascist idiots have grabbed the part they like and tossed it into places I cannot get it back even while I am working on it and they are having the money using society and media they will never rest, until my career has been bent into conditions where people can compete with it and win the competition while I lose the competition they will never rest, until they have bent it into a condition where they can make out I play with their wives in some way and that everything that their wives do belongs to them they will never rest-so when they have reached a point where they face their enemies and have no more leverage to fight they also think it is my problem because I do not believe they have made enough money and am also completely incapable of hating them.

It is not true that I do not share this power with my Working Court either-that will be the hope that their mistresses and other girls of theirs will be able to bully me into shedding things they want with those their evil powers.