Some Politicians have become rather very fond of speaking of a problem that is me and how there needs to be a process where MPs are respected to a state of fear by some people but it has been 15 years so far of going out of their way to stifle my Book sales and Finances on grounds it is publicly amusing - knowing very well their country is full of evil goons that will do nothing useful with their own existence while complaining about how difficult it is and seeking conveniences to a state of wealth and fame and that some of them have attained it and will never ever stop attacking me on grounds they want to own and control me and deploy my personality for their own purposes which is all because I am a Christian and according to the teachings of my Faith there is no risk attached and ought to shut up and do as I am told at random at all times as people ensure I am living at the mercy of their generosity while I try to preach the gospel for a living because it amusingly stupid and beneficial to them at the same time - so that on the first day at work, it is public transport operators who know the worst goons in their communities that are aware the job is too much for me and we all know what the reasons for the fact they are complaining at the moment and not laughing instead really are. These politicians do it obviously because they wish to ensure that while they are busy flattering idiots over civil rights to win elections they have killed someone to secure the kind of attention that will make them powerful and untouchable. So perhaps those who think I am wrong do have an idea about what I am meant to do, since we are only in the 15th year of putting up with it every blessed day; my idea however is that it has got to stop.

Now the big tale has turned to how worried about the Labour Party I should be and none of it makes any sense whatsoever; I mean for me there is the question to answer of why I think those that are financially better off than I am are actually less than me – for them however the question is why their wealth inequality problems always are played out in the lives of those that are poorer than they are instead of richer. The answer for my part is that I spend my time paying attention to their foolishness rather than more attention to running my company and all its interests and the needs of its equity associates and the result is that with handling my public life and all that media attention and Political help, it was going to pay off financially; the reason I do it being that they are very disobedient and their disobedience is only seconded by their destructiveness and there is nothing else on the planet that comes into the same league. When I say it this simply they think it is over when it is far from over to return to work to listen to Media and how you should realise you are in trouble because a Labour Party exists: what we are looking at here is a need this people have to damage my property because they are my fathers who want to measure suffering for me that means they wreck my finances and manipulate me into gangs and violence so that a certain set of social facts might percolate so they can draw from it to make fame and fortune and media appearances, this they want to measure from the fact women take to me due to certain social responsibilities thus completed – this is not the gravity of the situation unless I mention that I was always aware a certain amount of my possessions will end up as their own at a certain age due to the fact all they seek is conveniences in life, which is also why I really cannot make out at which point the whole process of people making use of my personal and public life to get rich and famous I actually got tired and annoyed with, I mean I know it annoys me because they cannot get a job or attend school unless they have a hate figure in whose body they can grow socially for instance but I still cannot make out the exact point at which I lost it and decided it had to stop happening all together:- I mean it eventually comes down to winding me up and getting on media to build themselves fame at my expense so as to extricate equality in their competitive city when beaten but to actually damage my finances in order to sit around being my fathers who push me into gangs and violence so social issues can collect for them to get rich and famous with is something they did not have to do and I have had enough of them but they have continued to fail to understand that and regularly turn up in public places to push my buttons all the time like it was fun, bearing in mind how so little of those they get to have at my expense these days drawing from my history to stay alive and blowing their big mouths off all the time, like that question of what I am supposed to say about racism of which my concern at the moment is to ensure that other people’s children whose name and parents I don’t know, do not on account of certain steps I have taken, get pushed into doing something stupid but I am sure they understand I can assure them I don’t have to worry about anything at all whatsoever. They say there are things the Labour Party does which agrees with what I get up to on one hand and on the other they speak of what I do with people which I will hand over to the Politicians which makes no sense; in terms of the former, every Political party in the Country has a part of my work that they agree with, nobody likes to come home from work and hear he is in trouble on account a Political party exists – speaking of which I have made it clear I am comfortable with the idea of them providing leadership on popular culture vandalism and neighbourhood problems of which they like to ask me what popular culture vandalism means but if it is not men who promise the rest of us all the time that their stupid girls will be spending our public lives to be important and their foolish boys that are seen in public playing good and warning people about interfering with their needs to make them bad, the group of idiots from whom all the spurts of violence nonsense comes from these days, which when compared with the real and actual neighbourhoods which Politicians would have noticed if they were not so haughty will explain what popular culture vandalism is and by the way of which it tends to make alliances with criminals in these neighbourhoods as well for good measure; I said I was happy with the idea of Politicians providing leadership for it, more so overseas as well but they should not expect me to stand a security guard in a shop to tolerate the antics of the punks that complain about me all the time because they can or live under the shadow of what they know. The other story of what I am meant to hand over to Politicians being the same, except that I do not share anything in this Office with anybody or any One. So this is one side of the story, the other side being the people who are on the other hand of what these trouble makers get up to, spending all I own and pushing me into a fight which then gets to a point where their competitiveness cheats and develops a public habit of damaging my finances so they can make me fight for things and collect social responsibilities done to get rich and famous with, making society and media and writing Books; I have had enough of them getting on their stupid media to tell me I am in trouble and am sure they understand I am not in any trouble and that they need to explain why their wealth inequality problems are always channelled at those who are less wealthier than they are and not the other way around – I know for my part the reasons they are financially better off than I am is that I spend more time paying attention to them than I spend running this Company – they are the only ones that have not been answering the questions here. Of course there is not a chance whatsoever that anything I do will end up with Politicians - it will not be the end of the world if they do not provide leadership on my work but far more importantly is the fact that when they get into Parliament it is the same attitude of damaging my Book sales to keep me distracted while having debates with their opposing Counterparts which is transferred so their sense of what the economy is and that means the rich get funds to play around with as well - all I am doing here is going out to earn my Money, support people and encourage them to travel out and see the world in order to breach that gap - it will never be handed over to them, I am okay if they provide leadership on certain matters but the hand over bit is a fantasy. As for where I am heading with this matter - its very competitive, they are winning and I am heading where they have had me all figured out blowing off their big mouth about trouble I am in rather than do their regular wind up and media attention to make money and gain fame that comes with equality since there is respect for nothing in their world unless they own it, without damaging my Book sales.

They do like to claim I am offended by peoples socialist backgrounds and scared it links them with Communists but I wouldn't since in the same way their behaviour is the reason for the petty souring of British/American relations over the last decade anyway. However what bothers me for my part is their haughtiness at Government business, spending public funds on popular culture and of course that disobedience they learn from Communists; doing your stuff, doing my stuff and cannot keep off the Office or the Public life and then surround me completely with insults that mean they drag my entire empire into a corner to do their own as well and turn up in public places to complain about things I do to exact consequences, then tell me where I am supposed to end up on the left to let them some peace without handing it back.

It is not true I have lost everything playing with the media and now live off other peoples successes, what is true is that it is a process, writing Books and setting out publicity for them and selling them and what Media people like to do with their Industry vandals to me, which they name all sorts of things including competition and wealth inequality games is extremely violent in a professional way and I have taken steps to ensure when they do publicity for work they have spied upon and not bought, they will run it until I write the Books, public them and then take them out to the market where I can decide what the Publicity must become, because life is too short. Its the same with the customers too - people meet a well known author only when they are fond of buying his Books, not one that has books that a media idiot meets an old publishing pal to read without getting a copy of his own, in order to pretend news reading and journalism is all about another persons public life and Royal Office - so they will keep it up especially the Americans that like to lead on such madness and incivility, until the Books are sold in ways that are not queer and then the decision can be made on whether they are old pals or not, comfortably. If this is not to be how it happens, then I am sure they know their Industry is competitive too  - hence life is too short.