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 There is talk of course about some positives about the way I live; I do not believe it is such an important issue, however it should be mentioned what the facts are, Labour Party fools who are convinced parliament is their personal property, setting off to tell me I have gotten a royal commission and they will wait for me at the job centre and the education system and everything they have done since, all the way to complains that when people acquire security for their rented homes I use it for my own ends, which I do to make them a little less stroppy, will one day slip and make a mistake. I do get the sense it is some kind of institutional racism but the reality of course is that we always know where racists are and how to avoid them if we do not want to get killed by the, they on the other hand are a bunch of thieves and I am not finished yet – let them do it as it were, let them fight. I mean the question comes up regularly as to why I hate them so much but it is the old story; he sees you, with his popular culture cloths and appearance and body language and ideology and everything and you tell him not to do it and he tells you that it what it was meant for and since you will not somebody has to and gets off to do it anyway and talk nonsense later about his violent ability. Their Politicians really do need an education that will make them shut their insolent mouths as well (they love their stories so much that it means if I were to do something about their secret societies that give them confidence to get up to address and insult me and pretend my TV exists for them to talk through to me with, it will affect my friends, when I have already set out on several occasions that my friends have secret societies to push their boundaries with problems in order to make more money which is an entirely different thing that they cannot affect in anyway).


As I have mentioned on other occasions my Working Court are a group of Female journalists whose ages apparently determine how I relate with them, that happen to have been my oldest allies and friends and rather recently acquired friends and allies of Hollywood based Actresses. A simple description is women that stood by me in a process by which rescuing me from the evil of society and its sexual corruption occurred. 

This is the only system of protection I have, by which I can ensure only those who have my permission can either claim to have met or claim to have been familiar with me in any way. I am perfectly aware of the fact that the nature of my work means that what I place on the market place ultimately is fulfilled in my Books, I am perfectly aware of the fact that when Political leaders pick up on leaders pick up on the Policy issues, the outcome is that they apply them directly only to discover that my work is work from my office and does not have a general application, what I do not understand is how and why the process of realising what direction the evolution of Policy should take is worked and allowed to operate in ways that stifle my Business by Politicians. To which I will mention here that I am also perfectly aware of what my worth and value is too; as I have mentioned before, it seems that all people want to do is come to the UK and find out how my Court interracts with me over the British economy and its interests all over the world, by which the East is the best place for them to destroy the economy getting rich and the west has recently been made conducive by them for the purpose to. the outcome of these sort of things is that I have had the fourth richest economy in the world torn to pieces from inside and from outside mainly by developing nations cultural idiots especially when female and it does not cease at present to conjure amazement when foolish men on the left, especially those on media claim I insult them - I cannot make out which insults them anyway, the fact I am a writer so media can get nothing from me or the fact I just naturally insult them. What I am trying to do here is rebuild my stuff, restored to the way it was in Britannia and this time around I will definitely acquire peoples businesses for these women to destroy to get attention from me and ensure people fear them too, so they can raise their children properly. I am pretty sure they will all be pushing their insults to the next highest degree of giving me a part of their vast wealth which I can chew on while business continues as usual and society idiots of theirs are deployed to keep me under control with a big mouth of which the first instance has ended very well too in the first place and now they have found out some truths, they have not yet paid in cash for the damages done here so far - just too rich to do so at present.

Of course I am aware of the story I am expected to blow up and commit suicide or something but I wouldn’t know anyway, there are issues at the control of these fools that can cause me to but it does not stand a chance; I mean they do feel it is in their nature to look for trouble naturally but over this matter of the fact I have not invited somebody into my Court but they can feel me the same way my Court does when I watch television and make all kinds of trouble even sell off our temperaments for feeling left out has only resulted in a power they sense they have at their finger tips to become men who have somebody they can guarantee to bully reaching a stage where I need to be cut off from my finances and my relationships all together thereof which has now ended with a state of affairs that is ready to go at any time and the countless number of broken homes as a result of it is testament to its power and effect. So the story is still the same that they have no plans to keep off my books if they have media to play with and are now talking nonsense about me committing suicide which really according to facts at hand have no chance of happening; next stage of this matter of course has to be the bit where I collect their twitter and other social networking profiles and master a sales plan for my books with it, it is apparently the kind of behaviour that their civil and criminal disobedience suggests that they want from me and they do say they will collect my own as well so it is all in a day’s fun for them all these things i.e. you do sit in an office and worry they will wreck it for me all day long and then there are some people that will act to push that boundary beyond a certain point and then you will decide it is time to act as things are happening as you feared but in my case they will handle my twitter profile if I handle their own because the fact I play around with women is actually bad for their business and puts them in such a position – so I am actually waiting for that to happen too, so I might put to the test what it is exactly they think they are made of too. So I have not invited people into my court especially the men but they can feel me the same way my Court does each time I watch television and it still stands, they think I have not had enough of them.


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Now those stories about whether or not what is happening to me is racism is one of those I never want to hear. The problem is that they have found somebody on whose job they can create the perception which hides the fact that this is a city and that before Christ and after Christ people in a city have always been unfathomable wicked people. They think that it hides the fact the only reason the attack me is because I serve God to well that there are no compromises for them and feel that it has...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Thursday, December 8, 2011, In : Book sales 

"Celebrity culture" I can understand when people say that. I however do not consider these people to be Celebrities. If you have a party with these ones they will vandalise all your prized wines and turn the whole things into a pie fight making a mess of your guests. When you look at a celebrity it should be easy for your child to see that they should not be slurping their food and ought to sit up straight, these ones are not it. I mean if I conducted an exercise where I made sure no matter w...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, December 7, 2011, In : Equalities and Rights 

The guy who likes to fantasise about having millions and thinks those who use his life to get rich should be giving the money back. These are the kind of things that lead to a process where I brainwash them with all I have all the time too, so that when it ends up in Court and the judge says they cannot do it any more, it will mean the law is sanctioning them from being themselves forever. It is always the last thing I want; those their insolent girls turning up to show how healthy they are a...

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It is said that I spend my time learning and giving away Services behaviour secrets and it is utter nonsense – they would say so because their victor-Victor abuses and Celebrities are doing very well, passing around those abuses ripping up careers and academic work unnecessarily especially mine, once they were done taking job roles out of this Hermitage and then finding out that as soon as they had built publicity for those jobs roles they were completely incapable of getting it done and we know the white ones operate with a sense that I am responsible for the problems of their race, blowing kisses at criminals on my public image to make celebrity products and magazines and considering themselves the worlds best bullies who never stop telling lies and abusing people income margins on Media. The Sierras on the other hand will think at this stage that I had one job and I am falling behind, so it has largely become a matter of opinion to say I hang around security concerns and my position gives away secrets. It is still the same old disagreements, something about some service people behaving in a way that wastes service resources in the Country and handling people in a way that makes people feel incapacitated once orders had been given and we know Sierras are prolific bottom chasers when they are not in service, which makes sense as people never ever listen, never mind the media giving them access to pathological lies that make their fear of work profitable. So a little while and I will be ready for this stuff and it will show up here to take out jobs roles at this hermitage, rip up my academic work and finances once it makes popular culture on my public image which it did not need to and stand up somewhere taking up years of my time for insults and stupidities about being more successful and important, fail to get the jobs for which they had run off popular culture as the finances involved in this system has some money attached and therefore fundamentally belongs to their money loving stupidities in their opinion, fail to get the job done and set about looking for higher authorities that will control me, talking nonsense about being ruthless at doing show business further than I already have had to tolerate.

We all know they are good at telling people to keep away from gangs and criminals which the same people will get involved with anyway, as equally as we know the street violence is rife because they do not prefer the process of  giving people information and resources they need to lead a living away from gangs and criminals, blabbing how I give away service information and we have not started discussing the part where its between their Tribalism and Military leadership if help must be offered to sick service operatives as experienced ones are more valuable than new recruits in the first place.

It is then said that even what I have here said continues to give away armed services facts while reality is still that the first line of this problem is that they make people engaged in Armed services work overthink what their jobs are and that means the various Ministries are now having to work on the business of providing extra care after service while they continue on another trajectory of claims that sick military personnel are actually the wash-away; it then means the Ministries have this case to make of the fact that experienced operatives are more important than new recruits while they also need to keep up their numbers; this is usually the first line of this matter before they started tackling me with bullying that was so clever none could tell them off. Then the question is raised up as per why I never join the Armed Services while it was rather obvious one would have needed to start during teenage years which one did not and hence means I would spend all my time on getting fit if I started now, which is not to say I am unaware of the fact the Armed Services are places where people go to do professional work, contrary to a place where people go to bruise for the Queen like these superior pricks who spend their time getting involved with my Books without a plan for reading it perform at my expense while I am trying to fend off idiots making statements about people who can fight whom they basically own as items and commodities to use as they please and ensure problems never come to an end while they wear nice clothes and get connected, in order to rip up my finances and get rich without working for money, the entire time of which they also hate my guts because they had run out of time on my account to oppress anything around here. So there is another group of people who behave in this way; people who think those who believe money comes through paid work are the greatest enemies the world has ever faced, people who spend their time working on a process where those who work for money face so much trouble that they become desperate enough to try and make money without working too much, by which time there is no money left for them even if they wanted to work hard for it the way we see their stupid celebrities seek as if that was other peoples portion in this world and these people are the organised criminals or criminal gangs; it goes without saying they need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around as they are not even in a criminal gang and this was always one less reason to be afraid of them in the first place. I have to contend with this nonsense all the time; it shows up here to seek big business at my expense and I allowed it run off its needs but when it got to the top, its problem was the challenges it had to face, so each time that happened there is a complete breakdown of leadership as it looks after its bottom, leaving consumers to fend for themselves. 

These other superior pricks who have now run out of time because of me and hate me for it, know very well I have set myself up to ensure the trouble makers can never read my Books without buying it and show up on media with these fighting based insults and abuses that will serve to increase their wealth and connections because it will mean that I laid their own to waste too but they will turn up to exhibit a behaviour that has already led to consequences they hate my guts for - so it is now fair to say that people think those who know what I know should  be rich and that is correct; as we can see, none of what I have said or done here have affected my academic pursuits or propelled them towards damaging it but the Academic pursuits lie in tatters never the less, setting a stage for how this is going to end as it were, very important now that they need keep away from my Books and stop following me around.

Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.
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