They do say I live like a woman but it isn’t true; its the old story about attacking women even when they have money they can put up somewhere and get rich with before they even get down to it – so I don’t do things by half and need to ensure they are tied down for women to check how their activities feel and met out their own for them too; they do say I have achieved so such thing but they can tell it to the increasingly ever growing communities of bigoted men that want to exist like women and feel that women should be getting into trouble while they get indoors and lock up to teach them women a lesson; so I beg to differ and of course they are not killing anybody or beating up anything, they say that when their stupidities are being expressed at its best. It was common sense – I mean we have always lived in this life of Church, morals, Academics, Job, Savings, Pensions and so the large corporations tower over us as those who exist in its shadow and so on with a hatred for the poor people whose possessions they savaged to make them into the poor people they are because it interferes with hospitality they say but when there is an economic crisis they chose the most comfortable disposition and put their money up somewhere and leverage, grab somebody’s market, pile it high and sell it cheap but before that hit them first – so this is the question i.e. why they had to hit first like it is that cheap? I believe I have made myself clear, as it is never really obvious what part the media ones are playing anyway save the fact it has all come to noughts and the media ones are here to enforce the will of the corporations – I am to start chasing the book sales barriers very vigorously and I am sure they know they have been warned. I understand the problem is that I serve these women but I don’t; there is simply no way that a journalist that does not want to be close to you to a point but does not wish to stay out of your life either because it is damaging you when she does it, is going to spend her hard earned money on some book you wrote that is about Church and social order – I mean its like working in the Vatican as a Priest and thinking success lies where you get out of the Vatican with your robes and all and set up a fruit shop in the market place in order to drive up a personal income. I understand it will be interjected I could have said this instead of targeting these idiots but they do not get to address me as it creates me financial problems and causes encouragement for organised crime to exist and we don’t see them look into any of the crisis for their part anyway, so spend their own and spend what they have and stay the hell away from me.

They say that public Marches involving thousands of people in the City centres of Europe and all over the world has achieved an outcome where I am stuck with terrorists, there isn’t a truth to that at all; I mean that the general idea must be that they believe others feel guilty and feel regret and feel they have done something wrong for beating them down as well. I mean these are idiots that are happy to make self improvement propaganda out of thousands of people who earn £1 a month in the Middle East being killed by terrorists but think the world has changed when 12 journalists who earn up to £80,000 are killed by Muslims in their neighbourhoods for drawing Mohammed having sodomy. These are people who make propaganda against terrorists when teenagers take up suicide vests as a means of getting out of terror groups and turn out to surrender to the Police, so that they might have no way out and the terrorists might have no way of showing mercy. These are the idiots that are so disrespectful and happy to screw around with my books and earnings to mess up the way Politics and government operates in Middle East Countries to the the happy tune of thousands dead, then turn up to seek my personal life for security and talk nonsense about deaths that are a result of their blasphemy and the existence of Muslims in their insolent class and neighbourhoods with the power of the crowd, just so they can tell me what I can sell, when I can sell it and how in a condition where it is the only option I have for making a living because they have destroyed everything else and will not be punished for doing so and think people feel bad at some point for beating them down as well. These are people who think that their mates attacking them violently for being provoked is an excuse that justifies the privileges of injustice they seek and a good enough reason for it, hence I am now stuck with the terrorists and the whole world has turned against me in their stupid little minds. So I don’t know if rallies are the best they can do now as it were  - all I know is that the bloody idiots need to be helpful and get off my books; the way you feel in terms of your health because of their insults is one of the best indications of some of the most filthy and disgusting prejudice going on and I don’t have to come outside for anything, they need to keep off my personal life or accept the trouble they seek is they will find – been there done that written a book and now I am going to sell it too.

They do say I never pay attention to what reality has in store for me of course but I have no reason to – I am a government operative and there are others who don’t know what I know and hence make use of it when and if I make it public – they however are nothing on the other hand and so their insults can only lead them to a place where they feel they know more than their leaders and so there is always that interaction of you know more so here are the criminals and the trouble makers and the eventual tussle will result in some freedom of speech in prison and death in confusing conditions.

I do not consider these matters to be that of grave concern and certainly not the case of something I wrote in my books being used to crush the religion of Islam because it kills people either on account they know where my books are to use for their nefarious nonsense; the reality about these activities no matter how big is that they are based on two reasons and one of those is greed while the other is pure evil – so that the way it works is that they simply want you to give up your life, the one you built from when you were a teenager till date claiming they need to deploy it to get things they need to get done for themselves done and then start to show off a power leverage of those who are to gain from it as well and so the question becomes how you are to give up your life unless you are  dead and they come up with alternative methods of not existing for you with that big mouth and so the reason has always been that greed and that pure evil but the part that makes me so angry is the bit where I am bothered every single minute for the last decade by the media about how I refuse to comply with such demands but it could have been worse and this is where we are i.e. it does not matter who is supplying the death that they deploy as the ultimate loss to make people feel complying with such nonsense is worthwhile; it can be the government and it can be terrorists and it can be them the media and it can be anybody or anything, as long as there is death they are out to make this happen, so I am at a loss as to why it has to become a conversation all the time i.e. if I said they have their own lives and that this is not it nor am I regretful for beating them down as well then we will be going round and round in circles.

I hear it’s a matter of something I wrote in my books being used to crush the religion of Islam but there is no such things written; what I wrote was meant to serve the story of being told by some Muslim men that I think opening my heart to the world makes me a leader and that there will be grave consequences if anybody were to follow or agree with it and so what I wrote was meant to set out the realities around who is serving God and who is not and the outcome will then prove who needs to shut down a contraption that is not serving the God he claims it is; the contents of those books the insolent Americans of this planet will be changed by me because it does not work in the present conditions which are that the trouble makers in white societies are the reasons others have no right to breathe so if Imam sets up a group and its a terrorist group targeting white people it makes perfect sense.