It has been a well familiar issue the question of where I stand with respect to my alliances in French Affairs and Politics. Where I stand as we well know is with current president and what he has been doing. We have actually never really in the real world given into the socialist game of blackmailing and bullying people with the National front unless they have a big enough sacrifice that killing will ensure they run campaigns in other ways that are more ethical, better still which if he can save his or her life it will ensure they have such a person to use again and again and again whenever they want to contest elections, however the part that creates the most problem with them is their obsession with trying to take up the country in order to make it what everybody wants, no body likes that, we have never liked it and have never gotten used to it despite media run on the basis of unnatural evil all the time.


It is now suggested the problem with President Sarkozy has to do with his personality which is absolutely untrue, as the real issue rather has more to do with how pushing people with beauties that can bring up political filth and turn it into intrigue from idiots at the gutter of society is the obsession of the media and the fact it is the way it has always been in Europe i.e. once you say what you stand for is good leadership, the next question people want answered is whether you will destroy the rich to make the poor happy, once you have rather made it clear to them you will support them but will never reward failure either, they return home and destroy anything they did out of their own initiative to make themselves better off and plan to ensure socialists win elections, claiming the strong point to be the state of their youthfulness and health and thereby a social matter in existence which suggests it is a matter of society when it is not. Some tolerate it, I have very little patience for it because I have witnessed unlike most other leaders in full picture the way in which they trap people in the evils of society escalate it and try to make it the new state of affairs, which means that you have to decide that getting any of the things they want will only happen in hell, which will mean defeat when you contest elections and which is also why they like to force you into Politics if you are not a Politician. However the part that forms the basis of my decisions is the one of security i.e. there can be some ten to fifteen shootings in a neighbourhood and it might be very deprived but as soon as they have decided on escalating that state of affairs because they have somebody to trap in it and then have fun and laughter closing off every avenue by which it can be taken care of, they seem to be able to put their hands in the snake pit and come off completely unharmed.