There is this incredibly annoying talk they have brought up about the clash between Millennials and Baby Boomers and we all know its this nonsense factorising all I own and do or it will likely be a story of the difference between the Girls that live in the East End and the Girls that live in the West end of every Country. These fools have no plans to sacrifice themselves and keep steps ahead of Politicians in order to protect themselves from being used in ways that encourage extremists to make experiments, what they are interested in like we see is providing that hell of a queer service that industry scum can buy into as they explore the throes of local consumerism, which largely involves damaging my assets to make their own important to me as a means of making me behave according to their will, then they tell me I will get into trouble each time I remind them they need get off their nerves, watch their mouths and stop being so stupid. I do not need any Baby Boomers Money, I want them to get off mine and stop providing that stupid service they have rather become used to because they think everybody fancies their practical jokes or will likely fancy it forever. They do say its all about ageism and I wonder if ageism applies to the person that is the same age as they are in the neighbourhoods simply because they want to invest in what I am doing; so this gimmick giving rise to talk of a clash between Baby Boomers and Millennials we can see is put up by idiots and never going to end as well all together. So after going through hell to show Industry trouble makers I am not running a business under the shadow of their companies, extracting an income from how it has changed the world without making proper references on account they talk too much nonsense with the media they clearly do not want to have in peace – I am now stuck with a funny gimmick that amounts to a clash between baby boomers and millennials that clearly does not need to stop as far as they are concerned. So it does become a case of when people fear what they do not know but the whole business of doing all these things on account I am unpredictable is a product of talking insults that says they want information from the Horses lips like they read their stupidities off a dictionary when I write Books is responsible, followed fast by their need to get involved with my concerns without reading anything I have written and their need to have their problems solved by those who know more than they are while they hold positions of leadership – the result is that they cannot predict what I will get up to which means that I am now in an existential trouble with that big mouth. They say it is actually true that they have most of the wealth which has no basis on reality i.e. every thing baby boomer touches gets damaged except their family and general public celebrity culture, then there are the bits where its whole stupid life is based on doing things which are unseemly my direction so when I support people and help them earn more and they want to reward me by buying my Books, their foolishness can get around extracting money from it with media, then it gets better around the academic work where it needs to ensure you do not complete yours while it completed its own and got off to build up savings for the purpose of having more money than you do – the one where your plans will fall to plan b and c and d and e and f until it is the plan that will hurt it seriously before it stops, then there is the bit where it clings to my Royal Estate and suckles me to get strong enough to fight me as well, progressing to the part where it extracts money from my public image to dominate me with all the time; they do not have all the wealth and we are getting nearer the point where they will not be having that stupid celebrity culture as well alongside. What really happens is when a company brokers with men and creates a product, so the product has arrived in the neighbourhood, baby boomer has now started a campaign to ensure anything to do with me does not get bought or sold and it becomes a real problem I have to deal with, nothing like them having all the wealth, reality is them making all the trouble. They say they want to destroy the Royal Estate Empire Community and that is okay provided it proceeds according to what we have at present which shows they need understand they have started and hopefully they will not be complaining about the results as well, the bits where they know nothing about those Industry Communities and are always showing up here talking stupid daddy insults about whom nobody really knows, making a mess of themselves, where the fact its always about me is about to stop as well, baby boomer body looking for trouble all the time. We even have these days a story about Monday blues that has become a social state of affairs; what it does not indicate to their stupid minds while they rule the world is that their leaders are getting out of bed to do nothing at the Offices; so people just carry on and by Tuesday they have done it themselves and are waiting for the weekend when they will get some break, year in and year out; what happens being that I provide the leadership for those who get involved with me on my social media and it has already become a problem for baby boomers who have all the wealth. I do get told I need to acknowledge I have gained from the civil rights work they had done which is utter nonsense - what happens with these goons is that their sense of right and wrong especially with respect to how they must behave towards other human beings is perpetually flawed no matter what they see and hear and you see observe that gene play out on every one of the civil rights movements killing people.