So am I aware of TV idiots and their obsession with picking on me like most people doubt I am? I am perfectly aware of it, the issue is that they work with women that do not want to take any rubbish from them and the problem is that their insults at me is used by them to prevent me from getting my books sold. These women you are are women first of all so it is considered that any plan by them to be more successful will threaten the powers that men have over other human beings in society, combined with the fact they are always one less than the men which means that any time an idiot sees them bearing mind they have a history of servitude towards the men, automatically such idiots presume that they stir in people the desire to have slaves because they are always trying to do what the men do but do not quite have the strength. So when they deal with all that and become managers on a TV channel certainly the way it will go will have to be taking rubbish from an idiot that likes to do their own thing for them because he knows of or in connected to powers that can take her down and all this while he works under her supervision and we are not talking about the scandals aspect yet, that just has to do with the fact they always know of a power that can take down their bosses because they are women. So you have them get on TV to stir all those things that exist in the form of evil and very stupid women who realise they fancy younger men once they have reached menopause who never relent on bullying people sexually so you can never stop wondering where they get the energy from and because these women they work for know this they can never stop hurting them when they do the right thing and when they do the wrong things, it does not stop bearing in mind the Politicians tell all sorts of lies about it as well i.e. these evil women are supposed to be their privilege but when you have moved from The Commons to the Lords for example you want to shake them and they have never been known to leave alone anybody. It is the reason I take down any society they have because the audacity to attack me because they have TV jobs and are too privileged therefore to take care of certain problems they have created for themselves which a Royal Prince should, it means I do not and venture to imagine no body else knows what to do with them. So it must be assumed if they want to die all sorts of evil talk will continue when they do so they need to die a worthless life hence the decimation of their stupid society to balance the scales and the result of very angry insolent Politicians who then tell me I am too young to be more privileged then they are when I too am too young to take such rubbish from them when I have youth on my side.

So do I have my own problems? Of course I do. Every old idiots imaginable is always finding a way to creep behind me and become my father, make sure they are ruining everything important in my life and work to tie me down somewhere and grind me away at their problems, this is an attitude they never do anything to protect fro extremists that may do these things for fun, just feel when they mention social labels like racists everybody will suddenly forget that when they were asked why they did it, they said they wanted to be confident for the son that should have propped up their stupidities had betrayed them. I personally think that those who buy those rubbish they come up with can buy anything bearing in mind they cannot leave people alone. Next of course they will tell me they intend to mix my renaissance with their stupidities and come up with renaissance of their own which is something I have a history of allowing as it were. Bearing in mind my renaissance and that of Top members of the Royal family is used to run the Country hence the chances exist of taking rubbish from them in anyway whatsoever, in order to wake up one day and find it is all operating to make Germany Comfortable and we are having  Greek Debt crisis.

It is a bit late now to think that games with far eastern girls and women will ever pay off.