I don’t think these are matters of grave concern or crisis matters, they are important but under control; its like the old story of how I think I am invincible when everybody knows they talk rubbish all the time about how they will take me down and grab what I own and its 24/7 restlessness over the fact they are enemies of my personal freedoms and hate moral people but of course the reality is that if they turn up here based on what I know they know about me I will fight them over ownership and they will lose everything. So this is not an emotive story; its the same one i.e. Mother Germany protecting its allies and small siblings and so on, who claim that I and what I do stifles their game – hence they are up in arms right across Europe to Africa where German engineers have no problems whatsoever manufacturing cars to imitate British design with German engineering for them, I mean they don’t like British as such but if the privilege side was included in a product that will improve their superiority and this is the kind of things they do all over the place and chase my company around with – so they have reached the US as well and does appear to them that the Americans will do nothing about it too: I mean I can dance around my pain to avoid the squeezing balloons side of the story so that I might inject their issues with certain important game changers that result in a reaction and an outcome I want which I will deploy as a means of running the Company but we still have no idea what the Americans will get up to.

Of course there is the case of Mother Germany kicks small British allies in Europe and British does nothing story, so here we are, British kicking small Mother Germany allies as well either way: so in the end we pat each other in the back and get back to regular matters generally. It is never a new case, its the same old power madness thing and these their insults and abuses are always best expressed by their African fans; daddy wasn’t there when you walked, so now that he is there when you run it is an abomination and so you hide away until the question becomes whether the feet are really worth that much. I have no idea what the rest of British parties are talking about; I mean UKIP takes its line and sticks to it but the rest are not making any sense to anybody. Its nothing new that when we create in the UK we set out our foundation and disposition and equities and evolve with it but when these guys do they use everybody else in Europe then abuse them and dominate them with equipment and money and it has always been that way even Beethoven did it; his entire career was built on it, only thing with him was that he took care of every question that needed answering so it was difficult not to like him but if everybody were Beethoven there would be trouble like we saw during the first and second world war. It is never true I talk but am weak either, its a matter of financial uncertainty that weighs on me i.e. if I live anywhere presently it is funded by the Government so there is no sensei can simply go and return at my own will – they say I have such a strong grip on what I do it and that it needs to be taken up at some stage but that is another question i.e. what if they chase my line the way I chase it? these guys are not powerful people, they are simply really stubborn and so they have done it for the best part of their time in the world along with deviance and as so seasoned in this deviance the only thing they understand is what they feel and what they want to feel and when they get involved with those from whom they get what they want to feel it is absurd and violent and hard and unforgiving and then you hear the bragging as well later like there is nothing you can do about them at a certain stage.

I mean its not a matter of the dangers of provoking Germany, its a simple case for example of Africans do not like British products, in fact they fundamentally hate the British but would like to have their privileges and class society, so if you incorporate some vintage British design evolution into your products it should be popular with your fans – when asked why they think it is the correct course of action they first expect you to avoid trouble by hiding away and if not then you need to shut it as customer is King – so it does until you do them as well and they can make money with that society and culture and nobody will die for handling it in anyway and they need to trust you as you know they can.

We hear this talk of how the way they have acted over terrorism has shown courage on their part and cowardice on mine which is utter rubbish; all it has shown is the importance of their insolence as the problem seems to be its only me and my Christian stuff and the Royal Office, so that they have taken it upon themselves to do the ego part which in my view they can knock themselves out with regardless of which it does not necessarily mean that I want to take any crap from them as well. Its an old story apparently of how I talk but everybody knows I can get into trouble with them which is not a new story i.e. even if that happens there will be more lone rangers like myself in any case that they are known to beat up all the time as well. We hear that complain that whenever anything happens they anticipate they will be to blame and so they take responsibility and pick a suitable side for their cause and do whatever is necessary to look after their families but we all know that there has never been an occasion where they have acted in ways as to bring about a different perception of what is reality and truth either and in the same way nor do I think that they are a major crisis and hence find it difficult to work out how they will beat up with the delusion that they control me when they don’t anyway and I have designed everything I have done in public so as to allow a process where their decadence and their evil and their homosexual culture and their sins and wickedness to have a price and that is because it comes up all the time that the way I behave makes it so that they will eventually leave their civil rights and the fact that their parents had decided their absurdities had come to a head a very long time ago is their stubborn wicked life and start to seek to take up my things and do them; so apparently once they own my Royal office it does appear that homosexuality and an end to it will have had a price, it just depends on whether or not the price is right – same applies to all the corruptions they wrought which brings about the social instabilities and the wars we are going back and forth without progress everywhere as a result here with.

Of course I have heard it said that Troops on the ground will solve the crisis in Iraq and that the fact I don’t agree with that puts my position in jeopardy but it does not; its a simple case of Countries being allowed to develop their security according to the need that they have: as this case applies, some people will always be ignorant and easy to persuade enough about the Commandment in the Holy Books of Islam to help those who work for religion and care nothing of whether or not they are terrorists, so this story of troops on the ground will simply kill more of other people soldiers and escalate the problem, the reality however is that if the Government of Iraq was to have drones for example, once it gets the story that militants are advancing he will send out drones to destroy their positions and equipments which will stop their advance, does that then mean he lives within the delusion that militants do not exist after that, of course not, it just means the territory of Iraq has been secured by its government, the outcome of that being that these guys operate in such ways as strapping themselves to bombs and going off to kill themselves and other peoples as well and in any case of which they do not simply just do it, they turn up and give some 30 second warning and show everybody they have bombs and then blow it up – the trouble with it being that if they assess an area and it is regularly used by infidels and revellers and they have monitored it for the last two weeks or so, that does not mean that on the day they decided to attack, that venue may not have been used by a wedding Couple, so on that basis we have reduced their activities over the years into direct combat and that means what the governments must do is get off and take away everything they can fight with and kill all that stands in their way of that too but if they want to be murderers, then they can always prefer drones as a tool of terror themselves: - it does not in any way make me an agitator or an activist, what I have said is very clear, after all we have been yapping about war on terror for years now and looked good doing it and now it is time to win it – win it with the right tools and in the right way and if drones will not be sold to the Governments of the middle east because of that, then what we people complaining about – I hear they say that Countries hate each other there but it is an old story of a question of Islam or not is Iraq, Iraq or is Iraq Iran, so if you are dealing with the Government of  Country it is the government of that Country you are dealing with and it is on that basis that I believe terrorism can be contained and controlled and ended; I don’t think it will take long to evolve either, US Government has been known to sell mechanised bomb disposal units that handle suicide bombers to Israel as far back as 2004. So why all Middle East governments can’t be allowed to develop National defences according to need? We developed ours according to need so I have no idea why they cannot: I mean its a question of drones being used to kill families on one hand and drones being sold to Middle east governments to control wide spread terrorism operations with on the other but if people want to use it to be savage murderers, that is entirely up to them.  

I mean I can always stay silent and watch events unfold without getting involved but we can never tell what the bloody idiots will do with surveillance technology the next and it is the same thing we find about them black African self harming bastards in every single turn of time in history and I do feel if something is not done about it, relying on their self harming nature will not be enough at some point anymore – they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing at the White House but each time you stay out of it, they mess with you because they are the boss; so there is nothing about that which suggests that I am an agitator and an activist either: of course everybody knows of the part where I am always interested in other peoples problems but never solve any of mine which refers to the problems of my race and the plans for self improvements they have made in expectation – there is nothing however emotive about being abused while you spend time with black people and being made into something they can use as well in everyway that others do when you find friends else where but they have continued to assume it will not lead to trouble as well and this is where they are wrong, the block heads and civil rights that will get things done instead of hard work for what they need as it were. I don’t think it is anything serious, they cannot keep their black hands to themselves and mine is just as black too, hence they are always having ideas that reduce people to items that can be used, so when people grab and sell them as well we hear noise making all over the place and if not that kind of behaviour and that kind of result it is the one that creates the sense that racists have got a point and relevance around their activities – so for me they can carry on handling and bending people around them to their will to talk nonsense about having things as a result of their power, it can only end the way they want it to as well. I hear they speak in this light of those they know they are able to handle and abuse and take advantage of to go where they need to be, from high places with minimal consequences and that it is where they have manipulated me into on the other hand and it does stir up this need to keep black people before you constantly so they can shut up but that also means you let go of your job, so we all know where their insults are civil rights are heading too.

I do not think they are a problem, its like those times when they say I have been really and badly messed up, utter rubbish of course since the reality is that I only started lodging in a home owned by a black person, in fact very insolent people from Ghana, somewhere in 2010 – and since then the whole story of how I don’t like to bump into occasions where they did things with me in which they were the boss has rather taken a turn for an outcome whereby doing it is the very thing that kicks them out of home to get to work and of course it means I cannot concentrate on anything and you need the see the gestures they make to the neighbourhoods to understand the kinds of issues that lead to the genocides that happen in countries that idiots like that come from and so on – the ease with which evil expects others to fraternise with it etc. Hence if I moved on every 3 years, it wouldn’t be settled, so I will live there for five and have only done three and a half so there is really nothing to be concerned about, however which in that time I have set out a carefully calculated plan to ensure that their desire to be royalty is well reflected in all the hatred for the Monarchy we see expressed all over the world – so apparently we now know they want to be royalty as well and that the Royal family likes black people and black people like he Royal family and when I feel it has created National cohesion as well I will think my work around it is done too: I mean if we assess the situation it is rather difficult to work out how a human beings can be 100% bad news 24/7 every single time and how none of your efforts changes anything about such deviance and the insults they think will get them the answer to everything in their stupid lives with it – hence in context of the ‘I bet you want to be royalty as well common’ thing paying off so well so far. I hear they have realised being Royalty is difficult but it is not a new story as it largely depends on what I want to do; at this point I know if I stayed silent and said nothing about anything and spoke to nobody I would be fine and wouldn’t even notice anything was happening but I like to talk about it because I have a plan to work on them and by the way of which some people cannot do without pressure e.eg. me, hence it brings it on: in essence I deal with matters by excluding people and those who deal with matters by including people say these idiots are a problem and they expect me to advocate otherwise and that is why they have a problem a point they need to and will have to prove at some stage as they will never be free of me with those stupid insults until they do. And by the way I am a black prince who is interested in the underworld all the time too anyway – the larger picture of which is the question of why it is this way i.e. when I speak of things the problems come but of course we all know it raises another question about the importance of equality and the abolishment of the class system each time that case it brought up – piece of cake they say as it were and it must be that cheap. 

I mean when they do say such things as my being messed up and so on, it really makes me want to tell people how it started; I.e. they have driven their cars away from me after a really insolent gaze and that means they did things with me and were the bosses in the process and I must bump into that everyday because it has become a world wide campaign – so when I have to assess how much tolerance I have left for their nonsense and the story of the fact the only reason they have culture is the existence of something that puts people into a state of evil wonder, that allows claims to be made about how all I think about and do was something they started and I stole from them – so that is where it started and they think I am messed up while I think I have gotten my license and an intolerance with it for them disco light diplomacy: the white ones say when I speak like that I finally get them and am likely then to be free from being abused with filth but of course we all know about their complains when they are the best friend every stupid witch that has a problem with peoples personal freedoms has got and believe the more of those there are is the more chances they will get jobs and others will not – so they have met a crazy one that wants to measure the sizes of the toy soldiers these idiots like to talk rubbish with and they are now all held up at the civil service holding out against me successfully which is all good but does not mean they will be that way forever either, we expect a mistake and then I will shut up for good especially on that stupid media.