Silly games about the fight for a world where there is no war does not give any silly extortionist culture from Africa, religious violence from the Middle East, idiots from the Far east and Americans looking for an established western civilisation any stupid power over me because they can abuse people who are more important than they are instead of respect them; It is the Irony of life apparently, the bigger the enemy the more the women have to fight in order to help you have the kind of life you want and now they want to live forever as it were and bring up their antiwar ideas because they think that when they insult people they will have been winning whenever they bring it up.

Last I checked every time some women gets on Television to pick on Americans and their greedy violent Government idiots and the things they do to ensure others are not breathing properly, they were responsible for savaging the career of such women in order to be the ones that appeared on Television for the day, then wonder why people like me hate their guts. Boo boys Television scum and after that it is the mixed race games and the Prince they will beat up with a big mouth; of course they must be doing very well as it were, especially their South African friends whose part of the world is to uncivilised that they cannot acquire nuclear weapons lest it distabilises the security of the region but because they have a Geographically larger Country the abuses and insults no body asks any of them about will not find their own range because it will be another Zulu Dawn against the UK if they want (yap yap yap).

I just have every right to release equities for my Royal Estate for my living, none of it just like I have never asked any of them about their insults implies that when they vouch for a world without war they have won a great fight and I am now scared.