They speak of important people resigning their position as a sign the media hacking scandal involving the NOW will lead to bigger Administrative problems for the UK and other countries too; rubbish-it will only make the issue easier to resolve and get over with: I mean I had worked on something really important, what I did to me was change me according to my successes which left me with personality similar to some important people making a living in the city; my basic human rights was to have a job to go to everyday and a home to sleep in at night stay out of trouble; they took that away for absolutely with no reprieve no alternatives no reason, now they are resigning their positions and hoping the Nation will be affected and they will get lots of attention for bad things happening to the country because of them and had in like manner kept it taken away for this long and now they are telling me all kinds of stories as well. Even now the rule of things is that when their CD sales falls by 2 million pounds because I did something to sell my work and earn a living it is a fight until they get it back on again and we know that is to be done with my joblessness homelessness and cash flow crisis so when they say they will make it stop to some extent I cannot make out what they really mean or how they intend to make that happen-the idea I am guessing is that they think I do not know what the stakes are.

They tell me they like my way of punishing them to stay as it is with no changes because they intend to plan their own means of dealing with me; I don’t know where they get from. As I am aware this their new found affiliation with developing economies has a lot to do with places they can get protection to sit down and do whatever they like with other peoples property and lives and whenever they tell me to talk about economics in an academic way they feel they have arrived; I am going to crush it anyway but I don’t want them making me all vicious and vindictive about doing that. I mean the things they plan to do with developing economy idiots that want to fuck me to get rich because there is no other way to standing on my property to talk rubbish about the academic side of economics pushing me to pull the plug on them all the time which I must because it is pure evil (I mean before it became an economic means the reason was that the things black people like myself in the UK do annoys them all the time for no other reason but the fact that we are the black people they sold to the white man and therefore technically we are still their slaves), while they plan to do things to me; of course they are playing a very dangerous game and need to shut it at least, it would be helpful if they do, I mean I have not been able to spare those who turn up here to flatter me for my work and turn right round to hurt me and ruin my life for it, so what makes them think I will spare them, the fact they either work in the media or stumble on money they cannot account for how they made?


If their precious developing economies are worth that much to them, then they should be able to fund the cost of the wars in Iraq and the ones in Afghanistan, the Cost of UN aid for famines and all the stuff that make it possible to seek out people to bully with wickedness and realise when everything has been destroyed that wealth can be made with their suffering which has no means of being academically analysed. If not I will have to pull the plug on it when I am in position to do so.