I really hate it when people have those conversations they seem to want regularly about how different I am; I am not in any way different and by the way find such things abusive because the reality is that there are whites and there are blacks and there are mixed people but it is specifically me and my white friends that people want a piece of as it were and hence know how to look for trouble and will get some of those from me as well, especially for their Politicians – this society is good as it is with no racism getting all over the place and if the fact I have people I get along with is to breed some of those, I will burn their own for them too. I know people make up all these alternative ways of looking at them but I cannot; they are nothing but very vile bullies – you will always make the bad grades in school when you pay attention to them, you will always fail at your career when you pay attention to them and stooping to their level means an agreement to go under instead of go on holiday and that will expose you to all kinds of evils and dangers and of course they know this and it is the reason they like to chase me around and locate me and make contact with me and if it does not come to an end the last thing they will worry so much about is the International community issue, where it is important they can either get out of its corridors or get themselves off my books. The only reasons there is a problem with black men from black societies and their stupid women is that they are a collection of villainous vile bullies and nothing else and if their behaviour towards me does not come to an end and soon enough as well I will begin to handle them like what I think they are and they will hate my guts for it too. I do not think that racism is a major issue either; the reality is that people do not want to talk about spiritual powers they deploy to be rich and important all the time which therefore means civil rights will come through for them and they do not have to work to earn anything by merit for their part either and of course if they do not wish to discuss this, then I am not interested in any stupid racism; they need to discuss it so that they can find out the only way to settle how they feel after that is to end up in Church where I will be waiting for them as well to see what they get up to. They have become increasingly used to threatening me because they have cultures which means that they can kill people; the realities of how to handle that is that when they bully you and provoke themselves they will soon find another person to kill and then they will never stop making their noise all over the place as well but when you move in and take charge that would amount to imperialism and so I suppose I ought to write books and sell the books to take care of the problem instead but they are now after the books and this of course is where it will blow up too. Do I then feel people have no right to defend themselves against what I get up to? Of course not, the reality is the old question of why a Christian needs to know about their culture and then become so scared of them that he does things which inadvertently approves it. When they start and you know that if you beat them like a Christian they will want gangs because it is the alternative to ending up in church and losing all save face dignity. No sooner had they begun than we had found them all over the civil service trying their hands on how to enforce their will with it like it was their personal and private property as it were. I do not need these endless violent lessons from any insolent fool about the existence of drug dealers and murderers and rapists and so on to say the least and have no idea why they have their access to media with which they do it anyway never the less; they say it is about making me come outside to say things I need to say to people and yet you know that it will lead to the dividing up of streets and when you beat them the result will be a gang fight to the death as it were, so for now the way I deal with it is of course to simply handle things and make sure people do what I want without getting elected by them and from a distance because there is nothing they can do about it. They like to speak of how dangerous they are and yet we know they are reeling as it is from the last time I did them up and the number of times I have had the opportunity to kill them and not taken it while their big mouth blows off everywhere is incredible too; fair to mention then that if anything happens to me it will not end very well either and I want them off the International communities or off my books or that part will not end well either and may lead to the part where I get in and do it myself anyway. They do the culture and the threats all the time of course and so when it is my turn I become really keen on expressing how ridiculous it was that they did it. I mean they say when I say what I say I put myself at risk of course but I really don’t – I expect to sell my books and get my work done and the books about me and a collection of people they have indicated they would not mind killing with their big mouth, so I really have no idea what their case with the books really are; It’s like the stuff about the Falklands where you ask how it happens and it is said the British went in there and rounded up some people and removed them and settled in – so Argentina had never really gotten what it was about i.e. a nice little Island existed and some people want to wreck it for everybody just as we see at present, it is not a matter of culture such they say but the fact that they are wicked people and of course they are at it again, so we might need to dig deeper into the South Americas as it were and I don’t mind starting that off with my crazy books – I have mentioned before they are about me and my friends and allies and people should not do me favours buying them or reading them necessarily as it were and so have I mentioned as well they are pure propaganda outside of my interests and can be dangerous too; you know starting it off with my crazy books and an issue over banking for example. We give it to them all the time doing democrat and republicanism so that they can get around thinking they are more greedy and more worldly and more violent than everybody else and turn up on that left hand side to mess up people’s lives all the time – so when I am finished it will be a case of dividing society between capitalism and theocracy so we can be properly responsible for our actions and as for them, I do not wish to know and want them off my books or out of the corridors of International communities where they do nothing but attack me and get around the world for it too, talking nonsense about cultures and threats that I find very ridiculous because they cannot even beat my stories at present let alone if they become a reason to kill and the worst they could possibly do is create stories from stealing my stories so that I can create more stories from stealing the stories they stole my stories to create and in each case they will have become reasons to kill too.


Ultimately there is nothing different about me; people make friends all the time and those who have ideas about how I should and with whom are vile villains not civil rights people like they want to be known and will never be seen around here is a different way. It is not that it is culture it’s just that I am an evil person with a big mouth and a disposition of feeling like touching me all the time and complaining when I do them as well; bearing in mind that the parents cannot desist from turning up in public to shoot off curses at me and calling me names which is good for their personality and advancement as well and yet they complain as it were. The confusion for the most part is that men are always on some kind of task to convince people they are unaware the biggest problems they have created here with me is the issue of being a young Christian and therefore losing everything to sex and marriage and so it seems that when they are finished with how I sleep with peoples wives, how people will have me beaten up because I insult women, we end up in a condition where I need to redress the balance of society such that there is balance between men and women because women are a problem. The bafflement being of course they are not aware it is the reasons I attack them without reason as they like to put it, since it means that I regularly encounter obstacles that should not exist at all and really wind me up and we are not talking about academic work or job or finances here, those parts had become an established plaything for these fools a long time ago, we are talking about basic living, concerning which women are a problem when they are the ones that use women the most. The reality of the situation is that they serve the Prince of Wales of course and if they do not stay away from my public work and away from my books they will serve me too. Of course their big mouth always means I cannot back up what I say when I say what I say on grounds of their stupid confusions about the things that happen and why they do happen as it were; the reality is that the Queen governs as it were and they have to get to their media to be nice to people in order to be rich and famous since there is no other way to do it, thereby building up that left hand side as well and if they do not stay away from me and my public work and my books, will do the one of my office as well. Now I guess there are no more confusions to be had as to why the revenge happens and I seemingly attack them without reason, since we can all see it is impossible for them to leave other people alone and they do talk so much rubbish regularly about handling or touching me as it were and may get their chance one of these days as it were – these are the reasons I do everything so they never get the chance and the reasons I gobble up all the good stuff because I will soon leave them with only the violence for all those popular culture insults that are good for their ego and personality thing. For those of them that are priests I have no idea when exactly God ministered to them that it was how to run his Church by the way of which when it comes to the rebellion issue they fit the bill not me - especially for the female ones who talk like feminists all the time and hence it applies they must become female bishops on grounds that men are not like women demanded to go under and deal with problems of society in order to advance in life, whoever told them there was ever a point that God ministered to them it is how to run his Church anyway and by the way of which they will use my own if we meet in hell as it were. It is a popular delusion of course that people like them or that I specifically do, when they know their lives are entirely built around making use of other people to get rich and famous. The idea I have no regard for those who have careers around me is not necessarily true; its a case of 2001 to 2004 and what was most important to men and their media was to ensure that I have to deploy my faith to massage their ego before I can earn a living, 2004 to 2008 and they had pulled off wrecking my academic work and hence the cycle of getting back to studies and dealing with unemployment at the same time, by 2008 to 2012 they had decided all the way to the US they want to stifle my finances and have fun seeing me suffer and this is just half the story – the other half is that in each case they handle my property which is a criminal activity to do the damage that makes this possible and you do not talk with people like these, you break it or you break them and especially so for the American ones that do it along the lines of how tough it is to break the US – because of course you already know the US is not a country where people stick to their guns, they will tell you they do not like a particular thing and maybe twice more and then they let you do it because its America and that is your flavour; hence there is no time to say you want to chase a path here or there to see where it leads and so on, you have to stick to a line and get it done – hence a case of if you are stupid then no way but if you can make it work good for you and then these idiots fit in as very vile bullies and thieves for their part who cannot get off my television or indeed my books as well. Every other confusions are a function of culture and royal office thing for the most part; where you must wake up every day to be aware of the existence of criminals and hence for some people who have a talent for dealing with it, they are dubbed black Princes like myself for example and of course there are idiots in my world as well and they really love their media too but the reality of the situation is a simple case of questions such as when you do not notice the Pornography but notice the criminals as if there is anything you can do about it i.e. when she says she has given birth to and raised a really bad one, it is what media says about how you look at it on grounds you want to get in there and have sex which is so ridiculous you cannot stop laughing no matter how serious it is that becomes the most important thing, bearing in mind you can get in and have sex and raise your own as well as it were. I mean this is just to mention a few things that surround my work and office and where they fit in and like to make out if I mention all of their activities to be about their media ego and the privileged media job where they can do and undo at will with people as they like, involving also a process of getting the kids to provide the fame with a big mouth and hence the most important thing is always the matter of which women are most beautiful and can therefore be used to make fame and fortune and no threats over the handling of my work and public work and property will ever do either with a big mouth; so far I have gone around doing absolutely everything and anything around the world which can bring about fame and fortune and will soon leave them for their insults nothing but violence to deal with as well and so they have only that media to make this up with and because it has become such a problem is something I must take away from them, maybe my so called bluffs will be called at that point or maybe I am going to stop it there for good – nobody knows at present, all I can say is that they need to get off my books and leave me alone and that it is not a bluff when I say so. I do wonder who came up with the idea it is a new thing their entire existence is developed around stealing peoples world in order to have fame and fortune.By the way of which I am not being punished by any foolish thing - its just the case that when you have made it clear to some royal dunces that you do not like a particular behaviour, what they do is lots of media violence and manipulation of people until they are able to find their way into your government provided security and then cannot stop making noise about their daughters and their self advancement, however which the stupidities do not get any better soon and they look as though they have found their knish - I suppose my books are not hurting badly enough yet and I will therefore have to sell more of it; I mean it seems that for some people it is really important to get others into a point where any stupid woman can decide they have no right to earn money and then set about enforcing her foolish will as well but it is the media ones who want a conversation about it and cannot mind their business at all times that need to be dealt with because they commit crimes of handling my property when I have not asked them too and tell lies and excuses to cover their tracks for it, I am not supposed to pay a lot of attention to idiots who have access to my Government provided security either - only the books are set out on the basis of the fact that it is not that they do not know abusing me is a bad thing, its just that they like to abuse me but what more, they want to ensure the result is that I am mentally disturbed which will then change the quality of life I have so they can copy it and have it as well and hence my books are designed to hurt as unimaginably badly as possible while I manage my equities and properties in Industries that hold them in my trust and if it not hurting badly enough I need to sell more of it and do hope the fans and friends do not hold my frustrations against me too.