There are no difficult situations anywhere. It was difficult to create an EU that controls what people do with raw materials for war without getting into other areas of professional life. EU laws mostly govern businesses and the rest are dispositions and demagogueries that people deploy in order to create themselves positions of power when they do Politics and has nothing to do with reality on the ground. Those that are most fond of it like British Politicians are should know this but then of course they do because they had already begun their thing about all the money should have belonged to the adult population because they either created it or worked for it and so the rest must serve but it will not belong to women as well because they have recently made contributions to professional life in the last 40 years or so. So all the money in the world technically is the creation of men and so they have already set out their kids who tell the rest of us to put our backs to it while they get famous singing rubbish about me and then stifling my earnings to use their money to control me and make sure sales stay up and now that they must deploy their strengths to collecting things for sacred cows in the Political arena, they have reached the point where they have some responsibilities for me like the poorest people in the world for example but then again they will be the ones supplying the money my role is just to look after them and make sure I don’t disturb anybody with either myself or others that are like me. Now having been done tell me to join them so they can sign us out of the European Union.

So I think about what I could do as well and in order to maximise the effect of my meager resources locate that point where they are getting us out of the EU and fire and there we have it the real difficulties. Otherwise I am supposed to imagine it is about Political competence and so if you have 26 countries who are likely to vote against you on issues, you have to work ahead to ensure that the effects of every decision they take come to bear as early as possible since it is the only way to move them in another direction otherwise you can choose to become savvy and vicious instead. It is difficult for me to understand why people who open up other peoples hearts to the world then force them into politics and threaten them with intimidation and social violence if they don’t could have so much trouble with people playing Politics at them and find it so difficult to play it back. They play their games all the time and find out if they let people live normally they will only be able to play such games for maximum of five years except such people are really thick so they use the apparatus of state to extend their chances to about 30 years because of how much they need it and how long they have had to wait for somebody like me to come along. I for my part cannot have enough to beating them as it were too.

It is always said the world wars were the war to end all wars, if it results in a war it will be he war to end all corruption this time around. because every time I ensure my private property has nothing to do with their culture they will make sure it does and that they have provoked me in a way I cannot deal with for the rest of my life because I am a member of the inferior race every time they usurp something or have made sure it happens. So as it stands it will end up in Court and a judge will decide they have no right to be themselves because it offends me and then there will be an injunction as well and then they will get involved with the Prime Minister who will get rid of the judiciary and we will be on a slippery slope to the war that will end all corruption.

Eurozone firewall

The talk of Eurozone firewall is something I have been working on for the last 3 years at least. The conditions in which its most important issues were to be ironed out had to do with the US taking another look at itself over Hiroshima and this meant that we had to ensure that Russians are not provoked by this at a bad time, so it should have crystalised at Syria but we missed the opportunity.