I find it impossible to understand what those Politicians that like to peep into my websites in order to get on parliament and claim as their own anything I put up there to create powers by which they have debates with others hope to achieve with those insults I have told them I have had enough of anyway. The things are do are all a function of the fact that it has always been about is a collection of scum that must always be seen playing around with other peoples income and so they always tend to get help from Politicians so they can do it with the livelihoods of chosen victims.

As I have mentioned before, nothing but a matter of where their wickedness is operable and in my case as such the only crime I have committed against them is being a Christian and therefore not only believing in the bastian of prejudice but also believing in a system that stands between people and the opportunity to do evil things to get rich; this is where all of it was leading – a process where they can always stop me from earning a living at will. I have always known that, I just thought it would make sense to line them all of and ensure anybody that has ever been party to a process where Politicians wreck my finances to hold me down for them to have access to my livelihood for it gets a piece of me, every one of them and so their insults continue to work along the lines of the matter of those who sell them drugs for example, who also happened to have been my first victims; for of course when people have drug businesses their main target must be Christians who will most likely wreck it but soon it becomes a matter that runs to the top of government which has to do with how each time you tell people of newly acquired Politically motivated attitudes in your direction that affect your livelihood, they hold you down for a few more years and set off to set out the kind of job which will ensure you have an attitude which affects it and tell the world about your attiutude first. So when I fix the drugs idiots I get into trouble with the Pop stars and the media scum who think they control me and I control the drugs people so they can have their drugs safely but there is no such thing and I am only mentioning it here because I need to show how far I have gone and the fact I have settled something for everybody.

This idea they have of men who have money and privileges they acquire is nothing but a function of the fact when they lay hands on me I make up excuses for it, of which there has never been any such thing in anyway. The only way that it has existed has been on Media perceptions; so we have those of them that like to claim I interfere with their businesses of which I have no idea what business they have anyway-by this what I mean is that people only challenge me if they have big businesses that are likely to create a condition where a party for their top employees will likely run into a function which looks after 200 people or so and of those some 50 to 70 might likely be idiots and home wreckers with money buying shares in peoples companies; so they challenge me for obvious reasons, these other idiots are just scum who like to appropriate my equities and securities every time they see them and especially those seen in public which are there of course because they have been brokered for somebody’s or some public benefit somewhere and then when they do they turn out with their insults and threats of violence to try and keep them.

I have not got a clue what this business they are supposed to have had really is anyway and I do not know how they expect to own my property like that when I have people who appropriate it from royal quarters in order to help me be an efficient intellectual property author, those of whom the Labour Party the useless boys and girls of the Political world always want to rendezvous with because it is an opportunity to control me, looking for that history they will soon be complaining about. Of course we have now reached a point where any twitch from them will result is a new completely different problem as much as a statement of new rerogatives gained from making me uncomfortable to secure new privileges that those who have money need to enjoy when they sit in their groups or have their insolent older men conversations with each other. They need to tick me off once; I mean I have made it clear the idea when people lay hands on me I make up stories for it is all media perception in the first place.

Those Christians were always a push over obviously which is why they have done so well for themselves in the first place. Of course they like to ask how I intend to catch up with them these days which I have no problem with. It is always either they are busy with punishing children that do not let the parents have the kind of fame they want by which they want to work in the civil service and the job centres and own homes that people will have no choice but to rent and so on or they are working with drugs and black markets – you know, all those things they need to set up and put ahead of you, then sit up somewhere in Public and work really hard at. I don’t want to hear any stories about inequalities in the world when it goes all haywire either for my part so I have not spared any of their stupid community relations or society so when hitting them financially starts to happen the stuff will really hit the vien as it were. For now I do not think the idea of the existence of rich black scum whose records I am likely to get myself into places where I break is good for my health and safety and well being.

They speak of my discrimination from on high but before then everybody is having and working these beautes that the master Germanic idiots want to fuck. So the fashion industry is some 200 people and it will start well of course but give it some 18 months and after all hell had broken loose just because it exists in the last 6, the Germanic girl will must be at the centre of all services reciving it from all corners and it is the same with the manufacturing and financial industry. They mention nothing about discrimination during those times, they want to about what I do to remind them I never asked them to excuse themselves with their insults wrecking my finances to create leadership vacums for such purposes, about which things get violent very quickly with a big mouth.

They can do their Germanic stuff and their collaboration on Media all they want, if it tends to have anything to do with my livelihood, then it means an awesome amount of disrespect that cannot be excused and there is no point complaining. I mean they say media should have an effect of enabling them to hold me down somewhere while the chosen worthy are being famous like the black ones above who never tell people that is really what leads to a process where they get what is coming to them; but what does it mean or say anyway? They barge into my life and use my work to be rich and famous on media and next what they do is make contact with me to abuse me so I might hold them down as well having learnt so much rubbish from them by that time and make sure their lives are an arrangement that must have no money. Now bearing in mind they have jobs on media what does that say when such an arrnagement is so publicly popular on a daily basis; oh I see the kind of insults they will enforce to have a future on the left which I am never giving back in hell, which they have enforced in the last decade at least for what we know obviously as it is.


The big idea about how I make up assumptions about what I am not telling stories which suggest I amone of the great and the good is something I will never understand. I mean they can do their racism and collaborations all they want is what I have always said, they can even barge into my life to find out which is my worst enemy so they can collaborate with those and get rich but I fail to see what it has got to do with reality or changing who I am. Apparently it is clearly a matter of those insolent futures they will have on the left and the manner they will have them which they have not once enforced to have that stupid left in the last decade so far and I have been clear myself about the fact if it comes to it I will wrap up that parliament as a whole and dump it somewhere in my past to sell my books. It will clearly continue to get worse as long as they are so determined to make an idiot who makes assumptions to the point where he thinks people make his or earn his money when they get famous out of me; I mean how long do they wreck other peoples finances for, a decade? I have ever seen them give to others. So it appears that they have thus found a good excuse which ensures that they are making money at my expense while they do it but what does it mean, that it is their own lives, their fame, their jobs, their money?

Of course it is goodbye to that stupid culture of people who assume others are using their fame to get rich, I never asked them to cross me with it anyway; I mean people do such things when I am a teenager but once I have to live on my own they ought to understand everything here has an account book, besdies which I might have ignored them but there is nothing I can do about them with a big mouth, hence they attack my earnings and sustain that. So not anymore, no more of use everything he does to make somebody famous and ask him who knows him if he has an opinion about it which means that you have risen in the world and I do not care what the social outcome will likely become in the slighest. I must be able to have access to any celebrity whenever I want unless they are getting rich with their own talents and their own fame. So I believe this has cleared up the matter of assumptions I make about people; sometimes it is very uncomfortable for me but if somebody makes the effort to me nice to me I make one too, even when they are celebrities and I am a Government staff but that their culture I have had enough of, of which telling me I make assumptions about people and what they think of me and who I am begs the question of whether it is their own lives or their own jobs or their own property or their own money and I am not giving back that stupid left too – they need to understand complications such as ideological dishonesty and religious violence the next time I must be locked up then shoved outside after they are finished with my fame of what people know of me on the outside to show their powers, for the Christians were always a push over which is how they have done so well for themselves.

So is there a lot of sucking up to the rich going on in the UK? Well it is a matter of how those who raise the issue intend to answer the question. I mean how long do they really think their precious trouble making growth in China will last for and how long do they think the one in India will last for as well? I always have one mantra to these issues and it is a simple case of blowing your mouth off only if and when you know that the growth and the development is a clean one. I mean all these idiots from Africa South Africa and Ghana most notoriously in the UK with their friends pushing people into the need for fame so they can squeeze them out of it; it will never make sense, since this is not a worthy use of other peoples time, much less the way even if they are stupid they should approach or treat other people when we know they are the ones that complain the most about respect according to history. In the end there are those British Interests in India and South Africa and Ghana for example speaking of the three that cause the most trouble and I am quite certain they think that we ought to put up with these kinds of rubbish from them, while at the same time leaving those interests for them or sparing those interests on their behalf for the most part. I mean specifically with reference to me they always think that this kinds of questions are difficult ones but in my view such suppositions happen to be ridiculous, like prestine British interests that no body is touching and so we have an economic future if we appropriate it but if we don’t we have a new global recognition in its place, nothing is ever going to work that way and I am not quite sure they know what a Nations interest is actually, so it confirms like I always mention they are incredibly stupid and when it temporarily costs us they think they have found new wealth and it is like that with these idiots, as soon as they set their minds to something which is really stupid they will not be caught dead getting anywhere off it. It is not a difficult question for me in anyway; I have made it elaborately clear that th most expensive item of my royal estate is the liabilities of the Queen’s currency (like prestine British interests that no body is making use of). Of course it has its benefits in the sense that it makes me keep my eyes on my empire trust all the time and for each time I do my round I am in a better place to sell my books but it is still the most expensive thing never the less. So it appears the kind of world we want to live in these days is the one where people appear on Media first before they go to their offices and in that way I will be blackmailed by politicians an diplomats that should be taking those small trouble making businesses off these idiots because I always think I will get what I want but will end up giving something at the other end. Currently it seems the only point at which it makes sense for them to attack me like they do all the time is the fact I have cleared them out culturally to create my books in the first place so they can put their insults where they belong.

So some say I do not own the Libilities of the British pound, just like they love to get on Public media to route every single publicity any public event in government creates for me to help me sell my books, looking for trouble with their media powers, with insults which have to do with public responses from me and if they are not forth coming then they take what they want from my market place to show it off as one. I have not seen anybody else laying claims to the liabilities of sterling so I suggest people mind the liabilities of their careers and that of their businesses and allow me to own the liabilities I already own. It’s the same story we discussed above about people sitting up in places where they can lay hands on me or my property to acquire privileges of certain ways people see them when they sit around in public because they have money. The celebrities for example continue to think I am still doing the drugs and the black markets, so they can control me and use drugs when they like, then get out of it when they want, of which I have no idea how that would have been possible when they are not buying any of the books.

There is also of course talk of how I work and oprate without accountability but it is one of those things about which people will express their discomfort over Monarchy until the entire world is filled with incredibly lazy evil rich people. The truth behind it is that those who raise it spend all their time getting to acquire a history whereby there are things I do not want to do which they have forced me to do. They always say it is revenge for the fact slavery and slave trade happened and then soon after that it happens to create justice and social equality, while Politicians and diplomats from overseas tell me I will never get what I want because I am too spoilt for my own good and so no body will take away those evil small businesses and means from them to satisfy me in anyway. Their reasons of course range from getting me to denounce my faith to sex and a bend over backwards to have one kind of sex too. Of which while those of them that appear in public office do they wonder why very young children sex abused and violated in the poorer areas of society and so on but once they have their excuses and a strong collaborator on their side this is the way they roll endlessly. I suppose the measure of the new rising economic powers. As I always prefer to put it; only safe to stick to things that are happening by market and speaking of economic success only when it is clean – the world domination side of the story is another matter entirely.


So the question of my inability to trust people is here answered. It is not as such an inability to trust people per se, it is the fact that the attack on my finances by errand sending ageist idiots have come to convince me after all these years that I am having my right to family life being taken away (because I cannot date anybody if I have no money), my right to religion being taken away (because now they have got a hold on me with the help of Labour I will never have a jopb unless I renounce my faith) and my right to privacy is being taken away (which is access they get from other government idiots to ensure that I do not come up with anything which earns me money to help me escape) and these are the things I intend to take away from them as well – like fucking my wife the one I have not yet married by wrecking my finances until I am at the prime age when I desperately need to get married and settle down, to have new beauties and powers (they are mad you see) and we have now got the whole story about how I sleep with peoples wives become a global matter so far and that is just the beginning. The way I approached the matter before this issue of my inability to trust people needed to be answered was where they were telling me that after all these years whereby Labour has helped them to wreck my finances and keep it that way, get to know rich people in my name and then put their witchcraft ahead of me to sit down and work it on public media for dominance that they have never achieved, it means there is nothing I can about them and so as a result the more I fight them will mean the more they get connected to rich people to ensure all the rich people in the world are evil and I have no place because I am a Christian. So to make it good, each time I put things on my market place they have the effrontery to touch it and destroy it completely then get on media to promote the careers of idiots that they claim have had their rights taken away in the past whom I will fight for under their supervision, claiming there is no known argument in my possession by which I can show it is wrong or a bad thing and that their spiritual powers is making me poor just like they told people they had the power to and this of course is all very well but what do they create in turn -  telling me they have the spiritual power to make people poor and that I have offended them to court its wrath and will never rest until each thing I do in my market place is completely destroyed as though that has become the jobs from which they earn a living; somebody who is strong enough to make good threats to stop them from being homosexual unleashed on the streets, who is determined to ensure those their spiritual powers do not lead to a damage of his finances anymore so they can boast and get to know rich people who need the services of the devil? So it seems that unless I gallivant around the world to ensure this is what happens which is what I mean when they ask m to explain what I mean when I say I will take away their right to family life and privacy and religious belief, making sure that people do not prtactice such things anymore, it will not get any better. All those things are a factor of access which has been gained through insolent familiarities such as these and of course their insults thereafter when they have the access. They are stupid not deaf and need to leave me alone or I will definitely shut them up. For now I am not going to let it happen and just fizzle away, I did not ask them for the license.

They tell me I speak of witchcraft but have a connection with people they feel when I am not physically present, when in actual fact I have a bonding with those women they want to abuse from which we mutually benefit each other and the only way they have become aware of its existence is their fantasies about other people which becomes so intense without regard for the fact those people are human beings and regularly take decisions for themselves on account that whatever they want they always get, which becomes so intense that they can touch people without physically reaching them and so on and regularly use it for corruptions of involvement to grap peoples income instead of working for their own without regard for the damages they do and of course I have told them I will ensure they loose those rights as well but until that is happening none of it will be real. So yes they do have the support of the Politicians but obviously what brought this on was never a matter of trust, therefore as a result bearing mind their insolent errands they like to make up problems on media to send me I will defitnely trust the government while I want revenge so badly and they love to serve them bearing in mind they would be doing these things at all if they understand what state provided security would do to them if they did as it were – like love to serve them politicians; those are doing very well. I mean for the benefit of doubt I must make it clear what is happening here; its all access and insults and they are now preventing me from earning a living, I have no idea if Politicians take things like thsi seriously in their lives at all or love to serve idiots for power.

Its much the same as it were with all that rubbish about telling me the age range I am meant to fall in love with. For them it always starts off with being a real man who they lie all the time and even when they talk to their wives or are having sex with their wives they cannot even tell the truth then. The result of course is that when they had fucked their lives they want to fuck mine as well using their real men strengths so I can feel like killing them too. It really never has a thing to do with anything, all there always is to it is a process where those their insolent women that cannot stop stealing stuff for their theiving children will hear people talk about love with older women and if they do not have it hell will burn on earth, while their stupid men turn out at the other end to tell people what is a social taboo in their love lives. So for me they do not actually have to get into trouble only when I am falling in love with somebody older than me. I mean as it stands it appears there is my life on one side and then above me are the number of hands that have such intense fantasies of slapping and punching me that they get to make me feel that pain without physical contact, about which we hear no civil rights complains yet. Until like they make noise about at the moment I sell my books and move away from them and they happen to follow me around to keep it up so I might buy a home in one of their poorest local communities where I spend the weekend for inspiration. As I said the part where they complain of how I sleep with their wives is just the beginning, I intend to take away their right to privacy family life and religious belief as well. As I said, it is all access and insults the writer you can only meet by appointment but is now something you own and can get to touch all the time to feel good about things when and if you want, the royal Prince you would never see if the state had its way but you get to reach and slap on a daily basis; it is the cost apparently.


The part where it becomes public knowledge they are fond of threatening me does not cause me any concerns like they claim it does (It is always possible to enforce if possible violently the maintenance of the good freedom based revolutions they have already done, to show it does not express any stupid things about their rising power status, which they want to destroy everything in such a small space of time to seek, talking lots of rubbish about anger and revenge over their stupidities, left and right and middle alike). I mean here in the UK with access to the civil service they are the ones with jobs at the moment and I am the one that is unemployed and this therefore indicates that I have been very nice to people running scared of giving them whatever they want. It is the same old issue, access and insults and I want it to come to an end, no more of finding money to move away from them and expecting them to get distracted by something more important, there is not enough respect for that, it will never work, they need to sign off it and I intend to ensure that they do or they will begin to see the wrong side of me, they will begin to see me get off to take away from them the same rights as well; right to privacy, family life and religious belief, every single one of those things they believe from homosexuality to whatever I might find. I am not giving back that stupid left either, it is a religious wickedness thing, whereby I practice my religion in a certain way and somebody gets off to collect all the good parts to move left and practice it in his own way as well, they will have to imagine a new one or bloody come and get it – I mean the dirty father who sits somewhere to provide them with a future, they need to sign off it seriously. So we are back to the main issue; access and insults, they need to sign off it. I want nothing more from them.

They say I am all over the place about it but that is not what is important since what is, is the fact I am black and have a racism and slavery history behind me, so it is a matter of access and insults access and insults until somebody thinks they want to experiment violence on me and then stab or shoot me while those who do these things completely loose a sense of what they have done as a result as well. It is the evils of society and collaboration with it and nothing more; I mean I can put myself in the same shoes easily i.e. if I kick a ball which smashes somebody else’s window I will bascially gulp my intestines because even if I can pay for it the owner will make me feel like hell but for them, they can hand my property with their insolent access damage it to ensure they had turned myife into a battle ground for the evils of society so that they can collaborate and when it becomes so difficult they cannot get or keep a job people vote for them so they cna get into government office and gain access to the treasury. I mean they were meant to vote like that, it was their problem obviously, their fight as it were. So these questions were obviously raised to find out how far Ihave gone I suppose so I am meant to make it clear here as well i.e. so far my career has been to completely destroy every civil rights they have had in the last 100 years at least, in fact I am now fighting wealth distribution bearing in mind I have continually told them wealth distribution is something that I act not something I believe in anyway, next I will be fighting their human rights too. There is no such thing as a process where I am timid about this fact. I never asked to be given the license to do these things; access and insults are still the main issue here and they need to get out and sign off it. I dont care who uses this as an opportunity to get on media to become famous for fighting for the most civil rights, I have told them what I want from their stupidities and I think that is enough too.

They say there are two problems here one of them has to do with the fact I have ended up empathising with my captors which is them and the other is that when I talk to people I dont sound as scary. For the former anyway I have not empathised with anything, I am just not going anywhere nor am I giving back that stupid left, they will move out and sign off the access and insults thing and I will supervise but for the former it is always a matter of how to make the Christian anrgy when the Bible says anger is wrong and so I dont have to sound scary to anybody when I do anything – I will sound scary enough when they start having civil rights and human rights problems. I wonder what they suppose I wake up everyday to when I know I will get nothing from them but hate and violence? Friendship maybe: idiots. Clearly it seems that if I don’t then they will find ways of making up their own stuff on media about me on the matter. Of course if I handled matters of National finance things would have been much worse than they are having it at the moment, just like those stupid claims its people making me live up to my promises of love about which every blakc witch always has strange ideas about how to tell a young man what to do and where to put things and if they must wreck my finances or get help from Politicians to, then that is what they will do to make it happen. It is too common and happens too often in this country hence I take from them all that enables them to be good parents and that is a start. This is not what we are talking about for now, what we are is access and insults and the fact I am not going anywhere while theya re moving.

Whatever is left is a very famiiar story about evil diplomats and how black Prince does crime and underworld but cannot sell his books, so that all those who are waiting for him to do so and catch up at the rich peoples club can wait forever (so far a decade yet) while somebody else gets into a habit to replace him. While they are at it, it is completely relentless but for now what they are making so much noise about is the bit where they are not yet paying for the damages they do here in cash.

And of course contrary to Popular notion, there are no such things as unfair decisions I make on sexual courtship; what I have is a bunch of mistresses that help me make love to myself, it is a working court and I have no business with Politicians, not other people (who like to talk rubbish all the time and try to be rich and famous doing so). Its all me no body else.