The talk of how I am always being saved by people from those I offend who want to teach me a lesson thrown around by the labour party is very well understood, however I do not see anything that prevents me from setting out to organise crusades at Wembley stadium attended by millions of Christians where the topic for conversation will be specifically the evils of the Labour party so we can exhaust it expensively and extensively – maybe they are certain on the other hand that a process of regularly getting off to have conversations with members of other parties in parliament or the destruction of my finances will be enough when it blows up in that way and of course that I have a reason not to when in actual fact it is against the will of God if I had not done so anyway. This process of homosexuals seeking marriages and more so in Church on the other hand seems to be that which they want to get reaction from me for – the reality of course is that at the heart of all that popular culture fame and fortune game is homosexuals living a life where somebody else’s entire existence has already been done, they are the owners of a culture where a boy or girl thinks that because he or she is famous, they can wear pants and underwear and appear on huge billboards in the centre of the city to get rich at your expense on grounds there is nothing you can do about it because they are rich and famous and important and can bully anybody they want, so unless they are to be given their marriage laws in their own communities where there are those of them that have never really seen the real world and live as described above right from birth as it were, then what the Politicians are risking is a process where I rip it up for them; They always say I make these things up and find a way to hurt people thereof but besides being bullied by celebrities endlessly appearing on advertisement and public photographs to do so while homosexuals live their decadence in a condition where your entire life has already been done by somebody else, the fact also is that they are such a collection of bullies that when they have the need to buy products they buy things like the latest phone and Laptop and music CDs but when they have a fight to deal with bring it to your business and by the time already wind you up for a living and then make sure it is the fight that you are supposed to do – hence I had made it clear that the last time I had to discuss homosexuality on Sunday which is the day we go to church and keep in view the atonement of Jesus Christ which then works really well with the homosexuality was the last straw for me but they have not listened even after I have gone after the business communities and the bankers and the Industries over it bearing in mind the organised criminals and social menaces are the ones that know where homosexual brothels are where they go to feed their desires and not me or indeed the Church. Hence we have moved to the next stage where I intend to rip up those communities for them; I mean it is a big thing – you go to the US and see them in Caravans as far as the eye can see, buntings everywhere, drinks and drugs and partying under the sun and so on and not long after the celebrity at the heart of it who turned the whole show into a process of attacking and punishing me for showing no respect for their money and importance suddenly decides to take pictures of themselves wearing pants and bras that she then sells on a giant bill board in the city centre by ripping up my public work and then my income as that continues in order to make more money as it were, typical example - hence doing such a thing is overdue at this stage because they are getting worse and worse and worse as well and it is never clear why Politicians never make laws about this. All I can say therefore is that since they have decided on making such laws it is important to note that they will soon have to make some more difficult laws on intellectual property security and personal life security as well and making the latter set of really difficult laws will then ensure that judges can see what they are saying in Court. I personally am not saying this issue is a major crisis anyway, they always make out it is some kind of competition but the reality is not just a matter of how they have no respect for your fame because they intend to extract their own fame from you and then the twist which completely destroys society happens to be the part where they will make people see them as famous and make people see me as not famous and this is where their rights tend to trump other people’s rights as it were, hence when I say popular culture is an evil thing people do not believe me until I make myself a target for it and the end product is that they attain such a thing while people play complicit and complacent through unbridled destruction of peoples family life and so on and now it is my turn to write books and sell them from which I must make millions like those who buy those music CDs they make abusing me and pretend they do not know what they are doing have done to help them make their own – this is stage two and we will find out what stage three is as we go along since it will never be over unless I had made my own millions as well; hence there is no such thing as the shame on me shame on me that politicians mention all the time, in a nutshell with respect to that in its own merit what happens here is that there is so much violence by which I am forced to think about other people such that I cannot study and cannot rest and cannot work and it must come to an end as I have always mentioned there is never a reason for it, besides which it is impossible to understand how they intend to be famous when they have no respect for my fame. Now it is also said what I say has no resonance with Politicians as such, which is not true; the reality of it is that it is such a bad time to be talking about homosexual marriages, added to parents fighting over the interests of their children and families will now be a case of parents at war over the family and the interests of their children and for those parents that are on benefits it will be three faced wars here, the two above and the one with the government over finances – no idea why they never make laws on this either. Then there are other issue where we elect politicians to represent the country and determine what the world thinks of it and using such a disposition to work out homosexual civil rights really helps and more so during a time of economic re –settlement; apart from their own problems of which I don’t want to hear it anymore since discussing the homosexuality on Sunday was the last straw for me as such, there is the issue of such matters as when Jaguar for example had decided they want to build a complex in the UK and a housing system in it for their employees and politicians have set off a social trend of those who will now be punished by new laws for homosexuals, I mean I am not saying these laws cannot be made or anybody is incompetent as such but there is the question of how it would have been made if these factors were considered – very bad time to be doing so indeed as it were, so what I say does have a resonance with Politics.


This then brings us to the issue of the trouble with Americans which is many faced; one face being that of how much of it I find myself in having been I think republicans are Christians when I have never said they are and reality is that Americans are very used to winding people up with provocative forwardness, encampments, dispositions and positions; we will have a new civil rights with his entire life or ‘I am having conversations with people at industry communities with the use of your property and who the hell knows who you are?’ Then it carries on until Pitch one on their territory for them and its all over the world already at this stage, hence it does not hurt badly enough yet and we are having strange conversations thrown around for fear and wickedness – for the democrats on the other hand of which its not the sin and wickedness as such but the ones they did with a big mouth so you can do them as well – I never said Republicans in America were Christians for my part. Then there is the other issue of how I criticised the American Policy on homosexuality and now I am in trouble myself, utter nonsense of course because what it really was about is the fact that the US President thinks that because he is allowing homosexuality in the UK Military that tends to affect those that have a Church that is run by the State. So what I did with it was take it up and place it in those circles where I put up a lot of equity to aid Asian Countries in their Political, law and order and other Internal affairs as may apply which was demanded from me e.g. like Burma where there was so much misunderstanding that there was killings and the House Arrest of a democratically elected leader and it became a global issue etc and of course I did cover it with all sorts of things to make out it was not my main point of concentration when of course it really was that American Homosexuality now affects the whole world and they are really winning – now they are more serious about issues and there is not a lot of playing around for any reason anymore.  The realities of it would include such matters as the fact I am not necessarily an unsuccessful person or a poor person per se, main issue being of course that with the whole process of having stopped writing diaries over being bullied into doing things they can get rich and famous and decadent with including violent things like a community of people which then creates the idea I will never have my revenge as well, whereas there is nothing more pleasant than seeing an MP grovel during general elections when the electorate knows too much about their business, each time they wreck my finances and make me powerless to deal with people I inform clearly that I work from home and am a writer and would not like them to peddle my personality doing fame and fortune but they will go right ahead and do it anyway and then make out more so that it is that I should have done instead of having a sweet tooth etc. In the end the reality is that we cannot get rid of a world where we put others in danger by getting jobs from them; I mean I for my part can talk about and communicate absolutely every aspect of that and keep it up for as long as I want because it is me, there are those that can do it as part of their academic work and yes they always say these ones live in a segregated upper class state but we can clearly see the reasons that is the case here as well – I am aware when I mention such things they will then go ahead and try to get it done but with their degrees of course, which sets out the same old story – they wreck mine and I wait for them at the Jobs markets and the industries and wherever I need to have my revenge as well from, for it does indicate they are so clever and I am located at the depths of degradation making a lot of noise from there thereof. Where the Politicians fit into this matter of course like the homosexuals make out I do the right thing at all times no matter how much I am punished without reason when the Bible is clear about what the sin of homosexuality is and explicitly states clearly the part where they carry out unnatural sex and not only do wicked things to people but also approve of those that do it too, is that the Politicians set out to ensure that this happens all the time i.e. my finances are wrecked and I end up in areas of society I should not find myself and of course think about things I should not when I am there as well, so that even if I could control myself they have got media and the question is whether when people are narcissistic enough and think all the time about hurting others without being held to any kind of questionable account for it, there are questions to it instead of an act of doing it and that is why it is the case here that when I have hurt in that way once then maybe it is a matter of opinion for those that do i.e. such things as the suggestion that people like me are keen to get rid of homosexuals on grounds that we expect there to be a case where society suffers if it does not do what good people want, whereas they can always use the civil service to publicly enforce their immorality of which nobody knows if they cannot see similarities between racism and a process where they recycle curses of wicked activities like they always do and when it therefore means everybody is racist I am necessarily supposed to tolerate it too. However when it happens again, then society is just a wicked place and if it happens a third time I am on my own and they can thereafter only question the activities of those they care about and not mine, which is how we ended up where we are today with things like how I have the ability to take up popular culture industry and determine whether people are famous or not no matter how rich they get; whereas such questions should only arise when I have sold my books and made millions at their expense as well first so there might be a sense of truth and justice in the matter, however it seems they are in a hurry so I will allow it anyway but again it falls back to the old issue of all that stuff people do to ensure they can apply such violence as means that when they work for things they run away from it and leave it for those that are more deserving of it and this of course is their plan for economic recovery and it is never clear why politicians have never thought it could be a point for conversation especially when homosexual marriages are considered. Hence it is the point where I wait for them as well at the jobs market and the employment market and the industries and everywhere that I need to.


The part where I am always nice no matter how wicked and unfairly violent people in society handle and treat me, makes no sense whatsoever because it goes back to this same issue all over again i.e. they ensure that people end up in such places if they want to deploy their lives to cook up homosexuality and in my case of course they have recently recovered from their lies and a process where I create a persona that suggests I am homosexual and which will mean I would murder anybody who has any stupid homosexual sex with me too and we got that close to ripping it up, where we are now is their second incarnation and they are blowing off their insults again like their glossy magazine idiots and insolent girls and it will not end will because there is never really a valid reason for it – never really anything that brings it on. Now of course they speak of how the Royal family is not so strict about morals anymore and people have anal sex there regularly, reality of course is that it was entirely expected with all those lies and accusations about things the Monarchy does whereby it deserves to be removed when it has done no such things and the Politicians are the ones that have done things that mean they deserve to be removed, knowing firmly that I have an office that is officially split between Church and State and do not have anal sex although I make it up and use it to whip people like they do me with the use of their wickedness and problems; there is never really an excuse for those attacks and I will never pass up a revenge – as I always say there is something wrong with them and I intend to get to the bottom of it. This is the full story on homosexuality and more – there is nothing about it that is not evil. A talk of it taking up my time yet again will see me move further towards my goal of ripping it up for them; the part about preventing me from being things I should not be of which is utter nonsense because they are preventing me from being things they want and they never want what they have worked for or created by themselves and I need no further explanations when it is about me. Of course it eventually comes down to the right people have to walk around freely without being fundamentally afraid but yes I have been there myself and the first occasion was the one where media tell them my work belongs to them and they assessed their size and what means they had to acquire it, these days it is all together about the problems of society and they are not going anywhere – I mean their Politicians do mention how I get around making things worse for everybody when day after day for years now its been a case of idiots from Ghana and Kenya and South Africa telling me they are my fathers and detaching me from friends I should not have violently and it never relents and never gets any better when I am not descended from any of these countries in question and so it continues until I observe them and they bring up the part about making me look like something racists want to stab or shoot, then I do it first to make them targets for racism so they can make even more noise about killing me and hence the feverish fear and hate for me in equal measure by them but no sign they are going away yet, in fact it gets worse because they know where my books are and I was never born with or taught any of these things by my parents, they did, for it is such a worthy use of my time and it will never end well either since I will not let it – there is never an excuse for it and I will never pass up a revenge. There is no such thing as going the extra-mile which then takes a load off peoples minds and then I complain when I attract the wrong company, its much like the old story of how much I hate black people when in actual fact like I am fundamentally geared towards getting an education and a job and a family, some people are fundamentally orientated towards crime; so that when I turn out to be educated to my first degree when I wanted to be to my PHD, they turn out to have committed a petty crime and ended up in prison for a while instead of become a big gang master with lots of power and social control and in this assume they should put in a violent opinion at my affairs and so on but the part that really draws the attention is the bit where they are surprised they attract the attention of gangs etc. For the journalists however they like to inform me that they are lazy as though I have not been aware of that from day one; that what happens with the BBC for example is that they are so lazy there that I can manipulate them – all I have to do is make the story ‘delish’ (or delicious if you like) and then the person who goes after it by being courageous because everybody thinks it is rubbish will have a scoop, so it works all the time and yes I hear they say they will work out how to handle me bearing in mind saying such things also explains why I would take offence to stories their managers tell that it is okay for them to abuse people like they do on grounds that if you tell people not to do a thing at the BBC it is precisely what they will do, hence justified, to which I have been waiting all my life, especially because it will likely take the form of taking turns with my anyway, hence the problem with it is that once one person decides to go against the plan it will fall apart and I can talk sweet indeed. The SKY people on the other hand are handled by the Murdoch Family, so everybody wants a smile from the owners of the business; hence I always handle matters differently i.e. since I also have journalists that are affiliated to me at the BBC it is basically impossible for the Murdoch’s to make my work available to businesses that want it and even if they have on any occasion do so at will – no idea why they had to detach those women from me anyway; wonder what difference it makes if they worked for them before we got together for a mutual interest or we got together before they worked for them. In the end it remains a main issue that these fools who make claims of royalty stealing a part of their cultural history they preserved to make money with will always be encountered by Royalty, it does beg the question which should be put to them of whether their great grandparents and their parents after that suddenly bumped into the Monarchy, however for me the reality is simply that once they raise the issue it indicates somebody has done them up already and they want my share too. They have their complains of course but the reality remains as it has always been; that your sense of relationships and what to do in one gets worse as you grow older which is quite unbecoming as a human being and that it has been achieved by stages upon stages on a daily basis of directly applied suffering on you to create a process where they have homosexual marriages in their foolish sub culture – no idea why Politicians never make laws on this.


In the end the problem with Politicians is not an emotive one, we all know that they love to wade into other peoples disputes and then find ways of working it out unjustly against those who personality they wish to deploy to make their careers when they are socialist or liberal, looking for trouble all the time but in my case it has become a full time job to handle me in such ways on a daily basis. 12 years of it so far everyday and there has been no crimes committed on my part against their socialist stupidities yet so far, while they continue to feel they need to get off their bed and make excuses with which to affect what happens to my bank balance and then threaten me with low life useless and very angry and violent idiots at their disposal, they even think it is funny as well for the time being; started off on socialist grounds that the reason I am a Christian is that I don’t want to suck peoples penis and then it proceeded to the fact the reason I am a Christian is so I can provoke criminals by grabbing all the attention and since I got a royal commission it simply went global as well and the insults got worse when it should actually stop at such a stage hence it moved to something else and operates daily too, all the while of which they are not true to their socialist and liberal views and have been having a good salary and a good life anyway – hence it is my view that they will stop or I will make them understand what it means to suffer and how it feels to suffer in such ways. I am not of the opinion that it is a major crisis as such, I already know that they cannot exist unless they are practicing violent discrimination against peoples children, hate the idea of people working hard and being financially successful because it takes that away from them and hence regularly insolently socialist that policy where they find a way into my life and wreck my finances and business and run off to media and politics where they try to make into their own what they see in my life which further aggravates this nonsense; the problem being of course that if this process of wrecking peoples finances and running off to own parts of their lives that you want was something they could achieve, there would have been no suffering in it and it would have been over in a short period of time so we can turn our minds to other things but instead what they want is capitulation from me with a big mouth and call it civil rights fundamentalism which I intend to take away from them as well and would make so much fun too if I let how much of it they have built up on the global scene referring to me as a problem for democracy to blow up first – hence the insolent idiots need to put it to an end or I will do it for them. So far what they have been doing each time I express an opinion about it is get into Gods Parliament and make laws that I am excluded from obeying or getting any kind of protection from because they own me and wish to do with me as they please for their pleasures and power and it is not clear what monumental idiots would do such things as laws about which some people are excluded and then again even if I were excluded, it is not clear to them either that when they turn up on my turf there is no law to protect them because I am excluded and so it goes on like that wickedness without end and I have to reach a point where I settle the fact the damage they do to my property is no longer a function of how incompetent I have been which has exposed me to thinking of the wrong things in the wrong place which they then latch onto with the usual socialist wickedness of course and hence it seems a real problem now that wealth distribution and social equality fundamentalisms exist because it appears that since they do, people will always tend to vote for that stupid party as well – hence for a start I will take it up and do it and they can do royalty as well, after all it is the reason they were poor as young people and started off the stories they tell today thereof, this time they will be poor and suffer again during their retirement – I am a typical example of the fact that it never ever goes away or change; what we hear instead is that my view and my position and behaviour is harsh towards people despite the fact most of these nonsense are a process of grooming me into somebody they can hurt and punish depending on how life treats them and everybody can see what I have had to suffer so they can have things like homosexual marriages in their sub culture: - nothing here is harsh, it’s just a disposition between the legal and lawful on the other hand and a group of idiots who have gone so far as to push things they can only do to me during my teenage years into my adult and family life by making laws that I am exempt from obeying and excluded from being protected by and hence in the middle therefore is left things I must do to them to ensure it is not funny because when it is, then the health issue I will never be able to control and therefore come to poverty, while their activities will become attractive to stupid young people like them.