The claim that most of what I do for the British Government is voluntary is utter rubbish. The truth is that since I got my royal commission and people were assigned to make me do it which was something that happened without my prior knowledge and I had to find out, I have always had the right to earn a living from it, except that it since became the business of a collection of idiots who set out to create a circumstance where I will need to get a career alright but I will still be doing the Queens Job as it were. So this idea of living on State support is something that has no hope on the horizons as far as they are concerned and the Politicians that dance to their tune think idiots like that should have a say on other peoples affairs but especially so not their own anyway. I simply have to judge that a continued process of trying to get a job and a career while I do my work is never going to work and more so will see to it that I die somewhere in my 60s hence unacceptable – nothing like working for the Monarchy on a voluntary basis. They regularly use that conjecture I have set up a business and that I am so stupid and that their boys and their girls are having a large party; when they do they feel they are good and responsible parents as it were, so it is not a new thing that there are people at the Establishment and the Middle class friends that you cannot get through doing anything without hurting or hitting etc and this, including those abuses and curses on glossy magazines really set out the reasons it is so justified. The men on the other hand are just really good at provoking people because while they do these things they will have finished up and gone about telling people making money is easy but that people do not know that it is and that they do – hence anybody would ensure there is nothing to be done that must be done which can be done without hitting them and when the women speak of the freedoms and civil rights of women does get to express nothing but the fact they intend to keep it on and continue no matter how much you do not like it and therefore are planning ahead. It means taking such a stand as the one I have which applies I do not want to see any of their stupid culture otherwise I will completely destroy it, this therefore means they roam endlessly and make it up on media which of course is the only way to have it – if they fight me with that too, it is going as well.


In the end it does come right down to civil rights where people spot a means of getting rich around the way you live and the way your life or person and personality is – then they make millions from it and then it turns out the reasons for that is not that they are wrecking your academic work and job and finances to keep your life open for it but that it happens because they are more clever than you are and were therefore able to spot such an opportunity; I don’t know about clever anyway, its just a matter of what my priorities are, however the problem being that once they have that stupid money you have no right to breathe. So it applies therefore that when you make them sell that stupid culture to get rich, people buy those abuses they come up with because they worked hard to make the money that they can do so with and hence you take it into account and take it to heart and deal with the issue. The time frame on which I want to apply the sense that I have deployed somebody’s work to get riches and fame and am now richer and more important than he is will determine what the bottom line of your finances is, hence so far a decade of working at this with that stupid fame and fortune industry has not been enough for them which they already knew will work that way because people do not just get royal commissions as it were – so it is the insults which mean that I must forego any sense that civil rights will be affected when I make sure people cannot do things that they do because of the way my life has affected them and as it stands we have made enough progress on the matter and they need to go fuck somewhere else and take their insults with them too. Two major issues have emerged from this; one of them being that I need that stupid left and that stupid fame and fortune, to ensure anything of mine they handle remains where they leave it until I claim it when I need it and so I need it so, the other being that of Intellectual property pillaging, where if I have decided people cannot get rich on how the way I live affects them, then they will formulate their own based on what they know about it and it is the reasons Americans hate and fear me in equal measure because I do not see how I can possibly let them do so when they have destroyed the finances anyway but an even bigger question is that of why they find it so impossible to leave other people alone and let people be as it were. So the situation stays the same; I do not get any rest because it is impossible to and they lose that Popular culture as well and the fame and fortune with it and we all know it is civil rights which benefits the most from a cohesive society that will pay the highest price for it too.