Now we are facing this case matter of whether imprisoning people does actually protect the public and how much protection as such the public gets from it too; it is incredible that they ask these socialist insolent questions in the House of Lords but it is another example where people hate my guts over a certain behaviour but continue to carry out the same conduct – what we are looking at here is an avoidance of the fact they are supposed to come of up a paper if the matter pressed them so, come up with a paper detailing which item of criminal correction means that the central figure which is the person that is guilty of a crime is facing a condition that is counterproductive as per the activities he is supposed to carry out in order to rectify every situation that he had invented into the general public and its public life by committing that crime and then decide which ones others should be made to have a debate with them concerning the process of discarding not stage a story in the House of Lords about whether or not imprisonment actually protects the public. It is not an unusual matter either since we all know what they prefer to do instead is seek out conveniences that will allow wealth equality and social equality and the feelings of it that can be made real through corruption and deployment of public funds for personal gain which will then make corruptions a legitimate idea for wealth distribution – so that what becomes of it is that they invent really stupid and destructive behaviour and statements, separate their homes and lives and families from it and insert it into the general public for the purpose of debates in parliament with other people every time, pretending that absolutely everybody assumes that they are unaware of the effects of these activities, which is where they hate my guts so much because I find it impossible to let them have any of it in hell as it were. Yesterday for instance we were talking about how I get to assume authority that I do not have and yet the last time they said that it became a series of activities that grew and grew and grew and eventually culminated in the Ministers expenses scandal of which the fall out has only begun to show up now i.e. the extent of the effects of civil service fat cats they have appointed over that time period. So what they are supposed to do is come up with a paper detailing which items in the criminal justice system that provides a means by which criminals that take action to reverse the effect of their activities on society is having a counter effect and debate to have it removed, not make statements about whether prisons actually protect the public; which is where we get to hear the criminals themselves tell us they need this so called punishment, so that they can talk even more rubbish about wealth distribution and it is a perfect example of why I hate that stupid quest for conveniences so much and when I say stupid I am not being abusive, it is actually so insulting and so disdainful it is impossible to understand why they turn up at government at all if they feel that way about the system and the country itself but this wealth distribution being enhanced by the fact criminals tell others they need the punishment is another example of how some peoples civil rights involves a process of turning out to buy them the time they need to work these stupidities into people’s lives and institutionalise in the version of reality they have invented on media at the expense of how their victims have reacted in order to believe those lies they tell all the time and for which they hate my guts so much but are still doing it as it were. They do tell me I cannot back up any of the things I say and do but it has always been rather as simple as turning up to  get back that society and culture so we can find out as well; otherwise the reality is still that be it for mocking me or for financially ruining me or for abusing me, they are out there attending school these days when they have become fond of chasing Politicians around to secure privileges of injustice on account they want to beat me up – so that is definitely a positive considering how useless they really are; sop the answer is a yes; I can back it up. It all feeds into this matter of republicans; nobody knows if it is the fact they have appointed themselves onto a position where they get around homogenising the Country that winds people up the most, hence the Canada problem resolved - the Scotland one is still daily fun.

I need to avoid this conversation so they can go into government office to get a job done and not seek out conveniences. I have mentioned the warning before that they need to cease inventing stories at Parliament about the condition in which I had backed down; we were all there when Blair calculated I was so insignificant he had to build up my person and public life in a place where I can never reach it and then manipulate street and gang conditions as at 2001 to get me killed along with Alistair Campbell his spin doctor idiot that cannot lay off it from my Christian public life and his immoral stupidities he finds amusing all the time. I have warned them a fight with Politicians is the answer to everything since it is still not clear what I did wrong to deserve that treatment and why indeed they are all turning up at that stupid parliament to dig it all the time for their personal pleasures; I would advice they don’t push it as we can see there was ample evidence I would have them where I wanted them if I wanted it before they took that risk and I do not believe anybody will ever be relieved on the goodness of the explanations they will ever give for taking the risk all together. So the invention of being relieved by an explanation here is because I know well the language of my parents from Africa and understanding always tends to means relief. They do mention relief like getting sodomised all the time with a big mouth and cannot work out these things I do kill sometimes as I have warned them enough time to concentrate on their driving when they are on the roads if they see me walking around my own concerns as it were to start with and of course they do believe it is a mystery to others that they are evil people – like finding out if imprisonment actually protects the public.

They do ask about the potency of what I can do if they refuse to get off the tale of where I am supposed to back down so they have their answer now and can continue with the story of how I always use their lives and culture to get things done instead of use mine until I start to pay attention to the fact their popular culture powers are developed around using my fatherhood to raise their kids without making any effort to behave like men, using it to have sex with their wives and do my stuff and to that end of which their own is hurting all the time as well because none of it would have been possible without systematically getting financial damage activities from Politicians wile I continue to work on my projects; they were never invited or asked to get involved and by the way of which the Monarchy does not say I use British culture to fix my problems, so it would be really difficult to extricate any kind of fact or truth from this nonsense. They do speak of poverty and I cannot make out which one was not created by liberals and socialists in the first place anyway; we all know that it’s a matter of a whole society of people needing to be in one place while ending up in another and that these are the only group of people talking about inventing problems that will get rid of the Monarchy to tell me I deserve their behaviour towards me because they have problems as if such a fact was mystery when we know they are pure evil and always have problems for that reason. It’s like when they are between 13 and 25 you must rip up their lives and finances and make them feel they need to defend it, alongside plans made to ensure that they get there just in time to secure a job and save up for their pensions because their problems are your personal glorification and then there will be no poverty. We do hear them speak of moral capitalism all the time as well; since the ten years you spent working on a project while they spent theirs learning how to steal as mentioned above was immoral as it were – so when you make any money you have to share it and then the hurt can make the politicians feel powerful; they need to get into government office to do a job not seek conveniences and clear my space on that. They do say it’s about market and while I talk I am not getting any but of course it’s largely a matter of paying somebody that can do the job of recovering my money from them which is what marketing operatives do; the entire world now knows all about my case and it shouldn’t be difficult for an average marketing operative to achieve it but if I said so years ago we would not have had any fun for it was important to be forced into violence first before I did the career in order to change my quality of life and make it somebody else’s own using public opinion, it was important to reinstitute the reality that there will be no peace until the state of affairs where they know there are things that only the great and good and not they can afford and that those things are beyond their reach and they will never ever have them for of course they would not settle for the one that came naturally.

We now hear that I have no public life for it shall be deployed to clear out all things concerning my dodgy dealings at the Civil service but that will not be difficult to resolve either; I am preparing to set out dates in which I tour for my Books every year and they can come round and tell me that while I am at it too; otherwise accept that if they started such games there is nothing stopping me from setting out publicity platforms that digs into the catalogue of sins that have been recorded on the company website since their incessant government office vandalism of my property began and there is nothing wrong with setting out the idiots who vote for them do so in order to set out money that ensures their stupid children can attack people because they want to use peoples personality to make fame and fortune with the saved up money, which is why the primary prognosis of all they want to do with government office is intrusion into people’s lives and lots of destruction and vandalism especially that of a financial kind, then make out that for those that are big enough to cause them problems for it, such they do have a responsibility to government and society. I don’t think the matter is a problem; I need to understand the only two things I have to deal with concerns matters associated with being the face of my Books and keeping my job without having to contend with their constructive dismissal nonsense to finance my needs and then there will be no problems; it’s like when they say black people control me when black people who shouldn’t be found anywhere near me have only gotten into that position in which they are beginning to see what it would look like if I got to spend that stupid history of theirs and the culture and all else on myself because of course if I told them to stop ripping up my finances to ensure people deploy my public life to make money extricating the perks of my Royal Office it would immediately become their main preoccupation, claiming they are making sure that when they speak of problems created for black people by white people there is no body that stands as an exception. So people don’t just ruin my business and go all gratuitous all that, in order to go home and move on and for those who have government office especially since it is impossible to put their case down to my own incompetence as it is something they should never have gotten into a habit of doing or doing more so persistently - there needs to be a new plan. As for the celebrity ones; it’s all very well talking nonsense about ruthlessness and its importance to financial success, when they start to round me up at the shops, I will start to find out what they are made of as well; people like to think it is nothing to be so worried about but I have actually had enough of the fact the female ones have problems and were sexually or physically assaulted at some stage in their lives etc and have become obsessed with levelling games of constructive dismissal and property equity destruction on me, while for the men I have made it clear nobody is preventing them from going off to serve the rich as it were.  The reality here is that people really do not know how these celebrities do it anyway; I mean there are assets in this company that exist because I have celebrities at Court and if they are grinning because of me while they put their faces on glossy magazines that would be understandable but if they are ripping up my finances and send out scouts to  find out something about my body language then take pictures of themselves and display it doing the same body language and then flatter me and soon after insult me while doing it and soon after threaten me and soon after pressure my employer to get rid of me because they are so high and mighty, I will want to know if they rip up my property and finances and show themselves grinning on glossy magazines because they are laughing at me but they live in lala land and it is not clear to them it is a serious matter just yet as it were. I have celebrities at Court and the way they conduct their affairs are to express the fact they share the trust of assets I have set aside on their account, they have a personal life with me and do not want people to share it – how do I deal with such destructive nonsense then? They say in their defence that these my people act to cost them money which is then something that happens magically considering this problem is endemic at this stage and it is the same story with the Industrial Court too. as for the part about how I am angry when people sort out my problems for me as well; it’s an old story where the fact nobody is preventing goons from going off to serve the rich should mean according to them that Mr Italian for instance want to take pictures of his girl on my intellectual property so he can get rich and spend my money; if I don’t want it done it becomes their main preoccupation and it’s not just the Europeans, they are everywhere including the Russian ones too and really love to play I am American migrant routine stuff which I don’t want to see around my concerns as it were hence the problem we have presently. It’s never rue either that I keep all I do away from Politicians thinking they don’t know how I am doing it but of course I don’t as people are supposed to come to this Country and are supposed to find work when they get here not snoop about discovering what is happening; as I made it clear earlier, I can take them on any time especially over the need to gather around with their Industry friends and feel like creating problems for which the British Army will be deployed and I have made it clear as well nobody is stopping them from going off to serve the Rich people – we are settled at this particular point if they  lost that is in terms of how these things happen and I have made that clear as well – we are settled at this point and disrupting anything here will lead to an outcome whereby I start the process all over again; nobody is stopping them from going off to serve rich people. They say what I say sound racist but that is much the same as politicians telling me I cannot stop the racists whereas the racist were one part of the spectrum who could do whatever they liked and the politicians were their counterparts on the left. They do say my actions do nothing but put people in jeopardy but it has always been an old story about the stupidities of those who find new things about the lives of the rich because recession has brought them to the  point of access by the poor which then still makes them rich, turning recession into a trend, have always talked about and will not find another way thereof to resolve their itches; they will work for nothing in lives, if civil rights and the process of saving money for fame and fortune so that they can select what to work on and on whom to work on disobediently and very violently to make out they are ruthless at getting rich and that is what normalcy looks like too yapping all the time, can get it done for them instead; we hear them speak of how I have been found out and now all I have will be gone by the morning which is another big mouth wagging as we all know there are endless numbers of young people out there behaving exactly like the Politicians all the time, stealing personality, stealing fame, shutting down peopels lives if they cannot have it - at least they have now toned down the story of where I am supposed to back down with that big mouth anyway.