They say my project has taken too long but it was always going to if it involved politicians spending tax payer funds on trouble makers I was supposed to have been familiar with at school while I am an adult that is no longer supported by my parents trying to get on with employment and other hazardous daily concerns; so that when they start to do it for attrition due to the ease with which I handle the matter and thereby stirring their envy which results in an outcome where I handle the matter by making the problem worse and widespread so I can get about solving them all the time, it is always going to take time when both sides behave in such ways on a daily basis. However the project has run from 2003 to 2015, which amounts to the best part of 12 years and that is considering the extent of the mess they have made well within time constraint. They would say I speak of their own but not mine but an example is NVQ educated society goons especially those who rent homes to people like me becoming their biggest assets recently while my Dad was educated to PHD in electrical electronics engineering and I am still studying, educated to legal executive level and they know their prognosis they are more important than I am will lead them to rough corners every time but have selected that behaviour as their main preoccupation never the less. It’s all worth it apparently because it’s a game of society and because that kind of game is always amusing.

The Celebrities and Politicians and Popular culture stuff is one about which I need to slap some hands off the Book sales otherwise it will never stop; the reality has always been for instance that whilst they speak of women abusing me because they exist to keep me from the access I have to industry at present, there are other women who spend all their time as well talking about those who handle property on one hand and the fact that there are those that actually own it as it were. Hence going along with the conversation is something I want to do which is why it is happening.

They do speak of how I think I have the right to provoke people on account I have a security guard job but what happens to them are an exact reciprocate of what they do to me under a sense they have built up that nobody will ever notice. Then again the problem has always been that they turn up at a shop premises to play up that routine of its my shop it’s my product it’s my money it’s my premises and so we all know that everything in their baskets and trolleys were already stolen before the shop bailed them out by providing a till – now they are creating extra work for me and robbing it all in my face as well, so I learned that if we cracked each other they would not find it so amusing as a whole, which is what has happened. They have no business with the products or the shop or the staff or the premises – they only need pick a product and go to the tills to pay for it before it turns out to have been stolen period.  That not even to mention the part about some co-operative sense of constructive dismissal I have to deal with all the time either; with respect to that an older man who needs money is more deserving of my easy security guard job and the Manager needs to hurry up about it and its all developed in such a way as I am supposed to feel it was all my fault – which in their view prevents a condition whereby if I become a sad and angry person I do not come back to the store to target them, whereas in actual fact it will beat them down really hard after I have been dismissed and hence the part I am really concerned about. Then there is the part where they instruct their children to play with products to wind up the security guard whom they feel has not got a real job etc, while I am supposed to find a way to get the job done in a way that works with them, while public transport operatives figure out which jobs I should not be doing etc. Then there are other security guards I disrespect as well, who have no wish to discuss their routine every time they are informed I am working at a shop near them as it were; what they discuss is which difficult part of their jobs has been a function of an escalation on my part when in actual fact we never actually meet or work in the same place at all. People behave in these ways because they expect others to become short sighted enough to feel that they need more information on the effects of their activities whereas they behave in such ways because they have chosen to do so and have been helped to ways through which to make it profitable too by Politicians; otherwise which it is apt to observe there is nothing amusing about or just grooming people you meet, whose names you do not know for a process where you are able to stir their stress levels for the fun of it – I mean I never knew what beginner symptoms of heart disease was until I met these people in the first place for example, while pretending others may assume that is the way you at all times when it is not.

They now claim I speak of symptoms of heart disease which I actually practice better than everybody else – the reality however is that I have no control of my own Empire because that is in the hands of a certain group of individuals in Europe who have always had a habit of abusing me in order to detach the market from the business and are now helping every stupid girl they can find make popular culture millions with it over every single occasion in which I challenge them over ownership of my property; so it is an example and I know why the Police is vilified by them so much as a result. Answering this matter is just something I have done, the reality is that I wish somebody does not blow off their big mouth about being superior to me like this whether or not they actually are because the result is usually that they will try to ensure there are no arguments suggesting otherwise and I will be the one paying for it all but for their part answering this matter just keeps taking us round in circles – I am sure it is not such a difficult thing to stop being seen around another person’s public life and literary Empire as it were. They say I need to write a real Book if I am interested in a writing career but I have no idea which part of my Books they think are not real Books considering they are written to make the one where they are groomed and set up so that others can take it out of them while they are at work every day as well if need be – I already know how to write such Books and it is the only ones I want to write and am able to write as well, since nobody knows what they take it out of me while I am at work for when they can see I am at work as it were. The advice here in the face of claims about problems of life that I can solve with great ease courting their attention is that my Books are not for them or for City Centre traders and workers, it does not mean that they cannot conveniently go off to the market and buy one after a fight with me that was concerned with making me write them a convenient read, it’s just a piece of advice I have given in order to be helpful and then it will all be convenient right up to when they need to fire people from jobs whenever they have gotten themselves into such a position. It’s not unusual; it’s an old story about evil women; these goons like to claim the Police are the problem but of course their backgrounds are instead and even when they have such backgrounds they will not seek out academic pursuit if financial problems can be solved by unemployment and popularity good looks instead and when they speak of it they are more interested in the violent aspect of their quest of conveniences that were supposed to make me see why I ought to spend anything I have on them if they wanted me to – but the twisted evil quasi religious and fundamentally stupid and filthy community croons with a sense of immense power in their Communities run free still; an old tale of why they are always so comfortable with a sense their fingers should be centimetres away from my bum every single second and of course the case has always been that they carry on while they complain; typically the whites like to make out handing my company and then beating me if I challenge them about control and ownership should result in their new job after they have anal sex with their wives – the blacks however speak more of popular culture fame and fortune for stupid girls and boys pillaging my public life and telling me what to do; they all complain but keep doing it.