I am now said to be ravaged for the purpose of other people’s Royal privilege which adds up to the way that it should be. All I know of this matter is that I have made it clear I cannot account for a process where I ended up being a toy when people wish to fool around with Royal privilege as such and cannot remember an instance in which I had put myself in such a position either, so we can see these sort of thing is being done by people who wear the suits and tell us all they understand public evils and know how to behave differently but the only thing that will work for them is a behaviour which helps me prevent hoodlums from copying my personality to extricate decadence they will protect even from me violently and has something to do with shutting down access to the world of fame and fortune and if ending up in School means they got to punish me for the rest of my life, I had to bear in mind that I might need to damage that too. It never stops talking about fighting my battles to justify these things which I have no idea how that came about anyway, I know however that I am working hard enough at this Office to prevent unnecessary loss of life while that is getting completely out of hand all of the time; the talk of British enemies will see Russians at the top of it but so does the Russian leadership know I am not their employee or an employee of the Russian people, in the same way these goons ought to bear in mind Russia is a Country and not their Celebrity culture toy, which will have tended to make sense to them of the fact they are not in charge. So it has always been a story of corruption at the Monarchy which quite interestingly allows media fools blow off their stupid insults at me all the time, as astonishingly they had already become a part of it, a part of it they had become for the purpose of running off all sorts of nonsense about my Books being so dangerous and I being such a prancing goon people want to find out how the story ends, a behaviour they would not be out of pocket if they stopped, is not linked to their jobs description and is completely unnecessary – so far of which it has already fed into the business of these corruption goons getting local hoodlums and criminals as close to my person and living space while spending all day churning my tummy and building me a Public image on the effects of all of it, much as I have also warned them it is about to end over a fight with the Media. Hence in terms of getting married and settling down, we all know I have indulged them everything to do with looking as if I am working very hard at a Royal Office, such that we have reached a point now where there is nothing left to do, save get my Books shipped to those who need it and raise funds for business with Family and alliances, which is what they spend their time damaging presently to claim it’s because I am still single, Royal duty lies unfulfilled and the matter at hand for their behaviour was expressively one concerning Royal privilege. As for the story of me being a coward, we all know if I said I am not an employee of the Russian Administration or the Russian people it would not be enough for them until I had gotten killed for it to improve their sense of public place security, same as the story of their corruption over me spreading all over the world to make sense of the fact they never do their wars, discrimination and racism with Countries they built, so it has to be something they took over to execute their revenge on those they blame for their problems, hence usually a stage that makes it clear I am in charge and they are not – the media and Celebrities especially need stop passing their insults at me, stop following me around, stay away from my Books and get organised for the job that obviously makes their stupidities so pompous. In retrospect of which I don’t know why it is assumed that if I married a poor person the ability to execute my Office would have been affected or hampered as such – I mean do people work the prostitution Industry in this Country because they woke up suddenly on their 18th birthday to realise they have no idea how to do something that will help pay their bills, would it then have applied that if I married a prostitute I would not have been able to execute the premises of the Arch Prince’s Office? They do say if I said there will be conflict to show for it as such, but this was beside the question of preventing me from finding a classy wife on account I hate their Celebrity culture and therefore the need to disobediently handle my Books every day.

Now I told there is a sense that I allow the bad things happen and make it up as I go along but this is not really the case – what really happens is a matter of when decisions are made; I could get attacked and bullied but it will then get to a stage where I had decided that unless I was going to start doing something that affected the finances of somebody small neighbourhood business that lets him think of his hands getting up my bum, churning my tummy and building his own community that shares such an idea, looking over my shoulders all day, the behaviour and the society which facilitates it will never improve; so once I begin it becomes obvious they already hate my guts for shutting down access to popular culture and are now attending school, which means they want to put a label of Bum on me so that might be able to bully me every second for the rest of my life because they got off Celebrity culture and went to school, then also meaning I may have to break the school attendance one as well. The shutting down access to popular culture one was largely a matter of making those statements that I have a personality they want to fulfil their dreams with and must be one of their kids on whom their future depends, the same way we see that the Media is happy to get around with Royal corruption while it does not depend on them and by them time I got them off that, the outcome of what I had to do involved the business of them wrecking my academic work by showing up to build on me a crowd that had ideas about what to do to me over my personality, so they were interested in a world where people were talking about career and academic work because of the personalities in it that could be dragged down somewhere that some will be used to make popular culture entertainment products while others will be destroyed as part of the process that led to them being Media moguls and it cost me my University education while they have built on such a result as a major achievement. What happens with this sort of thing is that the Celebrities spend time making sure people are unable to study at school or learn anything at work and once people were done fighting that, they ended up stuck with people who wanted their personality to become media moguls with and then get around with the Celebrities later, their position therefore serving as one that kicks people when people are already down and each time they are shown what it feels like to put people in such a position, then the stabbings and shooting and organised crime ensues while their politicians pass around both the abusive blame for who is responsible and the insults they think makes them even more important at the victims. The insults of the Politicians of which I am full to the brim with at this stage but they have said that I am not listening to them telling me I am ruler and Prince of nothing, whereas the main issue was that I got a Royal Commission and an environment was prepared for me to get into an academic environment and select a study arrangement that will allow me get the job done – this environment has become the milk that their political stupidities want to suckle as insultingly as possible all the time and hence does not mean the damage to my academic work makes me any less of an Arch Prince that will be likely to tolerate more of their insults when he does not want to, they however have continued to claim that they passed around those insults because they were very important which leaves me wondering whether human beings really can be this stupid. People can always get into Government and learn how the job works, learn how the various arms of Government operate instead of standing up at the Shop floor of the House of Commons, pretending I am a piece of meat and they were a handful of rabid Dogs.

They do claim I spend my time tackling nice people and not racists of which its never clear what has convinced them they were nice people, just as we know they claim every thing I say is meant to extricate a process where I was forced to gain a soul. I could never make out why a group of people who show up all the time to threaten me when they have money problems and seek to ensure they were able to destroy what I held dear so I might be caught up as some form of blackmail that lets them get anything they want off me as if we see them give their own to the frugal, would think they were nice people anyway – we all know if a racist met an ethnic minority their size the prospect of winning a fight is less, so they will not be thinking about the superiority the entire time anyway, that the biggest racism based risk is the Media and the Politicians, so they show up like that to be nice by wrecking the academic work and finances so that I might end up being so abused I can make sense of the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of such goons, then get told what to do by their stupid selves, as if nobody knew that the failure of a system where I get threatened by the boys in the neighbourhood each time they had money problems was going to lead to such an outcome in the first place, that I have not spent some time at Church which has informed me at least in part of what that which is purely evil looks like all together. The real reasons these things happen is that these goons are afraid of work; when we were younger it was just the fear of work and as we grew older they started to add up to it the business of being stupid people that relied on others but now we know they are reliant on their victims not to respond to the abuses associated with everything they need to do to take advantage of those who will be working for money and then get away with it, which is what it is really all about but I am now completely fed up with that story of tackling nice people when the racists are getting around, so I need reiterate that I want them keeping their distance from my Books and my person as it is about to end with a business of getting out od bed everyday to ensure checklists of what I have done to hurt the media have been filled. As for the story of a lack of soul or maybe not, it has always been a matter of the fact they forget their place; I got set out as a character that looks like the Millionaires of today and since then it has been all about their whiles; no plans to work for money, no plans to show people a portfolio at Industry a hope that somebody will give them something to do or show up a trick, they have only got plans to build an abusive incentive at the expense of some characters that could help the world by giving up their position and achievements a one less successful person that gets on their nerves by being successful, which hoodlums that get around with CEOs and managers talking nonsense at me about how I will make no progress with myself until they were rich first and imagining their fingers up my bum depending on how much they need it all day, looking for more of what they were complaining about, may cash into as an incentive and its only progress from claims I set about extracting an income from parts of other peoples companies where the relatives of the owners should be making some pocket money, to express something of the fact they are always tired and these are whiles they make their way in the world with that they cannot give up and its all the fault of the Monarchy due to the activities of Government; never about whether I have a soul or not and I am fed up with hearing I need to tackle some racists. Looks like I will need to protect a Royal Hermitage Literary Empire from them by picking it up with the abusive street Managers who fail to understand when you got them into a position where they were kicked each time they are already down as well and burn it back to where it all began.

Their excuse has never failed to be one about my activities playing into the hands of British and American enemies but that was after and not before the stories will never go away of how I am friends with terrorists, getting off to the east to secure some cultural power from a guru that will help them dominate a boy on Media and all various other forms of abuse, eventually culminating in working towards these statements they make that religion in the problem of the world and American ought to tackle Christians once they were done with Iraq and Afghanistan; so we find that it has gone off to the Communism issues to build a new one and no matter how hard I have tried, built me a Court of Female Journalists to help me work this system of people who get along with British interests and may want to move here for business or residency and although the disposition of these people facilitates the jobs they do at National security, they also need to ensure no stone is unturned when it comes to the business of their wives savaging my finances with Celebrity culture and Hollywood while they seek my Royal Hermitage all together, putting the lives at risk, so this is what would have likely been the cause should it turn out that they were betrayed for most of the time. For my part, I want them off my Books and an end to their insulting daddy stupidities following me around especially at the academic institutions, otherwise I am only going to get worse – all I have done so far is write a Book, in any case of which it has also stopped the friend of terrorist story, even they are not friends of terrorists the last time we checked, even though we have heard them put out all that abusive nonsense about teaching people facts on being real men by getting terrorists through UK Borders under the guise of field co-operation, as stupidly as possible. They boast that they should have been able to get away with such things in the 1960s until a busy body meddling git like me showed up to make a mess of their business but in the 1960s there was no whole sale copying of British Military designs by Communists on account they wanted to be free with other peoples income margins and property and since the Military was thinking about incorporating some care for soldiers into operation processes, they had found a new convenience to trade off in enemy territory and spend time with their Celebrities blowing off the big mouth at me endlessly - while we all know that when their teenage Children buy a Ferrari to display on the internet, my problems will have become many times as bad.