I mean I do think the Tories were poised to do well at the 2015 elections but their behaviour did cost them the election all together hence it’s the rise of the small parties in the UK but in the US it’s a much more difficult issue all together because they have ended up with a President that does not wish to do his job on account he will set off a problem for himself that has no name by pushing against the problems he creates for others with his foolish women, so I win again like I did with Labour in the UK. We all know we want growth of economy, we all know interest rates are very low at this point, we all know rich people have turned the same banking system we fought hard to restore against us yet again, so that only they have exclusive right to business funding and we all that with a government that wants us to cooperate with them is problems stored up for the future but the Tories want us to support them or we will not have small businesses that get to work for big ones and that is why they are losing the election too. As for me it’s the same old story of the fact they want to go again over and over and over and will never allow me get loans and pay interests on my talents instead; so we were done with that and are now at that point where their refusing to look into their attitude for the consumer because they are rather better off with stupid black women spying on me for information and a process of handling my products to plug their nonsense into the markets and make more and more and more millions is leading to involvement of media and popular culture idiots that want to make millions they have never worked for, alongside Political idiots talking nonsense about a single direction in which everything will head. So I am not on anybody’s side and it does not mean I have to be a villain either; they need to keep off my books, we all know people are pacifying them with advertisement contracts and modelling contracts while they bellow threats on what the US wants because it is never enough and it has its sell by date too – since we all know it’s the illusion Politicians pull on us that the US can determine what our economic growth is when I for instance am not in possession of anything that belongs to the parents of Barrack Obama for example and therefore cannot possibly have my company handled by him without consequences. It all comes down to the insults and the abusive consumerism and for all those who give the idiots the edge there will be punishment when I handle that stupid culture and society as well on account I am being competitive. The twisted black ones in America do say I was trying to break into communist markets and need to be cut off for refusing to cooperate as usual considering their women will pay for the anus and penis insults too along with their toy army children; so it’s the same old tale of get some shorts and a white snickers and dance around untidy neighbourhoods covered in confectionery packages which is what the Political blacks in the US are like and then they can put their money where their mouth is and stop talking nonsense. I don’t believe it is a serious matter all together as such; it’s the same story we have had with the labour party in the UK, in the US the people there have simply decided to let such trouble makers sort out issues by holding government office and not when they are being put down – so its horror story all round; the politicians will make the economic conditions worse like when Gordon Brown has to be relevant first before he releases bailout funds to the banks and the Tories need the rest of us to behave first before we get loans for small businesses even though we are paying the rich people who own the money interests, which proceeds to the Labour party holding peoples finances back until popular culture idiots are rich first and then make contact with the victims looking for power which is why they have ended up in a bad way around my case and the Tories are also showing refusal to cooperate with big companies that want to plug products into your market will lead to popular culture idiots consuming it to make millions they never worked for – outcome being that of people who are ever willing to abstain from working for their money while you do and 40% gets wasted on the audacity to have what they don’t hence getting punished by wealth inequality nonsense and the other 60% is taxed to hell to support their stupidities when they realise they need to pay their way in the world, just like Mr Obama in the US and a story of people having what republicans have as well; so what I mean horror story is peel off a leafy tree and find a fix eating its own guts and we will be in that situation as a Country; it speaks for it itself and both God and the devil do not exist and little children can join in on such tales as well as it does do them so much good. So it will be said I am thus encouraged limitations to be placed on the rich but all I have said is limitations can be placed on the rich if it is about subjecting me to a condition where I become susceptible to their sociological problems like they can give to the frugal even with their worthless money but that is not what I am talking about when what I am really talking about is being denied the means to pay interest on your talents because the rich have seen it and need to make more money for themselves with it as the Politicians that help them out complain about a protracted recovery process while they do it anyway. We hear them speak of the cultures I have offended but it is the same old story; their understanding of culture is a condition where kids are always wrong for instance so when they handle your possessions and you cut it up it makes sense, if they cannot live with it they can get shot by a terrorist or something and it will mean consumerism, otherwise it is far easier to keep getting killed by making people murderously angry and hoping to control the worlds wealth at which time allowed by the powers that be to kill anybody they wish, all of which can only happen when and if people are lazy about defending the possessions that only morality and self discipline could have worked for as it were to such an extent - they say these are very harsh words but I know of their evil and how they attack the effect prayer and Bible reading has on the physical appearance of a Christian for instance, they need to lay off the books and keep off my customers and advertisers, I do not wish to be doing their jobs as it bottoms out my finances.