They like to claim people are desperate for the Crown and behave towards me in a certain way while I think it is important to see them as objects of scandals and hear say and spend more time making a business and a job work for me; the reality is the same old story of men thinking they can do whatever they like with you and insisting to a point where they damage property that runs into a lot of money while turning up in public to push their plans further talking nonsense i.e. nobody gets into the Kingdom of God without repentance but what if it was your father? It gets to a point where it is full as well. When I say it is no major crisis I intend to round them up Europe wise and anywhere else in the far east to figure out and get to the bottom of what their problem seems to be, all they need to do for me is leave me alone and stay off my book sales as they are never going to buy any as it were. They know what the rules are and it should be noted that it continues to happen i.e. there is a difference between what we want and what we get and we are all women and so on and they continue to make friends with HRH no matter how difficult the obstacles facing them completely with backup master plan stories to tell of whom I should not be making friends with myself; so provided they cause a certain somebody that does not listen to anybody to abdicate then it should be perfectly alright. I am aware of this stuff of how things happen to my face book and twitter accounts; the facts suggests that when you buy followers on twitter, what followers the exposure you give to your work has offered you is somebody else’s but the reality says that this is not the case, however bearing in mind twitter is owned by people who are moderators there are issues settled here; one of them is that there was no damage done to my business although they think it the beginning of putting me out of business like it is some kind of trade for them to with a big mouth and if there was I would grab the twitter and they would from the other end and then do such things again and that will be the cracks and then we will rip it up. The other side concerns them and so they have not done anything to damage my business or my markets in anyway hence it is not worth chasing up as it were – I know there are people who were not so lucky in the past but people have got to be aware of what it means for an arrangement to be a social networking site, it is owned by somebody and the person is the moderator even though he or she sometimes behaves as though we are in the University student Union and he or she is one of the executives and therefore need to be realigned with reality like most Americans tend to suggest they want people to treat them. This does not mean that the plan to become the sales man from hell is off, it is not; I am still looking forward to sex pictures because people did not make any sales since they are still doing it as it were – I am not a sales man. I do not think it is a major crisis like the story of getting into trouble with the Queen over my behaviour towards the Prince of Wales – I mean what is it exactly that Popular culture goons that are associated with the Prince see about the left hand side that I cannot be allowed to exist or carry along my own business as normal? This is why I want to shut it down and I don’t know why the Politicians that are affiliated with them cannot have a debate in Parliament without doing it either and then we hear them say that my actions bring nothing but trouble when the trouble is how they want to talk about problems they create for me as such and to which I have continued to maintain there is something wrong with them and the media goons and that I will get to the bottom of it too. The way it always operates it seems is that you end up being forced to expend 200% of what you need to run a business and if you had put up a good fight you only end up with 50% of all you own, while 50% goes to the good feeling that society want to have to beating somebody and does nothing for anybody including them and the other 50% simply goes into the power that Politicians want to have while the last 50% is used to create a structure with which they can make more of it happen at your expense, so you do get to have enough of it and regularly express the fact it has no right to exist and that is why I want to know why they cannot get into parliament to do anything without doing it to want some of mine like they always do. I do not think it s major crisis either, it is an example of the many faces of my selfishness, that I shut down peoples future so that I can expose them to those characters I criticise in my books on account they refuse to buy the books when they need it because they can keep up with what I know doing the above in order to maintain an equality. Much so with the girls as well about whom every form of abuse especially sexual abuse in my direction always results in a process where I set them out as sex objects too, hence shut down their future and institutionalise the process by which I did. In the end the reality is that there are no excuses for it and it is becoming something else, especially the striking me part of it; I am a single man and it is no excuse to be persecuted like that – I will always have my revenge and if I don’t that is for me to worry about, sales for my books depend on it. The other side of my notorious selfishness is of course how I need them to buy my books which is why they pretend if I worked with their stupid children they would when I really don’t want them to; the reality behind this is not just that I intend to get to the bottom of what they are doing with or at my literary empire and my books but that they enjoy inserting their products into every condition where people make use of services at my company in order to keep me penniless and make money without working for it, like build a literary empire and watch the money end up somewhere else as it were with a big mouth and this must come to an end and then a process where the chances my people will ever need their help and their jobs and their money will go away and then there will be no more problems or it can continue but I have no idea why we are having the conversations anyway when it does. Not even a microscopic excuse is acceptable and it is becoming a real issue, started off from how I work for it and Politicians set them up to ensure there are structures which see to it I have to try to get jobs that they are trying to get while they make themselves richer and better off with my income – I want them to keep their insults away from my empire and from my books otherwise this problem between me and younger people is just the beginning. I mean the last time employers and industry think tanks said something about this and the fact there is another problem in the sense that they come into your business and take up your stuff and do it for you and hence over 90% of British graduates are unemployable was far back in 2006 and we have talked reforms since Political leadership like those and nothing has been done about it as it were. I am aware that Television presenters are the ones I never make mention of too; I never do because I do not see any reason to when I can always continue to keep the insults and provocation going until we actually meet for a fist fight like they normally show they want all the time – I have for 12 years now, when they get up every day to savage my income and tell me any attention from me will do legitimate or controversial and feel as though mentioning it, the process of building a literary empire and seeing income somewhere else while they talk nonsense about how I want them to buy the books and need to work for their money is a process of climbing down which I do not want to do. However if people want information then it has something to do with their need to practice social obscenities with me in order to have the means to pay off even bigger mortgages than the ones they have already got. We all know they say I sleep with their wives whereas what happens is that their wives tell me they would not mind if I got into trouble, ran from gangs and hid myself in their backyard and so it builds up from there because it is not what I intend to do i.e. what I intend to do is build a working Court where the women can go for safety and then kick their arse. I hate above all else that culture of destroying the best in order to create a means where idiots can turn up to count pennies until they become millions which is then very respectful, in order to talk nonsense of how some were meant to fight for civil rights and others were meant to get rich and then we can share later on and it is the process of excusing it on me every day that is the biggest problem of them all – I mean don’t get the wrong idea anyway I could easy call it insults but that is not how we want to discuss anything in this society at present, this is how we want to do it and they will get some of me too. I have no idea what they mean conservative MPs being distracted either; anybody with this much extreme culture homage and speaks regularly of an inability to understand what it is supposed to mean to draw contrast between a British National and a British Nationalist was always going to become a figure of admiration for Conservative Politicians if that is what they mean. It is the same old story; there is no excuses for it – I know I now have to apply for the same jobs that teenagers are applying for and the story is that I deserve what they do to me as well, rubbish; it is up to them to stay off the older folk and decide what they want to do with popular culture with respect to their own lives like everybody else and not me or indeed anybody else and like I said I am warning them and they need to stay off my books and my income and empire trust as well. I don’t know why the questions get asked or what it will change anyway; the reality is that you worry about what will happen to the person who gives you a job when everybody seems to think you do not have the right to have one and then you work out it is well if you deal with popular culture well enough but without provocation, except of course the fact that the idea you came from somewhere and are going somewhere will belong to those that are younger than you are and therefore do you deserve all that insolent violence, it turns out popular culture makes a plaything out of you and your livelihood and it does not even give them jobs either, they simply wait for you to work for one and have it taken from you and handed to them by the Politicians. The Politicians who then make out I have discovered things and then set out to do it as though it was my idea all along whereas I own over 90% of this Planets economic intellect and if you have that much Intellectual property going for you the problem is that everybody knows you are not a poor man. All I set out to do was divide society equally between capitalism and theocracy so we can see what we are doing, these days they create new problems using my books without buying them and complain about the emergence of Oligarchy, which whatever emerges is their problem and not mine. They keep funding the popular culture with finances even as both my past and my future will become theirs in their view and I therefore deserve the violence with a big mouth. The idea that what I say and write is as such a collection is failings is badly misinformed, what happens is that I find a secure equity from my property and work it into operation with nothing but the Job seekers allowance that their vandalism has left me with and before it dies away or goes sour, have it recorded since I know I am better at providing security for it than finding finances to invest in it and then spend yet more time and health and energy because their stupidities are holding onto the money with media, to develop it into a model that works with the most vital areas of the economy and then broker it with businesses that want to chose which to broker with me, hence I put it up only when it is secure. What they do on the other hand is decide they want Mr A to pay them £5 more for a product that costs £10 and thereby paying them £15 but it needs to happen in such conditions that the person cannot chase them up and get the money back and needs to happen so regularly that it becomes a livelihood - thus I have never given them permission to put forward any opinion about my work like they do and have warned several times they are silly and equities and securities are very easy to damage especially with their media, not to mention the fact they have never paid for damages in equities and securities before in their lives and therefore have no idea what they are doing looking for trouble that looks like that anyway. I say what I say and even if it comes as an opinion I have about their business as a product of equities I hold in the various companies I do and more so on the basis that they rely on me to broker those equities with the general public through my books as well - they on the other hand need to have an opinion and put it out the public menace on the basis of stocks and shares that they hold in the various companies they hold them and not about my work.