They love their claims people like me always assume others want our leadership. This is always their mantra each and every time they stare death in the face over the effects their coveteousness and wrath has on them. Last I checked people like me should be gathered up squeezed out of existence and put away and then never remembered ever again forever, his life spent, his profession spent, until we begin to spend his earnings as he earns it as well-when done of which it is time to ruin my life and make me cash strapped, stir community idiots at me and spend my career of their new found lives, then try to keep their career safe from me with that big father claiming mouths they will tell the story with when they feel me as well-over those games involving telling me what to do, where they think I am disillusioned about the fact that those of them that like to ensure their family and home problems are my biggest problem because I write books that encourage it, are the same as the ones they are complaining about (how on earth people will plan their home family problems to be a means of destroying other peoples earnings and career, each time they have the chance on Public TV). They are just used to it, there is no such thing as a condition where I respond to any of their demands, even though some Americans are really stupid and like to make so much noise about the way things relate to each other when they are not connected in anyway, when they feel somebody they can bully in to fixing it is around.

So this is not the way they put it when they mention it on their media, so the way I prefer to mention it as well is the men who take over the things that belong to the women and the kids and do it for them, so they can own them and sit in places of power privilege and wealth and the things I do to look after myself and my Court.

How do you realise at 28 that the whole point of people thinking the fact they are stupid is a good enough reason for them to wreck your life as in follow you around and wreck your life then get away with it, which has been happening daily for a decade as at this time is because everything in life will work against you if you do not become a Politician and hand over your personal life to those who want to be known to have and spend that kind of personal life and your fame to those who are children and wives of those who want to be known to have and spend that kind of fame. They are mad you see and I am determined to show them just how mad they are.

Normally if you ignore them and carry on nothing bad will happen but here the devil is black obviously but if he is white I would never be surprised. Bloody cowards and their gang badge rubbish about which my Christian badge is of no importance with a big mouth. I can see it is becoming real to them as well. As I reiterate, their Politicians will dare cross me like they have yet again.

No body here is talking to them about whether or not somebody else's leadership is recognised. However I believe I have been clear about the fact if I do not want my work and my existence to be the means by which they find followers for their evil wicked cult secrete society leadership, that is precisely what will happen.

The way it works is that of seeing to it that the poorer versions of them do not turn me into the abuse figure whom they share with the world, on whom people can dump all their ill feelings and do hurtful things to, to feel good, by doing it to them and their media friends and Politicians in order to get connected first and the rich they are getting connected to have ended their campaign of bullying me, especially the audacious insolent girls, together with their media idiots, over problems I know how to deal with and must always be put in pain and suffering over them lest I get the chance to keep the answers to myself and thereby feel I have become their equal or better than them because they can never rest until they are ordering other people around for pleasure and will want to work their insults out on everybody, so royalty can be bullied especially on the media and social networks and social networking websites, when there are Laws against it etc (which by the way will not end very well too).