The question now obviously is what we have learned about the Wars that have happened in the last decade – the response from those who should learn the most from War has turned already to a tale of the provocation caused to those that are literate by those that are not and it is not what it is about at all; what it is about is a process where a government spends 15 years of my time and tax payer funds to graft me until my thought process is crooked before they stopped and what I have done to twist them as well will be reverse by me because I am some witch doctor and the insults continue in that way endlessly with their media fools running it for them daily; so it seems it is done to achieve something, it is done for a purpose and that reason is that they are more important than I am and that is what it being put to the test here – how much money they need to be more important than I am is what we are finding out too. They need to clear my space and those anus and penis insults can only lead to outcome whereby I cut up that stupid popular culture permanently as well. Most of the time I do not think it is a problem - these are individuals that must do everything that is prohibited with their lives and when they ruin it walk around showing they do not want to be themselves anymore because it is possible to hurt me and become me instead and it is an evil nonsense that carries on because it is their choice to live in that way but the Wars have to be cleared up - that is definitely not a matter of the bad things that happens because illiterates provoke the literate by getting involved with them or pretending they know something they do not know and it is their bodies that will come into focus, of which the destruction of their finances was just the route to that, something I have learned from them as it were since they will never move on and go away, over wealth inequality really soon in my wake as well because the situation is not improving and then we will have a full picture as a society, what justice is supposed to look like when they are in pain.

It takes so many forms and tends to go on forever;  first it was about bulling me into a state of civil protest about them as Christian v immoral people and then it developed into stories about somebody they have located, from whose live they will extricate a new civil rights which is why the wars were important as I my public life was to be used to clean up any mess that comes with peoples burning effigies of their Leaders and the flags of their countries – now it is the provocation caused because I am illiterate and they are not and as I have said, it is their bodies that will come into focus for the whole of society as well really soon and then they can be somebody else somewhere else and I will end up creating a sense of what justice is supposed to look like at the end.

So is the question of how I know these things being applicable – but I am not an illiterate, I am a Legal studies student and now the public are facing the question of how many times they get to see the Media take such an interest in another person’s legal career – it’s become a quasi-legal career for them instead of a journalistic career, full of nonsense about feeling close to government like they have not learned enough about their need to be close to importance an revolution being extricated from me; what they like to do is complaining I groom people for sodomy and rip up cultures and societies.

I really cannot make out why Television Personalities complain about the Papers anyway; it has become a thing these popularity gangs that simply cannot leave people alone and like to walk around the streets abusing and threatening others with an assumption everybody is meant to provide for them financially do to chase peoples private parts and abuse people to talk nonsense about their left hand side and right hand side that was offended in order to make them react but the part where they are always inserting something unprofitable into my life and my Business before they carry on with anything they wish to do resulting in a cluster of stories that just keep giving for the papers being a problem for them when it is my public life and not their own is not just annoying, just really difficult to understand. It is not as if they cannot make use of my work in the knowledge I can react unpredictable if they had not obtained permission without acting in ways that are unprofitable for me anyway, it’s just that it is their Godless nature to behave in such ways but how they then try to keep those cluster of stories away from news papers who then intrude into their lives to get the stories becoming a problem is quite beyond me; it is not their public life, its mine. I hear they say when Papers support me I fight for them but they cannot support anybody but nothing I said here was about the Papers and I am sure any normal person will see them as a warning too.

So now they claim I cannot do anything without twisting it into a condition where it is harmful for celebrities and popular culture and even my job is bent into a corner and run in such ways by me but we all know what happens is that I can take a store away from a manager and stabilise it  but after that cannot hold it and look after it for another 8 hours in order to complete a shift; reason being that these fools have a Media of television and Radio to play about with. So I started the job from day one by the way speaking of which, with stories about how people with media and customer authority do not feel safe with me as a security staff in the first place and now they are complaining it seems to have created the sense that they needed more information and were not aware of what they were doing even when their public transport operators turned up regularly to chase my private parts while I am at work; so we have come to a point obviously as it were and there is nothing new about this matter – I am expected to think that the little people walking through a shop door are the thieves but the reality id likely to be that the accountant running the bank down the street is the one stealing money and bullying them to create problems for me and to compound that, these idiots have not really given up on playing up bubbles that exist between their Offices and the prison service as if I cannot play one up for them as well and the result is that need to take away my Finances and spend my property in Godless ways and push me into a gang – so now that they are complaining perhaps they wish to discuss it thereof (There is nothing unusual about this bad brothers story - the parents are always bad brothers and their kids are always bad brothers, all together however they are a collection of villains and if I am a security guard at a shop who does not solve the recent problems the parents have with controlling their kids they will damage the shop for instance and if I do not listen when the kids are provoked by the parents and sent out to bother me by stealing at the shop, then there will steadily exist more problem with a big mouth; it does appear they know I am about to crack down on that stupid Popular culture and its villainy as well, hence these tricks and games and it seems the Media that continue to support it and pillage my property has not yet grasped the full nature of consequences associated with it presently as well. We have only started talking properly about villains in this Country rather than talk nonsense about how their attacking moral and religious people was their civil rights as though we are peoples personal Gods on that stupid Media and of course they do speak of the part where I omit the bit where I provoke them and as far as I am concerned, it is okay if the Politicians lead on the matter, the reality about provoking them however is a different matter entirely as mentioned above - bad brothers story and their need to damage peoples finances and push them into violence is unquenchable as it were). So there is that tale of how nobody asks about my Leadership, which is none of their business; its the old story of make some money and turn up at a shop where I work to finger my bum and grab decadence and trap people in violence etc - so you need be made to understand that they know what they are doing as well and if they happen not to, its your insults that have caused it; the insults that ensure House wives falter at their duties so your stupid women and popular culture kids can grab it and make her believe she does not know what she is doing: I cannot stand in a shop to support people to go out and earn money to buy in the shop which supports in financially while they are doing that, and all hell will break lose if it does not stop happening with this Company.