I get told I do too much of my actions and that this creates insecurities and alienation from me. I must mention this is because people have not settled in on the main reason for the things I do, which is that these people are evil, so of course everything is about how I will take out their wickedness with me, have my life overwhelmed with it and go somewhere to die on the left, so they can clear out and start a new evil that will be more powerful-
I can never do too much of that. It is easy to see that if they were hoping to retain their spiritualities for example by picking a fight with me and doing so all the time no matter how much it hurt them, then they would not have moved it all into spiritual vandalism, so their Politicians might give support for and spend tax payers money on it to think later on it is also my problem which is something that only exists in their dreams.  It was not their time to waste like that; attacking me all the time so that when I have dealt with the incredibly impossible problems they have created into my life and work with their evil Politics and media, they will then make out I have some spiritual power I am not sharing with everybody, then which they attack me for years and years damaging my life and then between 6 and 10 years of doing so everyday damaging my finances first realise it is funny and then after some years see they have not been paying their bills and are in financial trouble as well therefore turn out to find ways of earning in income for a living: I cannot do too much of this. The Politicians do love to make out this idea that I am in some kind of trouble with them but in actual fact the truth about it is that they think they are going to take away my Royal Commission, Then my academic work and qualifications, then any possibility of having a job and then an entire business empire on account they have checked the country and where there should be gangs killing people for them there is the person with the best head for it writing books and making progress with his life such as being involved with the Royal Family.So I don’t see them dealing with gangs in order to be popular among young people to win elections around here that I am be able to order them around as they do and it is for this that they are in the trouble they are now. Naturally of course which they will back onto reforms in order to get out of it and be popular enough to win elections so the situation we have ended up with is the one where they reform in this direction and I reform in that and this is all there is to it. The noise making about me in trouble really is nothing more than catch up spat.The man with the brains to do gangs and crime is busy doing something else with his life and putting a vacuum in society by building an empire from which we make sure the money goes else where and expect him to give it up, being friends with the British Royal Family and writing books with a big Politics mouth seeking powers that are powerful enough to kill people without physical harm all the time as if it is their lives to experiment with.