The case of men generalising some price they claim the law has placed on love does make me really angry of course because I have continued to live with the fact being a Christian means people always want to hate me and tackle my finances while they can continued to raise publicity for that problem and handle my work and possessions to make me vulnerable to it due to their confidence I do not have the finances to chase it up at Court as well where these women are winning to make love expensive that is as well. So the reality is that I need to sell my books and they need to speak for themselves as we can see that if I say it a hundred times and people still cannot just look at my products without touching them or making a slight comment or doing something to handle them or one of their goons make advertisement to touch in order to better what they are up to, I will have a real problem when women start to do the same as well – they need to speak for themselves on women, not generalise as we can see it is impossible to reason with them about how you do not want to be treated.

I have never thought it a problem for my part anyway – its much the same case as when they say there is nothing I can do on one hand while on the other carpet these reasons all over the world they say I need to change my ways without including that too; so as it stands women are feeling that rather than vote for a female president people would vote for Obama instead and the problems will add to the problems they already have and I don’t want any more trouble of civil and criminal disobedience around my finances as well either. Speaking of things I cannot do, it has always been reality that I will not be able to fight my corner if I get around narrowing the problem as per dealing with it from one race only as such, so I have devised this way of making them take each other out from the various races presently and not enough have died yet; I mean these are villains that chew up heroes for the most part and I have come to see that they live the way they do because they want to keep to their villainous destruction while taking matters into their hands and deciding who gets killed by taking responsibility for their own lives and safety but as I said, they cannot be reasoned with and the more they think they are untouchable is the worst they get; so I have a long time ago devised a plan to cut them off from media and politics and fame and now they are in a place where a burden befitting of them can be dished out for them as well, to the tune of a knowledge of what it is like for a Royal prince to be vulnerable to the mob which they seem to seek with every single public appearance they get and I have heard complains about this for more times than I can remember none about the claim there is nothing I can do especially for their girls.

So its time out on messing about over selling the books and things need to move on but as I said, they cannot be reasoned with and will have to live with the consequences of their actions as the books will be sold my way or their own – as for the blacks on the other hand, they can always brag until their democratic menace becomes a real problem for them too, otherwise it is mostly just culturally armed idiots doing what they do best around a need to conspire against somebody they feel they can be rid of in order to climb social ladders and I don’t want them handling my books anymore and am certain they can understand such a fact without a doubt as well.

I have had enough of them and really do not need to deal with anything they do to generalise a problem they have with women in anyway  - I do what I do to ensure every evil villainous thing like them that specialises in eating up heroes after their duties is where they are chasing their fame and fortune wickedness precisely to curb this sort of nonsense and I believe now that selling my books is going to be a problem for them too hence these facts being set out. They do say all the time that there are things I need to do to make them feel comfortable first which I don’t mind as long as they don’t wind me up to see what will become of it by incessantly turning up around what happens concerning me at the Monarchy or indeed what The Queen thinks about me and my actions – that has now resulted in this condition where all I do is designed to send the message of work lower classes work which makes them compulsively angry all the time but it is clearly not enough, I really need to get matters around selling the books resolved and I can see that is going to be a problem with them; so they are always free to get on that media and blab where it really matters too if they want to.

They do say I like to boast about being able to handle black people and now I am stuck in trouble but I couldn’t make it out anyway – they are stealing my British fighting spirit to go off somewhere and become gang masters and king pins and whatever else because they want it to disappoint them at the most opportune time imaginable, allowing somebody to blow their brains out for that was their public life as it were, it was the way they were raised, it is how their own is done, so the suggestion it bothers me is another example of the extent of their stupidities, so speaking of the anus and penis insults and all that goes along with it, I need to sell the books and I can see that is going to be a problem with them. I really do need to stop all these media bullying as they have begun to assume a sense of reality as well and of course I think I have made myself clear too and they can get on that media and say those insults and threats where it really matters like some kind of imperative as well if they are really so convinced there is nothing I can do about it. For now the part about things I must do to make them comfortable first has reached its sell by date – there are people that actually need these things I do to ensure the lower classes are working hard enough to spend time on their own concerns and leave me alone and to them I will sell the books too, it does nothing to suggest I need anything like a manager for instance but they can want that too if they like; after all there is really no way whatsoever that I could have known people are disrupting everything by such acts and combining my personality with that of a female journalist to write sex stories they can sell to the sex industry, absolutely no way that I would have found out but as I said, I need to sell my books and it is becoming something serious to me and it seems the media is going to be a problem. So I am said to be very unpredictable concerning my behaviour towards people but I am not – these are twisted evil people with corners of their lives dedicated to serving evil, so they say its for protection or for getting rich and the whites are gay for instance because there is spiritually evil reasons behind being so etc and are convinced that in a cosmopolitan society nobody would care what a Christian thinks or even feels concerning it and this is what I mean when they issue their stupid threats can stand up somewhere and blow them off like an imperative that requires me to act as well if they wanted, otherwise it is my book sales I am really after. So they do ask what my problem with popular culture and other circular societies really is but there is no problem except that they cannot be reasoned with and I have already endured 15 years of unemployment to that effect, now they cannot stop and are after my books too and it is of course always garnished with claims there is nothing I can do – they pillage the finances but cannot leave alone the health so they talk and talk way too much for their own good.

We hear that talk of transparency of course which is the corner stone of what society expects they say but there is no single issue of transparency around here whatsoever, the only problem we have is that of Politicians constantly and consistently providing leadership for the public who is interested and intimidating those that are not to push them forward to vandalise and damage and do destruction to my public persona and my business and any possessions of mine that they find, which they have done to a point whereby they do not know what they are doing at government office anymore because all their time is being spent on it and the answer to this problem has always been simple i.e. if you are not Royalty 70% or more of your time should not be spent on Royal business; the full album – you can look at the goods but touching is not allowed, if you are not Royalty 70% or more of your time should  not be spent on Royal business; so its when they look for trouble that they bandy transparency around at the other end and I really need to get my books sold but it seems they are going to be a problem and of course they have now taken themselves to a point where nobody is likely to criticise or prevent me from running a campaign against the poor people and the lower classes for their part which I am seriously looking into as well.