These guys really love that idea of theirs they know something about black culture and the kind of respect I should be giving them as people that are older than me which is utter rubbish because the truth is that they are a collection of fools who got the hard end of a violently scandalous culture because they are greedy self centred and very destructive of other peoples lives. So now all they do with their time is find money and position in order to buy their way into these cultures and take control of all of it and of course that their money as a result is never enough. This is then measured out with their wickedness where they become really fond of destroying the lives of younger people and then those cultures will require them to pay fees for this person and that person and that person and so on until they become what they are today.

So now everything they say and do is based on respect and the need to show it which is what everything they do is geared at making sure others do not get. Their lives revolves around the prognosis of living in a flat in which they have a big bomb to blow the world to pieces and then have 50 guards in it each with AK 47s. irony anyone? This is all they ever do with their time and with everybody else’s time too especially when racist Politicians have helped them to it because they have somebody they envy.

 Their kids then turn up to be the ones that oil the system they have in mind where they will ruin some kids and help others to things they don’t deserve in order to have power; the girls think they control your life and will have stories about things you have said which will offend people that are important to use against you because they own you and all that comes from you for the taking, while the boys will do the money and you will do civil rights and later we can share and so when they get involved with these idiots who help them to create Music CD for example on abusing me which is the only thing that gets me to notice then, some other idiot who can buy anything gets to buy those CDs too.

I have been clear tax payers money is not my money and when they get it I should not be made to feel bad because they have and if I do they will feel me as well. I mean Politicians always end up spending tax payers money on people they know anyway only Labour think the treasury is their property. It’s a case of that kid that went around with you on the campaign trail that you really liked and then he is qualified for something and you want to give somebody a job. I should never feel bad when they get these things otherwise they will feel me too.

Which is where they ask me about the depth at which I do the things I do. I mean I do wonder which part of any of my property has anything to do with them that they should take the way they do as if they can give to the frugal. The depth of the things I do? They have had their own fun turning up at every place where I am having a conversation with somebody that can make and unmake me at a time when I am still studying and all I do is based on my talents. Now they have wrecked my studies as well made out they own me and set off to claim that for themselves laced with fame and fortune based on things they get rich selling to those that like to buy things they create abusing me and all kinds of rubbish they do at Hollywood where it is the exact things I say people should never do with my property that people do with it because they are getting some girl that will never have what I have to have privileges as well and threatening me thereafter too. So it is my turn.

They are asking me about the depth of the things I do because they are incredibly stupid as it were; all I can ask is what they think any of my property has to do with any of them? I am wasteful like they claim I am? Of course not. They just love to see people who have their empire doing what they can for it then decide to become their mentors, mess up their lives and finances for it and then when they have friends on media take that over and replace it with their extortionists as well. I mean if I have 10 pounds I know it is my empire I can do everything for it with 10 pounds because I know it like the back of my hand. Why would anybody wreck my life and my finances to take it over because they are trying to make something profitable out of it? If I want a job they will never give me one but they will spend lots of money to find where I hide and where I keep my property so they can do that. I will bar you from buying the latest phones and the latest laptops and get an education and from going to the Savoy etc and the list goes on and the same goes for others like me; now they have all these lies and perceptions from abusing my privacy daily and rumours they can manipulate on media to keep me fro mixing with High society just like they turned up wherever I was having a conversation with those who could make me when all I did was my talent because I was still at study, chase them all away and have since been passing their own exams and doing Popular Music out of it and it is just so difficult to work with people from such a distance while they have their fun as well, the kind of thing that works only into stupid lands where they can be free: is it the fault of the person who owns the Savoy for example? Of course it isn’t and I am not their mate and they are not learning anything yet. Next you will hear them speak of democracy whereas I am where I am today because I decided to give away to help friends on the media that were being skinned to the bone on the media most of what I had which were a factor of privilege to create something we all shared from which I could earn a living selling my books. Of course they can continue to tell me what to do and make it real on media they will not feel me for it at all.