They say I am vulnerable to man run which is utter nonsense and incredibly insulting; I am not vulnerable to man run as most of what happens is that every time people feel that others should be made to get off their academics and finances and pay more attention to how much power can be developed from their religion to compete with other spiritual powers by and you ask them not to accord it to a Media fool who wants to play with people’s lives, the reasons they will do it even when they know these fools on TV may do these things every day of their stupid lives without feeling tired given half the chance is because they want to see what the results will be but have not yet imagined that any suffering will come their way too – so that is just one aspect of what people complain about with respect to me. The media fools however have been doing it long enough to create a sub culture then complain and speak of my body type solving the problem cracked up out of my league idiots who appear to know where my anus is. It’s an old case of the real world where they need to understand the way my mind works and what I think of them as well i.e. it shows up here to pretend it is a really disobedient version of my big brother and does these very abusive things, never mind the need to let its stupid girlfriend it selects to preserve its DNA and rips up my property in the process talking rubbish about educating me on civil rights and liberalism and integration and diversity, which then eventually gives way to that insanity where I am a man that can work for things and its stupid girlfriend is a weaker sex that can stand up to me, such that he is there to back her up if I am not budging and on this basis all sorts of nonsense on media will be operable. I can still remember the early days was always about claims I sleep with peoples wives because they want to beat or kill their wives and I couldn’t make out why there had to be a reputation of me sleeping with peoples wives in order for them to do so anyway but in the end which is an old story of being told I need to spend more time with wickedness that is killing people and not their stupidities that they get by with, of which there was a reason for asking in the first place, which reason will in no time develop into a condition where I am fighting for my life in a neighbourhood. So I am not in any way vulnerable to that stupid man run they speak of; it’s an old story where I think of my academic failures as my failures even though they think spending money on it would qualify it as a toy on account they have no respect for me due to the retarded way in which they cracked up out of my league grew up etc but it seems that the media abuses and attacks are set to put me on a path where I ensure they either keep their mouth shut or my academic failures will be their fault and therefore setting a platform by which it is recovered. Of course they do speak of successful people flexing their muscles but it is the need to play with my public image on account I got a Royal Commission from the Monarchy that caused the University drop out and means they are always inventing some bad history that they can run on media at my expense to climb a fucking social ladder with, as ever these kinds of fools start it and expect others to clear it out so they might enjoy sensations of convenience but I am only just starting to see how far this various interpretations of success can be explored and I will be using that stupid media to work it too. of course they do speak of fearing them stuff which is an old story; don’t hit me back while I hit you is the name of the game and it will continue until you drop of out study, continue until every teenage scum wants to deploy your public image to get rich and famous, continue until you get stabbed on the streets when all means of fighting back had been taken; it is possible to fear their stupidities to such an extent apparently but it is the bit where this madness makes people treat cowardice as a habit that I am going to make them suffer with when I set up on that stupid media to work the various interpretation of success that they do not teach at Church but I seem to be fully indoctrinated on. The reality of the facts here are that I left my studies uncompleted, it means I am always caught up a corner with community croons and the insane ways they have raised their children, so that the possibility those children might hurt somebody and get a lesser sentence at Court might be greater, while they seem to know the pressure points of the human body by which to make people feel weak all the time, which they trade off as prerogatives of power and oppression to these goons – a step lower and you will find yourself in the company of criminals; what baffles me is how these idiots have their whole careers in this environment and we are not talking about me being disciplined when they build up my Royal Public image to have their own version of it talking rubbish about successful people who are being allowed to flex their muscles anyway jet yet – so these are people who are just very stupid and retarded beyond what the imagination can conceive and the reason for it is their wickedness mostly because what it does to them is that process where they cling to those stupid evil cultures they want to hurt people and ensure people do not hurt them back by, on which the ability to get ahead of others in life is based; I am not in any way vulnerable to any stupid Man-run and you have to think about what Man-run means too – for now since last I did cut that cultural wickedness to bits for them, they had decided they would get on media and punish me for the rest of my life over it but given half the chance we will see it creating its own product description for my Books at about 9.00 am in the morning and run that for weeks and weeks at any given time expecting somebody to be afraid of its stupidities; I mean it’s just wrecked mine and it’s still wearing a suit talking rubbish on public places, flattering itself on media without tea or drinks on it to make it understand for starters – like man run. I mean they say I create a difficult circumstance for people but we can all see that you complete income cycle at a business level many times over to end up stuck between a job completed and a lack of income while those who needed it and thought you did well are left hanging so they can have fun on media and claim such things as a man run is happening – next you find their stupidities and their Politicians are the same complaining about the difficulty of moving from one level of income to the other while they have taken steps to create sub cultures out of a process of making people stuck financially with jobs they have completed; so it’s as though they feel grafted and I have got the solution which I didn’t realise I had and now that I know am determined they will have it in hell too. so it’s like they have spent couples of years getting up on media to create sub cultures developed from a processes of making sure when people complete jobs in a business cycle they do not get paid and therefore cannot move from one working system to the other and cannot grow as well, they think the feelings of those who are being served by such persons can be taken for granted as well for good measure, so it’s sort of an example of what opinions they have of themselves when their stupidities along with the Politicians feel grafted and unable to move from one income level to the other and have located me to blame because I am not affected by all they have done over the last 12 years around this Estate – so it does not make any sense to all these incredibly stupid people have anything that remotely looks like an exit from this madness. I mean now I have been a bit forth coming on the matter, we will see them make it out to be a gimmick associated with an outcome whereby they would have wanted to deploy their own lives to create those sensations of convenience they want so much; but what they did expect was to have a moral person screwed all over and financially more so by the time they got to this point and whilst nothing I do is ever good enough, when it comes to the violent aspects of getting on with life, they believe I share an existence with them. they have always existed, that is not the issue; we all know when you have your finances sorted and attend Church on a regular basis, what you had done at Church will coincide with what they get up to and you will manage your temperament but when the Politicians have been so determined to ensure the finances are not sorted and you have ended up where it can reach you unawares, what it is assumed they seek must be a reaction but I wonder if this is the reaction they expect anyway; it does them no good whatsoever but they will do it moments later with those stupid jobs that get to their heads – man run being one more line crossed on taking liberties with me. In the end these are individuals that are so full of themselves that it’s my existence that encumbers the lifestyle they think they should have; I am stuck having conversations about what they think the world should be because I thought their cars were more important than God because of the Politicians and their stupid media and have since been prevented from having money lest that wonderful feeling that comes from what I think of their cars comes to an end – so Man run is one more line crossed taking liberties with me. We hear they use me to hurt the Monarchy of course which is utter nonsense – same old story where the need to get me serving them so they might redo everything I do for them and thereby do it themselves has now given rise to some need to set out my whole livelihood as something that exists outside the parameters of normal law; they already have to deal with the fact I am doing the same things at the Monarchy as well but it’s all fake the process that suggests I redo all that is done for me to see I am doing it by myself as such, although the effects are real enough alright and no stupid destructive and nasty fool of these sort are climbing any social ladder at my expense. We see it all the time where they are made to understand it would be impossible to try and get away with making a mess of people who are being served in a professional way and those who are serving them by taking asset property from people using media pressure that is the least regulated crap in the whole world when they are dealing with big business but what we have seen is that those who warn them about it must have had time to think about solutions to the risks with that big mouth; they are very useless and destructive and nasty people and its always that old case of less Church attendance meaning you react to it but since my reactions do not do them favours, I am a loss as per why they keep having a go at me, a loss that is when I take the black people out of the picture seeing that everybody who shares a skin colour with them wants their involvement whether it is appreciated or not and there will be nothing good about it, which is no surprise the idiots come from war zones all over the world, pretending they have me over a barrel when it’s a simple survival of tourism economies where idiots like these go to waste the money they make ripping up people’s lives and as ever only gets better when world power gets a phone call from them ringing from hell about economic problems, to be told they were not hoping other people’s economies will get better but the reverse have been happening. Now they speak of American attitude where the allies are goats that can be slaughtered for a party when they feel down or opportunistic and how I am supposed to do something about it or I will get into trouble with them and that big mouth they have got – the reality we are talking about of which is to show up on public media with middle class gaiety to rip up people’s lives by tackling them at the pinnacle of their achievements because it is guaranteed to contain something they are really proud of which when handled with get their attention, provoke people into reacting in ways that Politicians will have to punish while they have unprecedented platform for whispering and fostering their wickedness they claim they are getting by with while the product of it is always getting people fighting for their lives in the neighbourhoods and of course tackling moral people to build prerogatives of history that can be sold on to rich people and wrecking academic work and career in order to do it. Mind you, we are looking at silly Americans who tackle people they claim have written Books that cause nostalgia and should never have been written because those Books control their insanity and wickedness about which we know the older ones are usually more forth coming it telling people they have a right to practice witchcraft because they live in the land of the free and will go on about it forever if there is nobody to tell them he or she does not wish to fight for an existence in the neighbourhoods irrespective of whether it’s all very well to do so – hence the Books did tackle Americans but these fools have remained its biggest problem, regularly making sure its contents reach the highest level of government where the sales are not helped but hampered all together. Blabbing about how I could never get them off my Books and Public image space because they are making sure people live by their connections, the connections of which they have not got by the same, save the disobedient insults associated with the hungry angry poverty stricken mob which activities measure the two disposition that makes them think their problems are biggest unless somebody else is facing more challenges to make them feel sensations of convenience i.e. wealthy people want to create a gap with the poor and it involves my estate equity, which I do not support considering how the financial crisis happened in the first place, while they are tackling morals people to build prerogatives of disobedient wickedness that they can sell to fools who make money wrecking people’s homes and lives and careers to make fame and fortune, since these are the scum that show up at the tourism economies looked after by perverted community croons to spend it building an atmosphere that create a base from which they can set out to make more still, all the while of which such idiots they spend the money on have a problem with the right of the British state to exist all together which is actually what I am concerned with in the first place and not whether there are Americans that make them feel that they live in the UK and not in the US therefore giving it a rest pretending people buy media equipment so scum can get on public places to talk through to them like that. They say when I mention it, there is indication I am serving them whereas they are the same nasty scum that redo all I have done to ensure they are doing it for themselves, churning my tummy the whole time blabbing about how I must do something about the Americans to make them feel comfortable. It’s never true they put pressure on me and make a mess of me all the time; what is true is as mentioned i.e. they have come full circle on insults associated with the various interpretations of success, which lets them build your public image for themselves in order to have it too, so it’s the one where they get to redo everything you do whenever they happen to need it, so they can do it for themselves like it was their own to do for themselves if they needed it, churning your tummy the whole time – apparently they love to claim I am in trouble so I do need to supply every sordid detail to make sense of how much of that I find myself in all together. In the end its such realities as my Books being a good thing but the publicity I am getting are not the ones I have paid for, mostly come from a group of idiots who need the Books but have not got the time to read it, such that because they need to make use of it without paying as per they do not actually have the time to read it, they set off a process where those who do are unable to acquire it – then tell me if I call them stupid I will get into trouble while we know that if they had done it once, they will want to do it all the days of their foolish lives too – much the same as the Celebrities who really enjoy perverting anything they see me do to create outcomes where they extract the publicity and money for themselves while I am set up to be hurt – so when I turn around every stupid involvement with my public image they exhibit themselves by it sets them up to get hurt too and get increasingly violent when I do it on a frequent basis to ensure they feel as though they live in Sodom as well. it’s as simple as not having to tolerate their insults showing up around my Books and Public image space or I will turn their own until they live in Sodom too – its apparently the secret behind the fact no matter how famous, it still never gets the better of me. They say it puts me in danger of course which it doesn’t; same old scum with connections issues and they want your whole life to be developed around the connections you have or not in a condition where they have all the connections or else – so it’s for me a case where I need not see them around my Books and Public image anymore lest they find out this is how I do it too. They do rather love to tell me nobody wants to know what I am thinking but we all know it is far preferable to keep their mouth shut about my concerns behind the radio waves if the music CDs built on insulting and abusing me has hit a hard case, much the same with those other comments that appear on the side lines when advertisement need to be worth a couple of thousands but make the millions as made on my public life and public image to let their stupid girls experience sensations of convenience appearing on them but this is what they rather much prefer doing when they know it stops people keeping jobs especially when the jobs do involve manual labour; so it’s possible to tally it up where people do not wish to know what I know on one hand and they are too impressed with their prepubescent nonsense at back stage media. They say I make use of them too but that was the myth politicians needed to pretend they can do and undo by; what happened was that I facilitated the process whereby the girls got off to extract some income and fame from their popularity system; these girls do not continue with popular culture once they have families and children anyway, so it was only going to happen for a period of time, since then tackling me for them with government office has become a global phenomenon even when the fool who do it and are now complaining about effects and consequences knew they had a problem with civil order and there was no way stopping them from building those stupid popularity pipelines on people’s lives and careers once they had decided to do it unless some serious action was taken which is usually counterproductive most of the time and as a result of which does not stop them anyway; now they are asking me, they even think the excuse that they were scared of wars that will be the result of my actions will hide the fact I have been punished and revenge has been extricated for them because I got girls making use of their popularity systems to deter them and make them understand the damage they do to others was not because Politicians were convinced it will help them win elections more often and not even the fact the girls had agreed to work with me because if they didn’t they would be dropping out of school whenever the talent show band wagons showed up was enough to persuade a change of behaviour. It’s always felt like living with squatters of the career and they are now mentally ill too hence we have come full circle: I do not make use of them. I do get told that saying it exposes the girls which it doesn’t; I mean I intend to use popularity to oppress people too for my part and so it seems that if the girls made the popularity music by themselves everything about it would have been taken over and if they went to school they would never pass the first grade; so they have to make some popularity when they are young and provide some support for other girls that need to study in that way and they have to use the property and systems that belong to these goons to do so – I however seem to have acquired a Royal Estate that they want as if their whole lives depended on it having been it belongs to them, so it does appear that I can never fail any occasion I set out to do it; it falls for it the whole time i.e. it’s only going to use the finances and the studios but will mostly be singing songs and making popularity that involves abusing me in the worst manner imaginable. Completely incomprehensible how I got off spending my time suffering to develop comforts for a collection of stupid people who perform public service that gets violent people off the streets by having the bodies of those who have insulted them by not letting them have what they wanted beaten up in the process – usually attached to a process of being such manly men and having things that ensure they do not need to show respect towards others; making comments about my concerns like that and doing the sodomy routine with gusto all the time – it’s not a random case of being a hateful person from nowhere you see.