Now they say I will hit failure pretty soon and I have no idea where that is meant to happen anyway but would like to fill some people in on how it might i.e. goons on the left with plans to get rich in the City getting in my personal space as if their lives depended on it endlessly while naming me a womaniser that goes around womanising everything and it is all added to their fellow idiots on the right who want to see me get beaten up every moment of their stupid time. hence what happens is that when they have block head children they will never ever discipline those if they can spend my time showing me what it is all about instead like they have got the right to.

Then we hear them say that they hate my guts because they envy me, which is not really the truth of which is that they hate my guts because it is something they have chosen to do on account the need to show their social groups and clique of friends and even their silly selves is cooler than I am; hence its always either the violence or the lies and accusation that I have to respond to all the time lest it creeps up on me and if I respond to it all the time will have time for nothing else but still have they again worked the violence off with media because it has to be lies and accusations which are violence and creep up on me when I do nothing about it etc, looking for trouble, complaining and finding alternative explanations for the reasons they hate my guts.

There is the other question of why it happens naturally; which answer is as simple as the fact he might want homosexual sex with me but does not want to ask because a no answer will lurk in his mind and make him an idiot for the rest of his life – so because he has fantasies of homosexual sex with me, the result has to be that I am unemployed for decades and then just like the community croons are taking advantage to extract feelings of sex I have refused to give them when I try to get to some difficult work by which I pay my Bills – perhaps one day somebody will have the homosexual sex with me and they will get the feeling from a distance and their hearts desire will be fulfilled. Every other reason they give for their behaviour is an utter lie and I want them all to keep off my Books and then whether or not I hit failure will not have to become more important than the job that pays their salary anyway – I mean as a whole they say Men are always fearful and fearful of violence but their capacity to build it is unfathomable in its own right, when you do not know that it is actually needed because it is how they trade, considering money is needed to control women and children. It is a completely necessary behaviour we will never see them exhibit with friends and family or show in their own living rooms but with a conviction that I may have entirely deserved it and cannot put their money where their mouth is when it comes to the hitting failure bit as well.

The questions they do ask concern the Politicians as well and they say it is the problems I create for those ones, which does not make any sense at all – since what we know Politicians are good at is that racism is bad but it can be good in a controlled environment because we foreigners never listen; so when they spend their time on referendum to let the Public decide foreign Police and Scotland which part of the UK they want to be, it is far better than spending the rest of my life wondering why they never get after the foreigners that never listen but tend to use them as electioneering tools instead.

So there are these tales of how it is hard for people to locate where I am heading next but that is as simple as the fact I have finished security systems for the dubious and untrustworthy women of popular culture and media and do not know if I will have enough health to complete the rest considering my finances are in such bad state at present and I am not coping well with the extra means of getting it online especially during Hay fever season. Hence it becomes a matter of tempting opportunism which causes me to pay greater attention to the fact I am always Polite and courteous as a result of occupying Royal Office because I am a very destructive individual and this serves a s shield for me and for everybody else. For instance Industry people thinking when matters have to be decided I will on the basis of some people being rude because they are developing means by which they can sell anything if they want to, which then becomes a tool that they can deploy in order to share the wealth of the very rich if they need to and that my decisions have to weigh on the differences between this kind of rude and the other kind of rude that is about ego and the fact it loves to grab other peoples jobs and one being used to punish the other but clearly of which is middle class and no matter what I do will find myself making decisions as per whether people push their wives at me as a life changing responsibility of destruction and vandalism, then grind society at me to select conveniences that tickle them and set out to sell my intellectual property for a living, to make their products more attractive, so as to turn up being rich and telling me what to do. They do say it would mean there are conflicting versions of my Books running around, which is utter nonsense; it’s about the sales plan and the books and the events that are supposed to decide the sales and if I have no trade in and no trade out for a whole week, I have to come up with a plan that solves the problem and yes their question suggests the case of what I am to use such a vast level of destruction for all together but has always been a simple there is attached to it i.e. all Banking Equities, so their rich stupidities might keep off my property. Hence my mind is not wired half the way that their own is.

When it comes to their culture and society and racism getting in my face and getting ripped up for doing so however, the general story is that People such as myself are well known and that we achieve nothing unless we have become completely mad about it and yet we consider ourselves leaders of others; it makes no sense whatsoever as I am aware of where the madness is, if there is any as it were and I do not know why their answer to a condition whereby people like me are then allowed to tackle the source of their insanity becomes a case that is all about fear and which one is the dominant power and why they always elect themselves to that position - I have never thought the matter to be a problem either, it’s about stupidities and what people want to use them for and I am not the one using mine to fleece Money off of other people as a basic form of existence, so when it comes to insanity, they will want to try and zip it in my view. It’s nothing new of the means by which they get into my personal space and sit around selling my life to get rich, which only works even better if their civil rights mean that bad things happened to them and their lives only improve if they have something pure to hit and attack with very intense and incredible violence - in the end it has always been about a simple question i.e. half the world’s population is kept in a perpetual state of dormancy, supposing some wanted to get out of it and you had the means to provide leadership, what would you do? Should you be punished for doing it? So it’s the same story of turning up on their part to sit about my concerns to factorise all I have toiled for with all kinds of nonsense associated with feminism and yet they have never answered the question of what exactly their problem with Women actually is; all we know is that the reasons for this is supposed to be that they want to be able to handle people’s property and educate them about the evils of Women, which of course I am not actually asking. What they supply instead is lots of facts about how little they know of how Women live, contrary to the stories we hear them tell to boast about their knowledge of Women and yet how much it is almost law as far as they are concerned, in their stupid minds, that what they know about women, simply has to be the applicable truth. I have never thought the matter to be an issue either - same old question they ask about what is so important about the Women stuff, whereas it is not important at all i.e. when you see somebody trip you help them up if they are Men and do not if they are Women and yet according to sensations of justice that we hear them complain about getting so little of, it is the Women that should be helped back up most of the time and not the Men. As for the story of why it is so wrong in the eyes of some, to deploy the lives of women as the means of seeking exit from problems however, it entirely depends; it depends on the fact we are all adults and our heads are full of problems and we all feel it when people have sexual fantasies about us or when we block them off and they turn to distant violence and social repression - so it’s all very well to pick on fiercely Monogamous persons such as myself, who may have masturbated at some point but is it the whole truth and worth their fame and fortune and alternative lifestyle vandalisms as well to speak of some of the results; so I suppose it may lead to an occasion of standing up in public to look into somebody's eyes and tell them to clear my space, to make sense of the fact I do not have to be cash strapped for decades while people explain away all I achieve with the actions of feminists and peddle me to get rich while claiming I am a Womaniser that is Womanising everything and yes they do say it will lead to a fight I will lose but again that remains to be seen too. We hear that story ever so often of course of how I am not dealing with my own problems, which is actually about carrying out some violence because their girls are not pillaging my finances to enjoy the high life when they are forced to look after women and want to teach those who suggest it lessons but cannot and that I started the provocation all together; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is as I have mentioned before – power accusations or not, they might want to take note that I am not the one deploying my stupidities to get Money off People.