As for the tabloids, I have no idea whether what they want is to report news or whether what they want is to see where playing around will likely lead. I could not possibly have enough of doing their stuff for them anyway. I mean somebody will slash all over the front of a News paper, stories such as “outrage as 1 in 4 jobless handouts goes to criminals” (I couldn’t care less where the Paper was from). The fact being of course that the rule is to sign yourself in as actively seeking work and to actively seek work whether or not you are a criminal current ex or trying to be one. Its as though they are working really hard on us to turn us all into Celebrities.

What do they mean “you must choose between watching Television and reading the news paper”, is it supposed to mean I am being bullied; who the hell do they think they are anyway?

I know television is where things about famous people happens and I certainly do not want to think about or get involved with things about famous people if I need news at a time I am concentrating on my studies or my work, bearing in mind everything has its place. No body reports local issues in the tabloids anymore, what they do is get around trying to bully me into choosing between reading newspapers and watching Television which is the biggest load of rubbish as well. for those of them that do any better, they give with one hand and take with the other i.e. on the front page it is about the Olympics, young people getting involved in sport, the changes it has brought to the country and lots of splashed out stuff on the importance of Politicians but flip a page and it is about that local celebrity whose mother they sleep with in order to set her beauty up and peddle it to make her lots of millions with somebody else’s property and it of course is never a good feeling when it is my property and I am paying good money for the stupid paper (idiots).

I am mentioning it in any case because my war on media is underway already. All that stuff about stupid women that want to know everything about whether my heart is beating in my chest and then make sure that it hurts each time it does should always be their problem, not mine. They are the ones that have jobs where they talk too much.