So it seems the desire to know what my personal views on Baroness Thatcher continues but I do not suppose it is a scary prospect to mention that what happens is people picking up on things that others say about you and building it up into a collective which then enables them to try and bend your life violently and terrorise and bully you into living financially in such a condition, so that they can control it and deploy what belongs to you for heir conveniences – so they damage your company and your rebuild it and they do so again and again and again, knowing perfectly all the while that their behaviour means you have to keep working on it until it is successful and that the only way they will feel it is okay for you to shut it down is if it is all gone and there is nothing else left, hence the torture will go on forever if the company is based on a service that you provide on a personal basis and since your body is where that service comes from, it will bear the brunt on the onslaught. Such destruction and vandalism and the idea that it does not make a difference if it was applied to a woman who holds government office and has a family and what do they say the reason is, except that it is how they have worked out how to handle what is the collective i.e. you work for money and it belongs to them, some were made to be Christians and moral people which has its own purpose and others were made to use their property to make money because it is what they are good at and it goes on like that endlessly. Then they ask me what my personal views are of the reasons people act that way which is nothing new, since not everybody will likely mention that the reason has to do with how somebody wants to work his wickedness and show therefore that the devil is powerful and can make people rich but I have turned up to mess it up by being a Christian when it is he that wants to do such nonsense with my personal life and finances and academic work.


So it works out that what happens is that the Christian has what is the collective and will not hand it over because he thinks he is being charitable when all he wishes to do with his charity is give people hand out and feel good, hence wreck his finances and wreck yours and continue and follow him around until you find out the best and then share it and if he winds you up you take everything from him all together; bearing in this mind does anybody really think that Margaret Thatcher did so badly as to warrant a process where people celebrate her passing on the streets? Reality is that companies hold and broker my equities and I am supposed to find money and buy shares and deal with them and work with them and so on and the way that money is to be raised is equity services I provide through my books, none of which makes any sense today because first the devil is making people rich and secondly people will use insults and lies and rumours to determine what or who I become in my own life and over my own property, just for reasons of the fact I was spotted on the streets of their stupid society, which really has no meaning. Thatcher had her way around these things and I if they want to be informed have got my way around them as well. I mean now that they can find some money and get in contact with media and popular culture idiots to extract millions of currency from my Holdings at the companies and then work out how to stifle my book sales everyday to ensure they always have that available to them, what do they suppose I ought to do about that kind of intellectual property vandalism and by the way of which is a big question of who gets to vandalise intellectual property and how civil rights evil they need to be to be doing such things anyway? It is when they are done with that destroy your finances and mine and wait for you to grow into your prime and then share what you want to keep to yourself to bring about equality, then remember I have not all that while thought about how to find money to pay their way in the world and the government needs to get them out but not you because you are being used and they have the impetus to try to enforce it as well all the time. Of course they always have a big mouth and this is just the beginning too.