So they do say I get a good show off of myself but the ones that rule me are still media people and there is not an ounce of truth to it in any way as well; the reality is that when you do take a look at them, you find similarities with everybody else because they put up a facade to that effect but when you throw in a bit of a problem, you end up seeing that everybody else exists in a world where sometimes they get it right and other times are flustered because they may have overdone it, they however tend to exist in a world where the two face tart routine has never been at its most civil rights profitable. I do not have a problem with them, I have made it clear I have a tendency for keeping peoples women permanently and their stupid women should not be found in my Court knowing that the women that end up there belong in matrimony that is comfortable with the idea, to make hell for me in order to feel comfortable otherwise the big idea is always that they have big and large men for husbands and that will never ever save the day as I am not their alternative. So it’s an old story where the men are evil and the kids are evil and the women are evil as well but religious people are the alternative because they are a release and I need to make myself very clear on this matter because they are rather very hard of hearing especially when they have media to play around with. It’s like the story they tell of how I work so hard to explain my position, explain where I have been, tell others what I am thinking because I am eager to please which has no foundation on reality or truth either; the reality of which is that most of those controversies they set up are not controversies they could have done anything about me for even if the controversies were true, looking for far more trouble than they can handle – so I simply leave them lying around like that and explore them when I am bored and need a release as well and chief among them is the story of sleeping with peoples wives. I like them controversies because they are an easy bubble I can just pop into whenever I want to cut up their culture and society and homosexual communities etc, they do not rule anything. It’s much like my Books, which they claim I have written on my life whereas as stupid as they are and as likely as they are to use other people’s lives to write Books or make entertainment, we never ever find them use their own lives for it because it actually hurts so much when people hurt the products and it affects the owner personally – so it is not clear why they would think that I am writing my Books with my own life; I am not, I simply had to write a Book which saw to it that when I borrowed their society and culture and Country and held it until the Books were sold, it would be a very difficult Book to sell and made it personal so that I might be able to design it in such a way that whether or not I sold it so they might get their country back in the process would depend on their attitude. What we have now is a people I have had enough of and a people who also need to work with and co-operate with me; considering my tendency for making sure racists turn up at their families to steal personality and fame and fortune – which happens because I am an Arch Prince and when women in my Court make me Children, what they then do is go off to grow their stupid bread and get women to make them some as well, so they might challenge me as per whether my own looked the way I am doing it before I got into trouble with them etc – so I assumed they knew what they were doing anyway and took necessary steps. It’s a one wife only story, I am nobody’s alternative and there is no world in which I am ruled by media. When we look at people we see those who have spread it too wide and are flustered for that reason, maybe a clash with sexuality as well, we see the same of those who have overdone it, we see those who get it right most of the time, we see those who have spread it wide up caught up anyway enjoying their moments of relief – what these idiots do is keep people in a permanent state of bad feelings and depression because it has to be that easy but above all when we turn to them we see them on media taking advantage of all these people to make some extra money on TV or radio or other media that tick their fancy – so it does tend to make One very passionate about Local Government, like when they say I have not got a Royal Estate and I always leave it that way as one of those controversies about which they could do nothing even if they were true. They enjoy their fin games of entrapment way too much and that is why they are fighting to be free from it as well now; I will never give it back and if I catch another I will borrow again this time until the Books are sold and then they can have it back.

It’s not that the ladies couldn’t protect me if it came to it – after all we hear the complain all the time that I pretend they are helpless when they are really destructive; what really happens of which is that people control and rule over Female journalists to whom they give scripts to read on National Media of the news events of the day; where I fit in is the part where there is carefully calculated efforts to keep my bank balance at zero and I want to know if they are on some form of campaign for genocide to kill off my bloodline etc.  Much like the story of why women have to end up in my Court which is a simple tale of finding out from them the latest on society and self seeking goons on the left in order to write my Royal Journal daily from where I expect to earn a large proportion of my income editing my Magazines, away from incredible lies turning my tummy upside down all the time; which is what 2016 is all about, now that we know I need to bully the Media to sell Books as 2015 expressed that beyond doubt.

I do not think it a point of great conflict; it is not possible to keep living in a manner that suggests stepping out of my door is how I no longer have a job I created for myself; so disturbing the Court needs to cease and I need to see an end to their case turning up around the Royal Journal and the Books and then there will be no trouble. I hear they say it is where I give away my information and not what others do with my finances that is the problem but we all know that these people enjoy buying music CDs and voting for governments that support the prognosis of people grabbing your property and tossing it to the dogs to find out how far you are willing to spend which will determine how much you have and tell them if you are worth trapping etc, so such ideas as a question are very stupid ones. It is what they do even when they know that they have female journalists at their control with a camera that shows people on National Television; now they want to tell me where to say what I say in order to sell my Books and the Royall Estate Magazine as well for good measure – pointing to this Journalist at Court matter for their game as it were since they are no longer interested in reporting the news like the Media does without fear or favour etc and I am not interested in them for my part as well all together – it is what they do along with their community croons and popular culture goons and banking menaces, seeking Industry connections just when we needed it, winding me up every day.