I hear it said I am one of those individuals that are very cleverly discriminative and need to be caught and made to have liberal views but such is the abusive nature of those who claim they are being discriminated against especially for their alternative lifestyles – I mean I can be doing my business for instance but because it looks like I have several weaknesses especially in terms of money as a result, somebody will be very happy to spend days and months and years of my time running around on media to do so, just so they can make friends with Industry people who have money to spend on them in order to plug a product into my market place on media, get rich and have what I have and when they do that in a condition in which they are controllers of money, then I will have to give up my faith in order to have money as well thereby settling a deal with them before I am able to look after basic needs – this of course has nothing whatsoever to do with discrimination which is why their Politicians enjoy the stupid lengthy statements they make on behalf of homosexuals when they themselves are neither victims of the abuses of homosexuals nor are they homosexuals themselves. So it is no wonder things happen the way they do anyway since it is never clear why anybody would want to attack a homosexual when they are not homosexual and do not know what it means or what it does or how it feels to be one but the reality is clear as per people never attack them for being homosexuals – what happens in my case is that it is an every second every minute every hour disobedience with them and that has to do with the said light that they want to put out because it gets in their face and so on and it gets to a stage where the women especially their community croons actually become so violent about it that they are stirring racism in my direction and their Politicians are picking up on that too, whereby it has always been obvious that considering what racism means I should be dead by now and the only reason I am not is actually because racists either do not think for 100% that it is okay to kill none white people or that there is no racism at all – this is yet again is not discrimination as it were by homosexuals. The other side of the story has to do with being subjected to those that have power over you, which power if they had would have meant the process would never have been so abusive but it is abusive because I refused to become homosexual first when people were being disobedient at my expense and therefore they have decided they will play for those who have tagged me disobedient as their route to being important if they press that line of public nonsense, this yet again of which is not discrimination as far as they are concerned. So I have no idea which I am supposed to be liberal about at this stage anyway; perhaps the violence, perhaps the abuses, perhaps the insults, perhaps the destruction of property and so on but what I know is that an inhumane treatment for me is something homosexuals have really come to enjoy and so be it as it may that there are some that will take their own lives if prevented from being homosexual of which we Christians have a certain belief of how that should be handled, when it really comes to it, if it is their own lives, they have the right to chase what will happen as it were, I don’t like homosexuals and those that cannot live with it are not my responsibility: they like to think it is amusing that they can explain everything away with the idea it was all my fault on one hand and that everything that happens to me is happening in my head on the other; in terms of the latter of which the reality is that when 24/7 people are having orgies and parties and lap dancing and so on, the reality is that they are worthless people and it is not clear how they were hoping to practice these things either in Church or with the life of a Christian and indeed what exactly they were hoping to achieve by doing so too anyway – for the latter the story of it all being in my head is all very well but nobody knows why they are so concerned about me writing books anyway; after all the reality is that women are predisposed to react in certain ways when exasperated and homosexuals can always copy and make a public case for it to target those who possessions they wish to confiscate which is not discriminative and we all know that when they start they do not get the Politicians right away either so that you realise it has become impossible to spend time on anything else on account you need to clear up matters of discrimination against them while they cling to and pull back and forth your finances and business distracting you and getting off to find money to plug into your market and get rich in order to make you renounce your faith; these things require so much of their time that when they were young people the sequence of their lives was concerned with being unappreciative of those who mishandle women but they chose the easiest way out of the problem, when they became teenagers they again faced another about people’s behaviour but chose the easiest way out, by the time they are graduates they want to talk about things they know nothing about and it is not that they want the easiest way out yet again, it’s just that they want to get involved with me and have their homosexual sex in my personal life too – so this is very violent and very provocative and very discriminative stuff that the Politicians are never ever seen talking about because you are not letting them corrupt your faith to become important, which condition they know homosexuals will find amusing too and the list can go on forever but what I know is that they have done enough damage here for me to come to a decision that they are not going to get away with it; so my view of those who spend every 24/7 partying and clubbing and orgies and so on is that they are useless people first of all and every involvement with me will result in being damaged and condemned goods because I will never allow them to be free of me ever again i.e. they turn up here for a reason and that reason must always be found and located and resolved before they are free to go. There is nothing about it which suggests I am cleverly discriminative and need to be hunted; everybody knows they think that is not abusive and discriminative too.

We hear the talk of hopes and fears of homosexuals which I share but it is utter nonsense as the only thing they share with me is the effect of being a Christian being removed because they hate it so and they wouldn’t mind being seen yapping nonsense in public to get me killed by racists all the time because it would be all the best to find out how I would get out of it so they can copy. It does not mean discrimination as far as their Politicians are concerned when it seems that time and again they need to discuss other peoples discrimination against homosexuality while at the same time feel the big issues about it should be ignored as well which is what their involvement with others creates as it were; so that they want to discuss your discrimination but no plans whatsoever to sit back and discuss the bit about ripping up people’s lives for decades on a daily basis because they are putting out a light that gets in their faces meaning that are evil thing is eating them up and needs to eat others so they can continue to demand wickedness excessively while keeping the alternative lifestyles alongside it too but above all it tends to explain that it has all been a need to bring a faith I practice in my personal life into the open so that every democratic idiots can join my personal life as though it was a group so as to do whatever he likes with a pure thing. It’s the same old story; people do not know what criminals look like, Politicians are always misinforming people about it, they love to attack the Police because it’s an easy target and those who actually know what a criminal looks like are usually dead. So these idiots and their Politicians with a need to wreck people’s property and not face the law for it because they were only doing that so they can exasperate the victims to secure reaction that will offer them self improvement and career piracy like to think they wanted it the way it was in the 80s and the 90s and so on but are just low lives and low level foot soldiers that are freelance and have no sense of direction – need to stay off my book sales and take their civil rights along with them; it’s the same story about turning up on the street to meet an idiot that is old enough to be  grandfather who has a need to start an aggression in your direction around a story of fame you have stolen from him; they speak of pop culture being the part where my life is being operated because they never learn – the history of disobedience I have with that stupid culture is clearly not hurting badly enough yet as it were so their need to be seen around my finances to exhibit their own has therefore not yet improved. It’s like the old story of The Labour Party having a need to test what I think about being beaten every day, utter nonsense of course because they never understand unless I am putting it as simple as saying consequences will follow statements and body language you put up in public like an open conspiracy which costs me twitter followers for instance as per I am not a Politicians and you have got enough mates to spend time with.

Complains about British soft power and influence in the world is in no way a farfetched matter here either; the reality we face is that time and again when people live in far flung areas of the world that are detached from civilisation, they continually feel happy with the idea of giving their culture powers to some media or political idiot that is talking nonsense about revolution to turn up in the UK and force his dreams into fruition; it gets to a stage where it becomes a problem of international proportion and yet when they are informed about it they pause a few weeks or months and then start again with the next media goon that comes along; so it’s always a matter of making them keep their stupid powers to themselves and stop making problems for me with it. It is the same old case of being accused of making people these deals that put them between a rock and a hard case but the reality over this matter has always been as simple as my entire empire being explained away through the prism of the history of black people that these money mad abusive and unfathomably intellectual retarded low lives with a need to touch peoples private parts to get rich and so on supported by their media fools who actually like it when others are racists and are doing murderous things but have no plans to admit it thereby feeling they will duke out of me what I am supposed to do with myself and that big mouth they have got all over the entertainment arts Industry. It has always been a simple case of taking leave of their senses over what their service to the devil might regard as counterproductive and the reason being that they are gamblers who like to gain access to things that can help them gamble people’s lives and hence their obsession with Politics too and so because they know that doing these things that are counterproductive in the sense that there are people that will cause the devil to lose and certain position adopted by those people too which allows them to make their own choices to serve the devil as equally as others make their own to serve God and so on but will attack such people for instance because they are aware that in the end the devil can still win and be happy with them when people get killed and when people get maimed and when people get hurt and when people are made to suffer; so being that we all know they are always going to play these games for the express purpose of a condition where the devil chews up their bits to cool his temper until they set somebody up for him for instance in order to be free for a while and then it becomes a career at some stage, until they kill me for and that they know this will be the eventual outcome as equally as they know that steps can be taken to prevent that outcome, what is the next best thing? So we are good to go with a condition where they are made to understand if their stupid powers end up in the hands of a Political or media scum that uses it on me for they will end up with a problem as well. They do speak of being competitive and there is a beat that phrase in the air of course, it is not what they say when they put their fame and fortune popular culture idiots up to pillage my royal estate to share the good feeling in it with the world in return for money which has now created this breed of celebrities that make riches by abusing important people in a bubble where there are no rules and neither the Police nor armed forces can take an initiative with it. So they are not yet between a rock and a hard case, where they are is the part where they are complaining about soft power for now: Its not a complicated issue, its just those guys we used to see at school or University coming into campus in their cars and standing at street corners partying every single time we see them, finally grown up, so that they have got it all planned out and like to tell these stories of those that are scared of them, hence if it is fear they want they can have it the rest of their demands only makes me think they are bluffing - the more famous they are the more so; I have gone from the coward they were scared of to the coward they can now beat up and they have no plans yet to stop provoking me by not handling the Royal Property as it were or indeed addressing me at all as we are mates as it were, since we all know its about problems anyway and nothing good comes of it in the first place whether or not we were.