As for the matter of being compared with Nelson Mandela whereby he wins and needs to be given more and more privileges of that sort, I do not believe there to be a major issue; he is virtually a God to South Africans and not to me as such, they are not my league and I am not his age yet hence the reason it is so annoying all together. The other side of the story is that if I leave the Royal village in Europe where I have affinity and turn out in their company to do anything it will be a case of the really incompetent self seeking leadership of student Union Panels that think of me as some loyal follower but while I am not in one such situation, they come around to take it out all the time and claim skin colour similarities to be the reason, hence I believe Nelson Mandela is a God to South Africans only and by the way not all of them as history suggests in any case so they do need to leave me out of it. Every leader eventually does what they can for their Country and it is okay that some really win the heart of populous idiots like these and the reality must remain I cannot say it is a bad thing for them to express themselves with respect to such leaders of theirs either but we are not mates and they are looking for trouble around my earnings. I know here in the UK when I mention the Royal Village some idiots will require me to shut up but I do not think it a major issue either, ideal situation will be to collect the addresses of their various secret societies where they do their Political thing and then regularly send a mail down there whenever they do such things but since I have not been able to at this stage, then I should make it clear I will handle those arrangements again since they have no respect for mine or what I say in the company of others who have a royal order that is handled by men at arms like I do, hence fair to mention they will blow off their big mouth one of these days and I will shoot one off as well and it will be spectacular too; not withstanding of which it is still a major issue over their girls who seem to believe that the only way to get anything done is to antagonise and attack religious figures – the Americans I have made it clear need to sell the democracy and keep their insults to themselves if money is so important, the European ones will soon blow off their big mouth and get me to shoot one off and it will be spectacular to watch too. The Africans on the other hand are the ones that speak of people coming to Africa to undermine them and kill Gaddafi etc of which i guess they can carry on like that and they will be next; after all they have not got a clue what they are doing and the usual stuff is that Americans will kick them into civil rights and they will turn up in International communities and take over systems that were invented by Church missionaries hundreds of years ago and used to spread the gospel to work their nonsense at you so you can kick them into something else. Yes I know when I mention such things I have been manipulated by European Politicians and that is utter nonsense too; European leaders are some of the most insolent scum on this planet who are always angry and at the same time convinced they want to take it out on me – example in Germany people want to be rich and successful and stay away from things like gangs and extremist groups but Germany does such things in a way that depends on other peoples morals when they are being peaceful and of course when they are not drag everybody into two world wars, so that they regularly turn up here to shoot off their dirty mouth which is why I have a Policy with them where I hold down the bad things and they are to do it and certainly will too. Bottom line is that the next time somebody compares me to Nelson Mandela and more so whereby he wins and they are off to my work and property and income again with those stupid media insults, they will kick it off here big time and have their fill of it too, this is a promise. There is no fact to the idea that I say things but the goons continue to make all the financial progress; rubbish – what happens is that people give them money on account they have the money to give to them. The real issue is as they like to ask of why I things happen to me as it were, nothing has happened to me of any sort, only Politicians making excuses thinking they are angry people like evil community croons and looking for somebody who has a better living to take it out on and make excuses as they do, hence the problem remains the same that whenever idiots have some money they turn out here to pretend to be Royal Princes and Princesses in a way which provokes me and nothing can ever cause them to change such a course ever because they are rich and hence the bets they throw around to find out, the others are civil rights idiots who want to do the same as well on account they control the means of protest against the actions of the rich and both want some of mine which they get all the time and regularly these days as well.


Whatever is left over is supposed to be men who control things such as the sexual desires of The Queen and therefore my attitude has resulted in HM behaving in certain ways which ruins their lives and hence they need to take it out on me but I do not know what they suppose I mean when I mention priests who know how God has approved the Prince of Wales having a wife and a mistress and of course it is not as if I omitted the part about how I have not given them permission to any of the publicity they are creating for me which I have not asked for bearing in mind that if criminals must take up my stuff and do it on account I am wasting time and do not wish to co-operate, I wonder still why I am required to do anything at all anyway. The story of how I am deluded about who I am and how all I do is actually something that some royal con has acquired is much the same thing; the way men do their thing and we were never a part of it and they are always stealing. I never said I am innocent in the matter; making people who were previously great and shinny and considered to be something others look upon into symbols of problems like I have done to them globally does not make you innocent in the matter and they need to get off my earnings and book sales that brings it about - their Politicians have the same story to tell anyway and what they all have in common is that they start first and never ever give into reason and cannot be caught dead stopping it; I think that waiting for them to give me ideas on how to kick them is just as good as any proactive method of dealing with it and people can give them money any time they want so they can really get around and cause trouble and we will not find out how that plays out too since what they do to me is not a mystery to anybody to such an effect either.